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Auntie Motie a Genteel Tale of Everyday Life.

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ProfilePosted byOptionsPost Date


Cooper Report 11 Aug 2012 06:05

Morning ladies and big hugs to baby Emily :-D :-D :-D

We are orff on our hols very soon, the house is spotless and fridge, freezer and cupboards full. I think FTE is looking forward to being fed roasts and nice dinners :-D
In laws will have a change of location and can get on the bus and Poole about the countryside.

I have recorded the closing ceremony and will be watching for Auntie organising proceedings :-S
Little Mo will be running tonight so I look forward to seeing him.

We are orff to Freshwater in South Wales and will be meeting up with SIL and BILand the Niece and Nephew fruits who are also staying in the valleys :-D

Google pip for now

Teresa :-D


CherryCrumbles Report 11 Aug 2012 08:35

so glad to see your back Petunia dear. I mean .... you're back. Well of course I took you seriously. Normally you say what you mean and you mean what you say, so how am I meant to tell the difference?

Not that I frequent the local swimming pool but I hear little boys like to stand on the highest diving board and point the way down.

Now, it is my turn to take *you* to task dear. One's first husband is Old Spice. You cannot claim that honour. I'm one of the spices too, and no, it is not nutmeg.

*wondering where all the hairy mess on the carpet has come from ..... ooh look a pair of gold plated tweezers ..... !
I wonder what those would be worth at the shonky shop.


CherryCrumbles Report 11 Aug 2012 08:49

hello Lesley, it's always nice to find a fellowette with whom I have things in common. No not Chiswick Common, I mean points of view. Each "younger generation" will do it their way I suppose. In my day it was winkle picker shoes and beehive hairdos and fully flared netted skirts. Mind you I looked most elegant, but papa didnt approve of the teddy boys that flocked around me begging me to go dancing with them down at the Palais. And then I woke up ..........

I expect that when my tattooed daughter is my age, she will not approve of the younger generation.

Do give Emilie and hug and a kiss from me. Be reassured that I do not need to pluck stubbly chin whiskers ...... at least, not when anyone can see me and I clean up afterwards so there is no evidence.



CherryCrumbles Report 11 Aug 2012 08:50

hello Susan, I was watching a tv show which claimed that up to about the end of the 18thC tattooing was the "preserve" of the upper classes. But, when the lower orders starting emulating and aping their betters, the upper echelons decided that tattooing was decidedly outre.

My cousin came back to the UK for a holiday and her husband accepted a beer from one's first husband. Coz's OH took one sip then said "Oh - its COLD" - and MFH replied "well of course it's cold". Apparently everywhere else that Coz's OH had been to, he'd been given warm beer and had concluded everyone in Britain drank warm beer. Not in my house they dont, one does have some standards.

*rushes off to find a table cloth to throw over Pat rish aaah's head.


CherryCrumbles Report 11 Aug 2012 08:50

Have a lovely holiday Teresa. Put your feet up and relax and fret not over those of us who are left behind ....... ;-)



MotownGal Report 11 Aug 2012 19:25

Good evening dear Friends,

I have taken a dar orft from the Village, as the Closing Ceremony is tomorrow and I want to cut a dash in front of The World.

I have been buying for the Cruise today. As you probably know I get most things made to measure, or at least made to my exact requirements.

I think I have spoken before of a dear little Emporium in New Oxford Street that makes walking stick, parasols and umbrellas. They know me very well down there, and are always pleased to see me. They know I like individual attention, and possibly that is why when I enter the premises they disappear to the back room so that I have the Owners sole attention. Preens.

I have ordered two parasols, one dainty umbrella, I cannot abide these great golf efforts, and a feminine walking stick, for when we go ashore. I always think it add a touch of class to hold a walking stick. Plus it has the added advantage of whacking the locals when they try to foist their tat onto you at the harbour.

I then ventured into New Bond Street to the bootmaker. Do you know it is very rare to get high-buttoned boots these days. I have had a slightly lower one cast and the last will be ready in a couple of days. Then they will make my requirements from kid-leather. I do not hold with 'breaking in' shoes, they should be soft enough when bought. I have returned many shoes that do not bend with my feet, therefore my tootsies are like a childs. No callouses, corns or hard skin.

Then to the Milliner for my sun bonnets. I think a feminine panama hat will suit for the hotter climes. I have also ordered a fur hat for if it gets chilly in the evening. I do not know if it is PC anymore, I seem to remember someone throwing a cup of coffee over me the last time I wore my fox stole...............

