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Thanks again to Anthony and everyone who joined in on the sessions so far.

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tinkers ....... 20/02/2007 20:54:34

hello anthony i have found a possible school my granddad went to in stepney in london is it possible to fins his school records anywhere if so where abouts would i need to look many thanks

Many school records survive in local archives. Many local archives are listed on and can be listed by name or locality.

tinkers ....... 17/11/2005 21:24:11

Hello I have a relative who died in ww1 i think he was buried in begium or france and i was wondering where can i purchase a death certificate please thanks

The fabulous site should tell you when your relative died and where he was buried (or is commemorated). You can seek death certificates in the WW1 death indexes at the Family Records Centre or at uliuys sirte

tinkers ....... 17/11/2005 21:47:24

Granddads sister was born in 1885 married in 1910 i have marriage certificate but ive been looking all over for the death of sister and her husband any ideas on where to go now to find them please thanks

I suggest General Registration records of deaths. If they absolutely can't be found, then maybe they went abroad.

tinkers ....... 23/08/2005 20:57:01

my dad was born in poland he died when i was a young child so i dont no much about him all i no is that he came over to england with his brother and parents in 1930s ish and that they changed their names when they came to england is there any way where i could find more details on him where to get a birth certificate i have a rough idea of his surname at birth but not first name this is hard i have no idea as to where to look fir details any advice please thanks

Seek what you can in Britain first. You can get details of the father from the children's marriage certificates. A naturalisation record (at the National Archives) would state the place of origin and probably the original name. Wills written by members of the family here may mention people left behind back in Poland. Obituaries in local newspapers may tell part of the story. Only then should you tackle the Polish records- many still survive, and it's possible to hire researchers there.

tinkers ....... 23/08/2005 20:59:53

i have a marriage certificate for my husbands great grandparents and it has the father of both g parents i was wondering if you could advice me on where to look for the great great grandad all i no is his name and where they lived nothing else and as it is quite a common name i dont no where to lool thanks

You need to take this step by step and look for the births of the parties who got married (you will know their ages from the marriage certificate, or if they are not stated you can look in a census. THEN you can start thinking about the greart great grandparents' generation.

tinkers ....... 18/01/2005 21:14:00

hello granddad george quinns birth certificate says he was born in sunderland in 1897 to john and elizabeth ive looked on 1901 census but there isnt no sign of them in sunderland i no it sounds daft but i havent a clue on where to look for more infomation on john any ideas please

The 1901 census is badly indexed. You have the address where he was born, so search in the original returns (at the Family Records Centre) for that address and you may yet find him.

tinkers ....... 15/05/2012 21:12:07

hello i want to trace my grandmothers family histoy, but she is a jones from wales i have her death certificate and it says she was born in treherbert in south wales and i have contacteed pontypool register office to hopefully get her birth certificate but the register office cant find the right birthany ideas on whee to go please many thanx

You have to approach this very carefully and systematically. The next step is to seek her marriage record, as this will confirm her age and, importantly, tell you her father's name. Wherever possible, from 1911 back, use the censuses to help hone your research.

tinkers ....... 15/05/2012 21:21:29

hello there thank you for my last question i have grandmothers marriage cert and it showss she was living in london at time of marriage and her dad was a farmer (i persume in wales) where do i go from hee many thanx

Then, you calculate her approximate birth year from her age, and compile a list of possible births. You may have to buy quite a number to find a girl with the right father's name and occupation. If early enough, you can use the 1911 census to eliminate false possibilities.

Kempinapartyhat ........ 24/04/2007 20:58:40

My great granny born 1884 Kate Jane pogson married Thomas G wolstencroft in 1909 but her childrens names are registered under william henry williams ..we cant find a second marriage could you give some idea where to look .or prehaps they were not married..Sharleen

Do you mean that the children's birth certificates show William Henry Williams as the father? If so, I'd be intersted to know how the mother was described - was she Pogson or Wolstencroft nee Pogson? All very curious.

Kempinapartyhat ........ 24/04/2007 21:11:24

Kate jane Pogson on her childrens birth certificate was Kate jane williams Late wolstencroft formerly Pogson,Sharleen

Ah well, this tells us for sure that Kate had been married twice, first to Mr Wolstencroft and then to Mr Williams. You should find her marriage to Williams as Kate (or Katherine/Catherine) Jane Wolstencroft.

Kempinapartyhat ........ 16/09/2008 21:02:53

my great grandada is called Williamd Henry Williams ....we cant find the marrage of him and his wife Kate Jane Pogson about 1910 . they had children 1912 1913 1915 1922. But I have found a set of army records which may be him . Each time I find him he has a different address . Will I ever be sure its him with this name and these problems .no idea of his age either sharleen

You would do well to take your marriage search up to and beyond 1912, as some couples claiming to be married when their first child was born actually tied the knot afterwards. There are also separate army records of birth, marriage and death - see

Kempinapartyhat ........ 16/09/2008 21:18:20

Kempinastrawhat 0 - 16/09/2008 21:02:53 my great grandada is called Williamd Henry Williams ....we cant find the marrage of him and his wife Kate Jane Pogson about 1910 . they had children 1912 1913 1915 1922. But I have found a set of army records which may be him . Each time I find him he has a different address . Will I ever be sure its him with this name and these problems .no idea of his age either sharleen Answer You would do well to take your marriage search up to and beyond 1912, as some couples claiming to be married when their first child was born actually tied the knot afterwards. There are also separate army records of birth, marriage and death - see Really sorry Anthony But I,ve looked for this marriage up to 1950 after the first child declared him dead on her marriage cert . any other ideas would be greatfull looked into

I see you have been very thorough. Besides army records, as suggested before, you could always try looking elsewhere in the British Isles - Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, etc.

