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Name Date
marian norton 18/06/2013 21:35:11

Hi Antony I am trying to find out my gt gt grandfather Thomas William Murphy born in India in 1829 to Jiohn Murphy and Elizabeth Smith , I would like to know when he left India. His father died while out there and his mother remarried a Charles Clissett in India , I have not a record of him returning from India until he joined the army as a bugle boy. Marian

Presumably you have Thomas's army papers and know that he enlisted in England and not in India, so in a way you have the main pieces of the jigsaw. Finding exactly when he returned (or, rather was sent back) would be is unlikely, without a stroke of luck.

Joan Russell 18/06/2013 21:33:31

My Great Grandfather Joseph Russell on the 1881 census for Widnes Lancashire he was born in Ashby de la Zouch Leicester on the 1871 for Ditton Lancashire he was born in London, Ive been trying to find him for 20 years, he married his first wife at St Nicholas Church in Liverpool in 1870 he married my great grandmother Caroline Edwards two weeks after his first wife ( Charlotte Bestwick Murray died in Railway hotel Ditton he was the landlord at that time. His fathers name was William Russell a butcher by trade. Joseph was a bricksetter on one certificate and an engine fitter on another. Regards. Joan Russell Holmes

The devil will be in the detail here and if you have been trying for 20 years then it's unlikely that a simple search will suffice, but the obvious things here would be to seek his birth in either place, seek further coordinates on him from the later censuses, and look for him and his father, together or separately, in the earlier censuses for London or Ashby de la Zouche. But I suspect you may have tried these things.... may Cynthia and her colleagues on this site's Community Boards can help in more depth!

Cynthia - re your query. 18/06/2013 21:27:47

Hi Anthony, Can you also remind folk that there are lots of helpful members of GR on the Community Boards who are willing to help them in their research 24/7. Thank you.


ALAN STANLEY BLOOD 18/06/2013 21:13:01

Hi Anthony, I want to find more on Elizabeth Johnson - my great, great grandmother - born 1813 - who became a Nurse in Maldon, Essex - and if she was married to John Sharpe or Daniel Johnson ? Much confusion on this. I am also generally finding errors/difficulties with some of the applications of your website. E.g : when clicking on to a 'box' on my tree and being told there are a number of 'references' to that person and told to 'view' - when clicking on 'view' NOTHING HAPPENS !!! Also, it is frequently difficult to switch from 'Family' Tree to 'Pedigree' Tree - very "Hit and Miss' - and often necessary to close down altogether and 're-boot' Genes to achieve the 'Pedigree' view - even then, when moving on to more detailed aspects, it is not always possible to get back to 'Pedigree'. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Alan Stanley Blood.

I appreciate your frustrations but I am only the resident genealogist. Can you tell me a little more about your problem with Elizabeth Johnson - you are coming at this from an unusual angle because normally you start with a married woman and then work back to find her maiden name - what were the circumstances here?

June Wellsman 18/06/2013 21:12:34


I think this relates to a previous question which I have already answered. As I said, Stepney and St Pancras are different parts of London.

Alfred Cumberland 18/06/2013 21:12:15

I am trying to find out about my Father who belonged to a Trawler Owners family in Grimsby & Hull in the 20th Century. They were "Hudson Brothers Ltd" his name was Alfred Hudson. I do not know the names of his parents and have little to start my search for the Family Tree?

Start with what you know and work back. Seek and obtain his marriage record, which will give his age and his father's name and occupation. Then seek your father's birth, and then his parents' marriage and work back slowly and steadily, as a Hull fisherman might have done. From 1911 back you can use the censuses to help as well. The indexes are all on this website and you can order the certificates from

Dorothy Lawson 18/06/2013 21:11:58

Dear Anthony, Any tips on how to find name of child of Herbert Frank Lucas and Emma Ann, Bury Road Harlow mentioned in the 1911 census but was not in the house on the night of the census.No clues as to age or sex.We know Herbert Frank died in 1912 after long illness and think child may have been cared for by relatives . Grateful for any help. Regards Dorothy

Such questions as this have only started to be asked since the 1911 census became available, and many such questions have been asked. You want to seek this couple's marriage (the 1911 census will say how long they had been married and the husband's name is distinctive enough). Then you can seek births of Lucas children in Harlow, between the time of the marriage and the night of the 1911 census and check the birth records you find for the right parents. Tip - you may be able to eliminate birth entries which are not relevant by finding them with their (different) parents in the 1911 census.

