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Man with 20 children

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Purple **^*Sparkly*^** Diamond

Purple **^*Sparkly*^** Diamond Report 9 Jul 2008 03:30

The oldest girl did her best with cooking and looking after the kids, as did some of the older boys, and I did see one girl having her hair brushed well and put into a ponytail for school. The girl, Rhiannon, who liked going to stay with her friend must be clean and tidy or the other child's mother wouldn't want her staying there. I hope some of them at least do ok.
I think it said at the end that the older lad was back in school and doing well.

Shirley~I,m getting the hang of it

Shirley~I,m getting the hang of it Report 8 Jul 2008 18:08

I didn't see it all but my overwhelming thoughts when watching it was i bet the tax payer is paying out big time to keep them in fags and booze . the mum sat on her arse smoking and he couldn't do without his booze, WHY spend two grand on Xmas presents but have no bedding for the kids. Dad tho did seem to have some influence cos when he was jailed mum was useless .i bet the kids as they grow up will go the same way . I felt sorry for the kids. I was one of 8 and we had a hard working Mum & Dad and a clean home with food on the table and rules we had to abide by. Mum always said her boys never got into trouble with the law & her girls never got into trouble!!!

Sue in Somerset

Sue in Somerset Report 8 Jul 2008 18:02

I felt so sorry for those poor kids.

It's going to be very hard for any of them to lead a normal life doing honest work to support themselves.

There was no denying that there was love in the family but the children need so much more guidance and day to day care.

I was concerned to hear that the older boys are "looking forward" to going to prison so they can be like their dad. At the rate they are going they won't have to wait long.

I'm not surprised that they've had to keep moving. They must be a nightmare to live next door to. When I was a small child we had a family of 9 neglected children in the terraced house next door. My father had to put up a high fence between the houses and even then they'd stand on their coal bunker and throw stones at my little sister and me. Eventually they moved and the new owners had to have the house fumigated before they could move in.


Cathy in Portsmouth

Cathy in Portsmouth Report 8 Jul 2008 17:48

Didn't see it. What channel was it on?



CMD Report 8 Jul 2008 17:39

I too watched this programme, and was sickened by the filth and squalor for a better word...
I am one of ten children.... and my dad worked every hour God sent..... to provide for us.....
my mom worked night and day..... she cooked cleaned, and still had time to knit and sew... even teaching others to do so....
How do they justify being able to drink and smoke..whilst those children sleep in beds, that the R,S.P.C.A..would not let animals sleep in....
where was the bedding? I didnt see any washing going on...Theyu did not look as if they had washed their hair, or even brushed it for months.......
It is obvious, even to the un-educated.LIKE ME....that the family needed someone to go in and guide them, in caring for those children...
they must stink, in embarrassing for them...the parents did come across as loving....BUT not very knowledgable on how to keep clean, or food hygiene, etc...
those poor children, they must be the object of much ridicule at school.....or wherever the live...!!!

Then I turned over and watched tribal wives...where the children and adults, all looked clean. and well turned out.... where they had to walk miles to get water to wash and cook with.....I just could not believe it......

Purple **^*Sparkly*^** Diamond

Purple **^*Sparkly*^** Diamond Report 8 Jul 2008 16:12

I felt the mother was most at fault, she has said no to another child but he could easily get round her I think. I wonder if she had learning difficulties, and also what she was putting in those ciggies she kept rolling, with her hubby's pals. The kids were loved but the father wasn't a very good example to his family. All credit to him if he can stay off the booze but would be better if the wife stayed off it too, and cleaned the house and kids up, did they ever have a bath, seems like they just slept as they had spent the day, dirty and sticky. That little lad who went to sleep in a big t shirt by the door, cos everyone had forgotten to put him to bed, and it was his brother who was the only one able to get him off to sleep.
The girl with the baby seemed determined to give her child a better life, but hope she won't go on to have a horde of them like her newly found father! All very well the other lad saying if he cleaned up before Social services called round, they would leave them alone, why are SS not making a fuss about the state of the house and the dirty mattresses etc etc etc. I imagine the children going into school smelling grubby etc, as didn't see a lot of washing clothes going on either. Yet they found the money for tvs, computer, new bikes etc, and all those loans from Social too! Too many families living like that altho not so many kids, the same attitude, no wonder this country is going down the pan.
Will say again tho, the kids were loved and Rhiannon? was praised by her dad when she got the certificate from school, hope she goes far and might help some of her younger siblings stay on the straight and narrow, bless her.

Pat Kendrick

Pat Kendrick Report 8 Jul 2008 14:36

Spent £2000 on Christmas presents but nothing on sheets and pillows. Loads to spend on drink and cigs. Loving your children means also providing a clean and safe home. I thought the mother should have risen from her butt and given her daughter a life.


Sheila Report 8 Jul 2008 14:06

At least we have confirmation of the power of genealogy. One of his children from his first marriage saw his 'family tree' tatoo at the fair and realised he must be her father!

Seriously though the whole thing was very dispiriting and unfortunately families like this are all too common. Shameless is not a comedy - it's a docudrama!