Kempinapartyhat ........ 18/05/2010 21:06:03

I have a William Henry Williams,He died Jan 1934 aged 58 in London .I cant find a marriage to my great grandmother but he is on their 4 childrens birth certificates and says he was a Royal army clothing dept in 1916 but again we cant confim any of the army records are him.He also wasnt with her until 1911 after the census. Is there any other way to find who this man was and his parents ?

Of course, a huge number of people were in the army in the First World War (1914-1918): what many people don't realise is that soldiers' marriages are recorded separately to civilian ones. There are separate indexes, and as luck would have it, they are available in the 'search records' section of this very website. His service papers would be at The National Archives, but sadly not all survive - failing being able to find any, try the medal rolls.

Pamela : 18/05/2010 22:01:02

Two of my relatives ended up in Greenwich hospital. Lambert Dupree, born about 1743 in France and served in the British Navy in the ‘American and French’ war and John Dupree born about 1781. Where can I find details of their service & time at Greenwich? Thank you for your help

The records for both will be at The National Archives, Kew. The Navy records generally are not the easiest or most informative at this period, but you may well find records of them either at Greenwich or, more likely, simply having their pensions paid through Greenwich Hospital.

Marion ^^^^^ 16/04/2013 21:07:03

Hi Anthony. I have army records for Frederick Albert Gould and in 1915 it stated that the next of kin was a brother (William Gould). They both stated same address Church Street, West Coker. How do I find out more about William Gould and is it possible to find out who else lived at that address? I have looked at the births around when his brother Frederick was born but no luck.

The first search I'd make here would be for the family in the 1911 census (which you can do on this site under 'search records'. Hopefully you'll find Frederick at home at West Coker, and his brother Frederick too. After the War, votes for all adult men came in and you can use the electoral registers, which are in local archives or libraries - if you ask locally you'll find them without too much trouble.

Marion ^^^^^ 23/05/2006 21:04:37

Hello Anthony, I have a Frederick Gould`s wedding certificate which I know is the right one. He said he was 27yrs old (born 1893) but I cannot find his birth anywhere. I have looked before and after this date. I sent off for 1 certificate for 1885 but it only said his mother Ellen Gould. no fathers name or address. Does this mean I cannot go any further with this now?

There are two possibilities here - either Frederick was born elsewhere, or when he gave a father's name on his marriage certificate, he was telling a half truth about his parentage, and he was actually illegitimate (but 1885 is way earlier than the age at marriage suggests). You'll hopefully be able to tell by seeking him in the 1901 census and then confirming where he was born.

Marion ^^^^^ 23/05/2006 21:11:32

Hello again Anthony, I have a Robert Ryan born about 1832 Tipperary, Ireland. I have his marriage certificate for 1855 with his fathers name Anthony Ryan. How can I find out his date of birth etc. please?

No births, I am afraid. You'll have to bite the bullett and seek his baptism in Tipperary church registers. You can use Griffith's Valuation and the Tithe Applotment Books; to see in which parishes Ryans were living - most, I expect, but hopefully you can rule some out.

Marion ^^^^^ 23/05/2006 21:15:41

Anthony, just one more question, I have a William Joseph Ryan who I know married a Ann Cole, but I just cannot find their marriage anywhere. My brother told me his wifes name because he had got a marriage certificate but has lost it!! How can I find it? I have looked everywhere I can. Please advise me what to do. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Interrogate your brother ruthlessly and make him divulge where and how he obtained the marriage certificate, and then seek it through the relevant original sources. Bear in mind, if he has not seen it for a while, that he might have got the wife's surname slightly wring - could it be Coel or Coal, not Cole?

Marion ^^^^^ 25/05/2004 20:49:38

I got a marriage certificate for a Frederick Albert Gould and it stated they were married in 1920 so therefore he was born 1893. But I am having trouble trying to find his birth certificate, I have tried years before & after. All I have at the moment is his father`s name and his sisters name. Can you tell me what I can do?

Perhaps you can find him in the 1901 census returns - online at which may confirm where he was born. It was not unknown for people to state their age incorrectly on their marriage certificates so it is wise to search an extra few years each side.

Marion ^^^^^ 25/05/2004 20:53:19

On 1861 census I have a William Young age 74, therefore born 1787 Meppershall and that he married in 1814 at Shillington, Beds. How can I find out his exact birth date please?

It is difficeult to find birth dates before 1837. The Meppershall parish registers should have his baptism as a small child and in some cases the clergy would also note the date of birth of the child although this was not legally required. Hopefully the Meppershall vicar did this.