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Ever wondered if there's more to your granddad than meets the eye? Is there a secret in your family that no one will talk about? You may have been trying to get to the bottom of a family mystery for some time, or this may be the first time that you have started to delve into your family’s past. Either way Genes Reunited can help you. Deciding to get to the bottom of a family mystery, or trying to find out what your family never talked about is a big step. We’ll provide you with useful tools that will not only help your search but allow you to document it all in one place.

What to do now:

  • Step 1:Download our free eBook - It’s a free guide packed full of information to help you make sure no stone is left unturned in your search.
  • Step 2:Newspaper archives - If you are interested in a particular era or event, try searching the British Newspaper Archive. See if any of your relatives are mentioned in one of the millions of old newspaper articles available.
  • Step 3:Community Boards - Try posting a question on our community boards dedicated to helping you find relatives past and present. Get tips and advice from knowledgeable and friendly members who are happy to answer your questions.
  • Step 4:Search family trees - If you’re looking for details of someone in particular, maybe one of our millions of members has already listed the person you’re looking for – try searching for their name in family trees. You can get in touch with the tree owner straight away to see if they have any more information that might help you.
  • Step 5:Use our Quick Family Finder - Start your family tree and get to the bottom of those family secrets with help from our automated step by step process. Just add some basic details about your family, and we can guide you through our historical records and try to take you back to your ancestors in the 1911 census.

Success stories

One of my most interesting discoveries in the British Newspaper Archive on Genes Reunited was uncovering that my great-great-great grandmother, Anne, was murdered as a witch in September 15th 1875. I discovered that her neighbour believed she was the leader of a group of witches in their village and thought she had bewitched him so he couldn't work in the fields properly.

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Search over 515 million records to find your ancestors. Use the birth, marriage, death and census records to discover and confirm all of the important events in your relatives' lives.

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Search for photos of your ancestors, create a profile for every relation you find, and join the Genes Reunited community to get help and advice from experienced and friendly members.

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