I'm afraid I've seen it all before, so I wasn't surprised by the sofa cushions instead of pillows on the bed, but they all had beds and bedding and food and more love than I ever had in my nice tidy middle class home.

Didn't see the end because DD2 switched over for Family Guy, so didn't know about the dog. Hope he was rescued and has a good doggy home.



AnnCardiff Report 8 Jul 2008 13:44

My dad was one of eleven, but they were reasonably well off and brought up correctly. My mum was one of nine - poor as church mice and fathers of eight of them unknown!! However, my Mum dragged herself out of the gutter big style and I am so proud of what she did and what she managed to achieve from such lowly beginnings. My father was thrown out of his family when he married her, but they relented eventually when they saw Mum for who she was. The rest of her family too all went on to make good lives for themselves and with the exception of one cousin, none have ever been in trouble with the law. So much to be proud of.


LadyBarbara Report 8 Jul 2008 13:26

If all those children go on to have 20 children each that would be 400 in a two generations, just think what their tree would look like, doesn't bare thinking about does it, and the cost to the country for one family.


Debbie Report 8 Jul 2008 13:24

Well there was one moment where the mother was shown in the kitchen washing up with one of the much younger girls, the younger girl was using a sock to wash up with!


Elisabeth Report 8 Jul 2008 13:22

I didn't really understand why the eldest girl was doing all the cooking. Why wasn't the mother in charge of the kitchen and that poor daughter able to make a life for herself?

I wonder how these families are persuaded to appear in such documentaries. Are they given financial incentives or do they think they will be having their 'five minutes of fame'?

I don't think we will ever know how they progress in the future. I suspect they will have further appearances in the magistrates courts, though I hope I am wrong.


Debbie Report 8 Jul 2008 13:21

I felt for the eldest girl also - if I remember correctly she was 18 but left education at 14 to help her mum.

The parents were quite frank and open about their problems and the way that they lived, the children seemed happy except when the dad went to prison and then everything was just chaos.

Was amazed that they were moved into a new home when the water pipes in their home mysteriously dissapeared.

wonder. y

wonder. y Report 8 Jul 2008 13:18

I didn't see all the programme,but what I saw sickened me.and like the others have said, I felt so sorry for the little girl that seemed to want to learn.With a father that was allways in & out of prison, a mother that seemed to sit on her backside, smoke and drink all the time, theres not a lot of hope for those children, my father was one of 13 childdren, brought up without the handouts they get now. yet they all grew up well spoken and ajusted citizens


LadyBarbara Report 8 Jul 2008 13:10

I felt sorry for the eldest girl who didn't go out much but stayed at home to help her mum, what a lovely girl to do that, but what a shame at her age (I don't know how old she is) to be staying in and not having her life as she should.
Also the two who had the baby, looked like children themselves, so as you say the cycle goes on.


Elisabeth Report 8 Jul 2008 13:09

Thanks for your comments.

I felt almost like crying for those children, who really needed some guidance in their lives, and especially for the dog who was left behind when they moved, as there 'wasn't room in the van'.

I may only have had two children, and one brother, but I do know how some large families evolve. My father was one of 13, but they were all honest, clean living and brought up wonderful families.

The cider must be the big factor in the situation shown - I am pleased to be tee-total!


Amanda2003 Report 8 Jul 2008 13:02

I caught the end of the programme and wished I'd seen it all.
I hope the Dad stays off the drink , at least he had admitted to himself that he had a big problem.

The kids certainly looked a lot happier when their Dad came home.The Mum just couldn't cope with them all.

It takes allsorts to make a world.


Lindsey* Report 8 Jul 2008 13:02

The tattoo with room for another child !!!!
There were so many horrendous shots, the child in a nappy sitting on the dinner table least they had a table.
The beds with no sheets,, the buggy used for carrying crates of cider for Dad..and the mystical dissappearance of all the copper pipes from the house so they were without water for 6 days.How much damage they had done to what started as a nice little house.
Dads lecture on not F*** ing swearing in public was class!!
One of my tree had 15+ children, 2 wives an ordinary ag. lab. but they were all clean well fed and loved and went on to better things.long before the welfare state to prop them up.
Lets hope the children grow up to know better, I admired the older girl who never wants any children of her own, she has the right idea.!


Elisabeth Report 8 Jul 2008 12:45

Did anyone watch the programme on late last night?

I have just watched it, after recording it last night. I felt so sad for the children, lost in such a sad situation, with no real guidance in their lives. I do think the parents seemed to love them, but with the father ending up in prison on a drink driving charge, the older boys going out stealing lead and copper and the smaller ones getting lost in the whole chaos.

I was so sad for the one girl who seemed to want to learn and insisted she didn't steal, unlike another who proudly said she 'only' stole from shops, not from the family.

I fear that they will all go into a spiral of despair and continue the cycle.

I only caught the start of the programme at the end of the late news, so set the recorder. The man had his family tree tattooed on his back!

I am so thankful to have been brought up in a 'normal' family.