Catherine Kelly 18/06/2013 21:11:01

hi anthony, i am trying to find the death of my grandad's sisters son he was john kelly born 24.4.1921 at 315 south wellington st govan glasgow, he was illegitimate, john and his mother was in and out of differant poorhouses between glasgow and ayrshire, the last address i can find for them both is kyle poorhouse sat 26.9.1922. where can i go from here. regards catherine kelly

You can seek his marriage and death in Scottish General Registration but if there is a mystery over what happened to him you could see if he emigrated: if the workhouse records survive they may give some clue to this.

ROSEMARY DAVIE 18/06/2013 21:10:55


They would almost certainly have crossed the Severn Sea to work in the mining industry. I expect you have these dates from censuses. If you obtain the two girls' birth certificates you will learn the father's occupations on both occasions, and where they were living at the time - so they will tell you exactly what you want to know.

John Minkley 18/06/2013 21:10:07

please can you help im searching for a relative from 1846 her name is Catherine Minkley she was born in Plungar, Leicestershire and she is recorded on the 1851Census in Plungar/Bingham and 1861 Census in Radford , Nottm, after this she has no connections at all even trying to go through other relatives tree's and family tree's on your website and they all draw a blank, you help in this matter is appreciated

The most likely options are that she married, or died. You can seek both using the General Registration marriage and death records here on this website.

June Wellsman 18/06/2013 21:08:21


St Pancras and Stepney are very different and distinct parts of London. Based on what you know already you could seek the Harveys in the censuses (starting with 1891, in which Elizabeth should be about seven) and you can seek the marriage of her parents. You can do all this using the records indexed on this website, Genes Reunited.

Denise Howard 18/06/2013 21:06:54

I have another question for you I am seeking the parents of Richard G Wilkes born 15 Aug 1917 in Swansea South Wales, I cannot find a marriage for the names of the parents I have which are annie Jones and George wilkes, am I looking in the correct place, I have a birth cert and this is the names on this/

A marriage between George Wilkes and Annie Jones should not be too hard to find - maybe George was a soldier, if so the army marriages could hold the key (they are indexed on this site). 'Annie' could be your problem - maybe she is under Ann or Anne instead of Annie.

Marjorie Gibb 18/06/2013 21:04:20

When will the Births, Marriages and Deaths be updated on Genes Reunited.?

Are you referring here to the records after 2005? They're in an odd situation because as far as I know there is no agreement for their being added to any commercial websites. To look for such events one must do as we all used to do before the Internet came along - ask the relevant registrar, if you know which one to ask, or use the microfilm indexes. There are various sets around the country, at Westminster City Archives, the British Library. The National Archives, astonishingly, didn't want their set so gave them away to the London Metropolitan Archives. I know - it seems positively Medieval now!

Denise Howard 18/06/2013 21:02:55

Please can any help I am looking for a marriage for the above person, he was born in Bristol in 1882 and his parenets were charles John stevens and eliza paul both parents were born in Bristol, I seem to hit a brick wall in tracing him can you give me any tips as I cannot find any more infomation on him - I have heard he is married but I cannot pin point a marriage for him any suggestions, all the people I know have no more details on him only the birth

I'd love to help but unfortunately your message does not name the 'above person' but presumably he was a Stevens and therefore, as the possessor of a popular surname, rather hard to find. You could try tracing him forward through the censuses, 1891, 1901 and 1911 and maybe you will find he had married by then. Otherwise maybe he was a soldier and you will find his wedding in army marriages. Or maybe he just didn't marry.....

SHARON MCLAUGHLIN 21/05/2013 21:47:59

Hi, yes I have looked there too, John parents were married in 1891 but John wasnt born until 1904, there were no other children as far as I know, only his parents were on the census in 1901 , and no mention of them at all in the 1911 census

Interesting. Perhaps the deaths are hidden away under a variant spelling, or another possibility is that they emigrated elsewhere (maybe with another child you don't know about) - to England and Wales perhaps or America - as you know the Irish disapora was considerable and there are no easy answers to tracing where specific individuals with popular names went. - if you are determined you just have start in one country and work methodically.

