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Do you believe in GHOSTS?

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Braken Report 26 Feb 2012 20:52

I don't know if I belive or not

My anunt saw her mother in law during the difficult birth of her first born when the baby was safely delivered she dissapeared now the funny thing was she had died 30 years earlier so my aunt had never met her but knew it was her

I personaly am not sure as I have never seen a ghost however I have felt a draft as if someone has brushed past me a couple of times

Any more thoughts ;-)


Porkie_Pie Report 26 Feb 2012 21:15

No i don't believe,

as for the draft, i just shout will some one put wud int thoyal :-D


^ ^ ^ Ancient Egyptian Spinx ^ ^ ^

^ ^ ^ Ancient Egyptian Spinx ^ ^ ^ Report 26 Feb 2012 22:12

Hi Bracken, I DO BELIEVE. Over the last 40 yrs I have had to many experiences not to believe. My husband didnt believe when we first married, he would scoff and say that until he experienced something himself he didnt believe. Well things did start to happen to him too, he was so scared he wouldnt mention it till weeks after it occured. Couple of instances where we both had the experience at same timeare as follows- WE HEARD SOMEONE WALKING AROUND OUR BEDROOM WHILE WE WERE IN BED (only us in the house) We felt many times the spirit of a cat walk up our bed and settle between us( no pets in the house, + I saw the spirit cat just once for a second when it landed on my shoulder in bed, it was blk an white). We mentioned the cat to the people we bought the house off few yrs before as we had stayed friendly and they told us that they had had a blk an white cat which died and while it was living it used to go on their sons bed which was our bedroom now.
People who have never experienced these things do tend to think that those who have are crackers or making it up, until they themselves have an experience. My daughter experiences "ghosts" and she is a very level headed woman and a scientist to boot. Some people are more tuned into the spirit world while others never will be thats all. Ho one more event that happened amongst others, Someone knocked loudly on our bedroom door one night just after we had climed into bed(no one else in the house,doors locked) and last year while alone in the house and mopping kitchen floor I bumped into someone(no one there) it felt like someone with a big tummy that I walked into. Explain all that!!


Kense Report 26 Feb 2012 22:24

The mind can play funny tricks sometimes.


Suzanne Report 26 Feb 2012 22:32

ialso had an experience while giving birth,i saw my grandfather standing in the corner of the rm,he looked at me and smiled,my daughter was stuck in the birth canal and distressed,emergency delivery,baby poorly,but recovered.
I like to think he was telling me that all would be well.x

^ ^ ^ Ancient Egyptian Spinx ^ ^ ^

^ ^ ^ Ancient Egyptian Spinx ^ ^ ^ Report 26 Feb 2012 22:40

KenSe- The mind playing tricks? with two people at the same time ? come on now !! Like I said before until you experience something paranormal yourself you can scoff. Both me and husband heard somone knocking loudly on our bedroom door remember BOTH OF US HEARD IT at same time. Both our minds playing tricks AT THE SAME TIME, very very doughtful dont you think .


Suzanne Report 26 Feb 2012 22:45

its not the mind playing grandfather died 20yrs before i was born,at the time i was in pain and panicking,seeing him calmed me down. :-D

^ ^ ^ Ancient Egyptian Spinx ^ ^ ^

^ ^ ^ Ancient Egyptian Spinx ^ ^ ^ Report 26 Feb 2012 22:55

I believe you Suzzanne. Only last week a story was told to me by a lady at work. One day recently herself, her daughter and 14 yr old grandson were talking about ghosts etc when the grandson suddenly piped up " I have seen grandad" His mother replied " but you have never seen grandad living" Lad continued" yes a few yrs ago I saw his head and shoulders floating above my wardrobe and I wasnt scared just thought whats he doing above my walk in wardrobe" He recognised him from photos seen later.


Suzanne Report 26 Feb 2012 23:18

when my daughter was about 18m old,she had woken from her afternoon nap and was talking to her self in her cot,she was just starting to talk in sentences,i would listern to her outside the bedroom door, one day she was talking away ,and i went to listen,she was looking into the corner of the rm and saying hello ,over and over to Joany,i was shocked,because 6m before my auntie joan had died age 38 from breast cancer,when i told my mum she started to cry,my auntie joan was mums elder sister ,and when mum was little she always called her sister joany, i didnt now that until mum told me that day,and thats the name my daughter was saying while sitting her cot.
my daughter was only 12m old when auntie joan died,she did meet her a few times,but no body called her joany.x :-D

^ ^ ^ Ancient Egyptian Spinx ^ ^ ^

^ ^ ^ Ancient Egyptian Spinx ^ ^ ^ Report 26 Feb 2012 23:50

Thats fantastic Suzanne,even more proof. When my daughter was about 3 I would pop into her bedroom to check on her before going to bed myself. One evening I went in and she said you dont need to bother coming in to tuck me up mummy because that lady comes in to do it, I said ( with hairs standing up on back of my neck" what lady"? and you know what? she went on to describe my grandma who died when I was13 and my daughter had never even seen a photo of. Nice to know she was watching out for her grt grandaughter though.
Night all off to bed now ,work in morning. :-)

