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Thanks again to Anthony and everyone who joined in on the sessions so far.

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Name Date
Ian Welford 15/06/2010 21:36:34

Also George Byatt married to Mary Byatt had sons edmund, William and daughter Rose and Nancy. Nancy was married to a Mr Rowley but cant find his name. Also want to find George Byatts parents

Again, as with the question above, you want to be working back steadily from information that is known for certain. The birth records of one of George and Mary's children will give you her maiden name so you can seek their marriage. As to Nancy, I need dates! When did this Nancy live? It is important, as the techniques you'd use would vary accordingly.

Ian Welford 15/06/2010 21:45:46

Nancy I believe was born 1880 and had 2 children bertram (1910) and reginald (1909)

Ah, good. So, to find Mr Rowland's first name, you can seek the births of either Bertram or Reginald. Having done so, you can then seek Nancy and Mr Rowland's marriage. She may have married as Anne/Ann/Hannah, as these names were interchangeable with Nancy.

Ian Welford 15/06/2010 21:23:09

Also cant find any more info on William Stokes my Great Grand father around the 1800

Same comment as above, really - to diagnose the problem you need to know what the problem is. The ideal sort of questions are the sort posed earlier this evening by Julia Dudley and Alana Rogers - clear, concise questions that explain who the person is, in terms of names and dates, and what the problem is.

Ian Welford 15/06/2010 21:56:46

Why cant I find anybodys birth records? I'm putting in dates that the censors suggest but cant find any of my family. Am I doing something wrong as I'm even putting a 5 year range on it as well

Take it slowly! Look for your family in each available census (please note the spelling - genealogists must try to be accurate in all matters - a rule I know I often fail to live up to, but a good rule none the less!). These should provide several sets of coordinates on when and where someone was born. Seek their marriages, to confirm their ages and fathers' names. Then, when searching, always think about what variant spellings may have been used, and look in army births as well as civilian ones. "Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey", as they used to say under the Raj.

Ian Welford 15/06/2010 21:18:19

Im trying to trace my Welford family line but cant get any further than my great grand father. Any help

Yes, but for me to help you'll need to tell me a few details about the person on whom you're stuck., and where you've looked already. As it happens you're in luck as, unusually, there don't seem to be many other people asking questions this evening.....

Victoria Welch 22/01/2013 21:02:02

i am trying to find out information for a birth certificate for my grandad who was born in dundee but i cant seem to find him at all. what should i do?

Can you tell me a bit more - his name, when you think he was born and on what basis you think he was born in Dundee? Do you have his marriage record?

Victoria Welch 22/01/2013 22:03:48

thank you anthony i will do that.

I hope it was a success!

Victoria Welch 22/01/2013 21:18:44

his name was norman edward ord and i think he was born in the 1900s and i was told by my mum that he was born in dundee and his parents came from the county durham area. my grandad was also a bigmist and i believe i found two marriages for him yesterday. one of them i know is definately him because it is his marriage to my nan. marriage 1 norman edward old to eccles april-may-june 1951 in durham north western durham and second marriage to my nan. norman edward old to doris priscilla holland in july-aug-sept 1953 stepney middlesex and i have found a death for him which i think is correct as i was told that my grandad was living in dudley warwickshire. norman edward old 16th august 1915 and died in november 1997 birmingham warwickshire.

Thank you for coming back with more information - it is quite a story! You should buy both the marriage records ( and see if both really do relate to the same person. I'd associate Ord with Co. Durham so you would do well to seek his birth there as well as in Scotland and you can look for him and his father (whose name you will learn from the marriage record(s)) in the censuses in England and Scotland too, to gain extra coordinates on where he was actually born.

Sandra Welch 23/08/2005 21:21:29

I need some advice on where to get info. to help me over my brickwall. I am trying to trace my grandfather CHARLES HENRY WELCH b. circa 1882/3. I managed to find his marriage certificate after a relative said he had gone to S.Wales from Camberwell to work and married whilst there. I also have his death certificate dated Oct. 1952, aged 69. The info. from mar. cert. is: Age 25, Occ. labourer, fathers name WILLIAM WELCH, fathers occ. lighterman. I have looked for birth reg., but can't find one. I have looked for his fathers registration as lighterman, can't find one - although I appreciate this could be an 'exaggerated' occupation. I did however find a Charles Welch of the correct age in 1891 with brothers bearing the same chris. names as 'my' charles' later sons. This boy was a step son to a WILLIAM ARNOLD, a lighterman. I checked for birth in area on census, but only Charles born 1883 Bermondsey is a Charles WILLIAM Welch. The family say this can't be our man because of the wrong middle name, but I can't find another. Any suggestions Please. Sandie

You do not mention having sought Charles in the 1901 census. This should not only say where he was born (thus confirming or denying your theories) but also identify him in the context of his family. I can see the appeal of the William Arnold. I wonder, however, if your problems stem from Charles appearing in the censuses and birth records under another spelling - Welsh would be the most obvious.

Nigel Weeden 25/09/2007 21:01:37

Several other people and myself are tracking the history of the Weeden family line in Kent and Surrey. We all have hit the same brick wall. We have got back as far as George Weeden born c1780, married in Malling, Kent to Mary Upton b1775 Aylesford, but the parish records for the some of the crucial Kent area around this time and earlier are badly damaged and or illegible.Apart from that, we know that during the 19th Century the family trade was papermaking. Do you have any suggestions of other places to search to move forward please?

As the parish registers are damaged, you could try Bishop's Transcripts instead - these were copies sent annually to the bishop, and in your case the relevant records would be at Maidstone. Other sources that may help you overcome problems in the parish registers include manorial records and wills. Mind you, families in that part of Kent tended to be quite mobile due to gavelkind - dividing the land up between all sons, with the hearth going to the youngest. The records you want may simply be in another nearby but as yet unexplored parish.