SHARON MCLAUGHLIN 21/05/2013 21:36:38

Hi Anthony, Thanks for that, I already have a death cert for John , he died in 1969 in Glasgow, Both parents were deceased at the time. I have looked for death records for his parents in Scotland but cant find any, I will definitely apply for the military records. Thanks again.

Well done for thinking of that then. If they didn't die in Scotland then of course you could look for them in the Northern Irish deaths (but maybe you've tried that too). .

Christine Payne 21/05/2013 21:18:14

Hello Anthony, I`ve been trying to find my grans sister, her name was Emma Day d.o.b. roughly 1870 lived in Kensington ,there were 4 girls, my gran Alice,Elizabeth,Ellen & Emma. my mum told me that when my mum was about ten, (my mum `s d.o.b. was 1905) Emma came to take my gran (Alice) to Australia she was married to one of the partners who owned the shoe chain freeman hardy & willis I`ve been looking for her for over a year but can`t find any trace of her any ideas please Many thanks Christine

There was a delay here because I was looking up Freeman Hardy & Willis to see what is known about the genealogy of the owners. So the emigration was supposedly about 1915, which seems slightly implausible as it was during the First World War - there are various resources in Australia which could be used to try to pick up the girls when they arrived, but let me suggest something else to you - you could look for the will of their father in England, or indeed their mother, or the wills of any of the siblings who remained behind, and hope one of them will refer to relatives in Australia, and say specifically where they were. The father's will would also hopefully mention Emma by her married name. Wills are at the Principal Registry of the Family Division (First Avenue House, 42-49 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6NP.

SHARON MCLAUGHLIN 21/05/2013 21:12:52

Hi I am trying to find information on my grandfather John McLaughlin who was born in Belfast 1904, I think I found his parents John and Mary ann McLaughlin in the 1901 Ireland census, but nothing after that, until his marriage in Glasgow in 1942 , his marriage record shows he was a private in the Royal Scots/ Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, where would i look for his Military records, and also how would i find out where his parents moved to after the 1901 census

Welcome! The Irish censuses can be a tad tricky to use because they only give counties of birth and not exact places, and sometimes the place of birth is what you would be wanting to use to make sure you had found the right people. The 1911 census is available too - see If John (b. 1904) settled in Scotland and died there then you can obtain his death record and this will give you a further coordinate on who his parents were and whether they were alive or dead at the time. Maybe they followed him to Scotland so you could look for their death records there too. For WW2 army records you need to apply to the Army Records Centre, Ministry of Defence, Historical Disclosure, Mail Point 400, Kentigern House, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow, G2 8EX 0141 224 3030.

Mark Surgeon 16/04/2013 21:53:36

Hi Anthony, Interesting attitude and given I can't see any other way to make general enquiries I'm left to use this. It WAS a serious suggestion on my part. It is a tool that I find VERY useful in do my research and talking to family on the phone that I can't travel readily to meet so we can talk and go through things on the screen together but remotely. I think commercially it would be a benefit and would increase your exposure to other prospective users that would not have otherwise been piqued. Could be something that you pass on as a suggestion at least to GenesR but your call I guess. Cheers, Mark.

I am merely the site's resident genealogist and am here to help people trace their family history.

Cynthia - re your query. 16/04/2013 21:49:10

Hello again, It isn't a name which immediately springs to mind but I will have to plough through the 4 years of work to see if anyone has mentioned Bill Lawson before. I will put the link onto the thread and see if anyone recognises it. As for the name Diana/Dolina/Dolly, we have been through most alternatives that we could think of and taken advice from those who specialise in Scottish research. Please take a look at the thread, I am sure you will be impressed by the sheer perseverance, professionalism and expertise of the members who have been helping. Thanks. Cx

I'm glad I've been able to make a new suggestion. Bill runs his own family history centre in Harris and he and his wife Chris are the epitome of local experts in the families of Harris, Lewis and the smaller islands. The name Dolina McLeod is a typical local name.