Mick from the Bush

Mick from the Bush Report 27 Feb 2012 02:56


xxx mick


EssexRose Report 27 Feb 2012 07:51

I to had an experience on seeing ghosts,on one occasion,when aged five years i was playing on my own in our front room,and my Mother was in the kitchen.Suddenly i was startled but not scared,on seeing standing in the doorway two little boys,both dressed the same in blue,they were smaller than me,both had blonde curly hair,and were holding hands and smiling at me.
I remember calling out to my Mother that there were two little boys in the room,and as soon as i did this they were gone,While telling what happened and the discriptions of the children to my Mother,she was upset and started to cry... 8 years previous there had been identicle twin boys that had died,both died on their second Birthday,of Pneumonia,they were my brothers.There had been no photos taken of these little children so i would not have known what they looked like,but the clothes they were wearing,and the description i was telling could have only been them. I too had an experience of being tucked in and given a goodnight kiss,by my Grandmother who had long since gone before i was born and didn't think anything strange about it...not until i told my Mother and Father.


Jonesey Report 27 Feb 2012 08:55

Did you hear the story about the photographer who encountered a ghost? Apparently he asked the ghosts permission to take its photograph to which the ghost readily agreed. A photograph was taken but sadly the picture did not turn out. Apparently it was a classic case of where the spirit was willing but the flash was weak.


Braken Report 27 Feb 2012 17:40

I don't know I think there is more to it

I have also heard people say they have smelt a familar smell relating to the person that is now deseaced ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

ps love the smily Jimmy has cheered me up ;-)

^ ^ ^ Ancient Egyptian Spinx ^ ^ ^

^ ^ ^ Ancient Egyptian Spinx ^ ^ ^ Report 27 Feb 2012 20:58

Obviously like flogging a dead horse talking to people who cant and wont accept that some people are receptive to these things whilst others are not. I dont lie and I certainly dont have an over active imagination. I know when I see or hear paranormal things , THAT IT TRULY HAPPENED just as I easily as I know the moon is in the sky when I see it. And I really really dont give a damn what disbelievers think I just feel sorry that they cant experience these things for themselves because they really are missing out on something wonderful. :-\


WhiffingSiggs Report 27 Feb 2012 21:41

No ghosts.
No gods either.
Superstitious mumbo jumbo. The sun shines and gives life. The moon shines and frightens people. Boo!

^ ^ ^ Ancient Egyptian Spinx ^ ^ ^

^ ^ ^ Ancient Egyptian Spinx ^ ^ ^ Report 27 Feb 2012 22:16

Just believing is different from actually experiencing it. Has I said before my husband was a scoffer and didnt believe that is until he himself experienced paranormal things. He was so afraid and having to admit that there was something after all that sometimes it took him days or weeks to pluck up courage to tell me only because he was in denial and scared to admit to himself that there was something. You should have seen him fly out of bed when something knocked on our bedroom door, and his ashen face when he found no one there. The ignorant mock. I am finished on this thread.


WhiffingSiggs Report 27 Feb 2012 22:40

knock, knock.

who's there ?



JustDinosaurJill Report 27 Feb 2012 23:05

I believe. I've seen, heard, smelt and experienced some pretty neat stuff. I'm a fifty-something, fairly sensible person but there is definately something beyond. This house we have lived in since 1999 is the first house I've lived in which is 'clear'. So much happened in the house where I grew up and not all of it good. The first house hubby and I had together had noises and smells and visual. Probably the most noticeable though was the spirit who smoked. The house used to stink of it when he or she had been around. Even a visitor noticed it one day as they stepped into the house.

I'm so used to the idea because I grew up knowing I was in the company of spirits. My sibling saw ghosts and the female parent was quite receptive too. She had been frightened as a child because her own mother was always attending seances and the visiting medium approached her and said she would make a very good medium so it had made her go the opposite way. I was visited by my uncle one day after I had taken my widowed aunt out. I had just pulled up outside the house with her in the car and I suddenly realised that the car was 'full' of feeling. I knew it was his way of letting me know how pleased he was.

And at the risk of non-believers thinking this woman is a total nutter I also have some level of psychic ability although I have no control over it and cannot predict when I will predict something. I don't go looking for it to happen but sometimes I just know stuff. I don't mind posting if anyone is curious or maybe wants to start a psychic thread. I don't go shouting about it. I know what it's like to be put off when someone you only know via a website following a similar discussion suddenly says "Hey. I'm a psychic. My family think I'm wierd" and then everytime I was on the same forum in a chat room demanded that I tell her what colour clothes she is wearing. I guess I'm fortunate that my family don't regard me as wierd and many of my friends have no idea.

I can predict I shall be heading for bed soon though

;-) ;-)



WhiffingSiggs Report 27 Feb 2012 23:19

Spiritualists often set March 31, 1848, as the beginning of their movement. On that date, Kate and Margaret Fox, of Hydesville, New York, reported that they had made contact with the spirit of a murdered peddler. What made this an extraordinary event was that the spirit communicated through rapping noises, audible to onlookers. The evidence of the senses appealed to practically minded Americans, and the Fox sisters became a sensation. However, the Fox Sisters later admitted that this "contact" with the spirit was a hoax.[1][2]

"The Death Blow to Spiritualism" Ultimately a confession by the original spiritualists (and hoaxers)