Ann Webster 13/12/2011 21:58:55

I dont think any of the websites will be helpful to me as I dont feel I should pay for various of these websites and for everything i go into. If anyone has any information, please send me a message. Many Thanks

My advice would be to allocate to this pursuit a research budget you can afford - you will find out a lot if you do invest some funds in it. The Adoption Contact Register is free. Good luck!.

Ann Webster 13/12/2011 21:40:19

Hi, I was adopted, and for years, I have been trying to find my relatives. I have some information but I keep coming to a standstill on this. I was born in manchester in 1965. My birth name is Ann Webster. My birth mother's name is Jean Bryan and she is married to Frederick Webster. My half sister's name is Valerie Constance Webster who was born in 1961. And my half brother's name is John Henry born in 1963. Can anyone help me find their where abouts? Many Thanks.

I hope someone seeing this question will be able to help. You can try tracing this family of yours forward - seeking Valerie's marriage and children's births, for example, using the indexes on this site, seeing if either of your parents has died (sorry!) or remarried, or tracing their births and then seeing if their parents have passed away - other relatives may appear as informants on the death certificates. has an easily searchable database of names in telephone directories and electoral registers. And try the Adoption Contact Register at

Daniel Webb 16/11/2010 21:54:40

Hi again, I have tried looking through bmd indexes for benjamin & james webb, but as their names are quite common, I don't know which certificates to order. I have also searched baptism records but no luck. is there a way I can find out using local record offices? many thanks, Daniel.

I see that you have found some possibilities. You can try looking all boys concerned up in the later censuses, to try to eliminate the false possibilities (ie, find them with their fathers, and see which names match up with your Benjamin's father's name. That way, you can minimise the number of certificates you will need to buy - but you will, ultimately, have to buy some. That is how to succeed in tracing family trees.

Daniel Webb 16/11/2010 21:17:05

Hi Anthony, I am having trouble finding a birth record for my gt gt gt grandfather Benjamin Webb. he was born abt 1854 in westminster, he married his wife Harriet in 1875 and I know from his marriage certificate that his father was also called Benjamin, I also found from the 1881 census that he had a brother James Webb born abt 1865 also from westminster. but again I can't find a birth certificate for james either. any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. many thanks, Daniel.

Make a search in the General Registration records around these years, looking under Webb, Web and Webbe. If stuck, try the 1861 census for young Benjamin in Westminster, or even try looking for his father (you know his occupation from the marriage certificate), without without any children, in the censuses. That should 'unstick' you.

Daniel Webb 16/11/2010 21:01:32

You have done very well so far, but you cannot rely on all the records you want being on line. Most aren't. The place to research a Hastings family is the East Sussex Record Office in Lewes.

Louise Webb 18/07/2006 21:47:36

hi there...I am looking for charles bromley he stayed in southampton, i can trace alot of his families whereabouts plus children were born but he was never there, I beleive he was a baker (on a ship) but havn't gota clue where to begin to look for which ship etc etc...could you help in giving me a clue where to begin. thank you Louise ps i can trace as far back as his birth 1847 but reckon he died before 1881

If he was a baker on ships out of Southampton, then they were probably merchant ships and liners - you can follow people through muster lists for these ships, ince you have found him on one, but you may find it a long struggle to find him on a ship in the first place - the musters are at the National Archives.

Peter Webb 18/07/2006 21:34:44

Hello Anthony. Wonder if you can help. I know that I have a grandfather born in 1894, appears in the 1901 census, died in 1927 but I can find no trace of his death in the BMD index for that year. What other records could I be researching, and what reasons might there be for him not appearing in the deaths index?

Perhaps you should question whether he actually did die in 1927, or whether that is a mistake. You could check wills and newspaper obituaries, and local burials, for further co-ordinates - or just search in General Registration for surrounding years.

Michael Weaving 14/11/2006 21:24:48

Hi, I am having problems finding information on my Grandmother Ethel Florence Bull born 1894 Whitechapel. Her father died when she was 4. She and her family are not showing up on the 1901 census, but an Ethel Bull is showing up as an inmate in Mile End New Town. How can I find out if this was my Grandmother? Many thanks, Angela

Do you mean the Mile End workhouse? Probably: the workhouse admission registers should tell you more. See the Institutions website, as link to which is off my own,

Jackie Watts 19/05/2009 21:11:44

hi anthony,i hit a brick wall i can find the marriage of my great great grandmother but thats all we can fin d because of the surname..the surname is caysher i wonder if you have any ideas to help resolve this..i have tried census with no results..many thanks...jackie

My first reaction here is that your ancestors might have been recorded under a different spelling. Caysher is certainly a surname that would seem to lend itself to variant spellings. I suggest making a list of all the spellings you can imagine, and then simply undertake your searches under them all, until - and I trust you will - you come upon the right people. Here's a start - Caisher; Casher; Caiser, Cayzer, Kayser, Kaisher, Kasher, Kaiser, Kayzer, Kaysher, Gaysher, Gaisher...........................

Jackie Watts 20/05/2008 21:06:31

hi anthony I have my grandmother, Cecily Farrant, marriage certificate to Charles Henry Simmonds but when I look at her death certificate her name has changed to Florence Ann Simmonds. They are definitely the same person but I cannot find a birth certificate or any details regarding her birth. Any suggestions? Thanks

You say 'definitely' the same, but the evidence suggests otherwise - Charles could always have married twice, and Simmonds is a popular name so this could have given rise to mistakes - I would suggest digging more deeply so as to find more evidence.