Have a lovely holiday dear Teresa. Keep up the medal winning dear Upsidedown Susan, your athletes have such lovely fresh faces. It must be all that fresh air.

Lesley, just keep doing what you are doing.................doting. It will keep you young.

Cherry, I am sorry if I am confusing you with my requests. Surely you know the difference by now.....................we are old friends. No?

Now, the put my purchases away, I shall take them into the parlour first. How strange, Cherry did not say she had bought a new Standard Lamp. How very artistic, a female form with a tea towel for the lampshade. I shall just try it out.

Oh poor Pat-trish-aaaaah what have they done to you?

Hunting Cherry down with a rolling pin.................

Auntie Petunia


CherryCrumbles Report 11 Aug 2012 19:41

*running up to the attic, poste haste*

puff pant ... now Petunia dear, do put that rolling pin down - the tea towel was Susan's suggestion and I was just following her advice. We are old friends are we not? pant puff ... I hasten to stress the word "old" is more appropriate in your case than in mine. puff pant ... what happened to all the other parasols you had made to your exact requirements the last time you went away. pant puff ... oh I think the only place I will be safe tonight is in THAT wardrobe ....... I hope I do not have another experience like the last one. That was some "trip" indeed. :-D

*falling over one's own feet, and shuts the wardrobe door
Oh - its all dark in here ! :-S


MotownGal Report 11 Aug 2012 21:27

#stands under the lampost in the Snow. My goodness it is cold out here, I just hope that I can find somewhere to hide if The White Witch comes along on her sleigh, now what is the time? I am sure I was to meet Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter under the lampost..................I hope they manage to keep themselves warm............if only Aslan was here, he would know what to do..........

Hello, I can here footsteps coming along the wooden flooring, then the soft scrunch as the snow meets the boards.

Is it Susan, she said she would like an adventure again................
Hello? Hello? Is it you Susan?

Oh my! If my name was not Tumnus, I would swear I was the white rabbit............

It IS someone in a fur coat, but not either Susan or Lucy!

Tell me dear, what is your name?

Oh, Cherry? I see..............well now you are here, shall we go and have supper with Mr and Mrs Beaver?

Walks purposefully off in the direction of the Riverbank..........................


CherryCrumbles Report 12 Aug 2012 10:16

oh how strange ....... I shut myself in THAT wardrobe, against my better judgement after what happened before but I was anxious to escape Petunia and the rolling pin. Its made of marble, doncha know, so packs a heavy punch in the wrong hands. Having said that - Petunia has never used a rolling pin to cook with in her life.

Well, the next thing I knew, the wardrobe door was opened, and Petunia's delicately shod feet entered and I was kicked, yes kicked, against the back of the wardrobe and the wood parted and I fell through the gap and into another dimension, or so it seems. This must be the land of Oz because I can see a little girl wearing ruby slippers (I trust the rubies were supplied by Swarovski), and a cowardly lion and a tin man.

Oh look at all the mushrooms, which reminds me ... I had to miss my supper so I am very hungry. I will pick one mushroom and just take one one little biiiiii ........




MotownGal Report 12 Aug 2012 17:42

Well dinner was very nice thank you Mrs Beaver, it is a long time since I have had a fish sandwich. But seeing as you live near the River, then fish it must be...........

I walked Cherry back to the lampost and she said that I should get a new battery for my hearing trumpet. Cheeky madam.

She said her name was Sherry. Sherry baby, and that she was a friend of Frankie. Makes a change from a friend of Dorothy I suppose.

Here come my dear friends Susan, Edmund, Lucy and Peter traising along with their fur coats. I shall tell them of the imposter. No lashing of ginger pop and potted shrimps for her I'll be bound.....................


MotownGal Report 12 Aug 2012 17:51

Pottering around in the parlour when there is a dull thud on the ceiling. Rushes to the Stannah and glides elegantly upstairs to the Primrose Room.

Cherry dear are you all right dear? I thought I heard your dainty footsteps on the highly polished parquet flooring dear. Cherry, are you there dear? Hello? Hellloooooo!

Pat-trish-aaaaaah! Come and get your delicate shoulder on this door and bash it in. I will not have any unpleasantness in my house.

Aaaaah, that better, what a strong gel you are dear, to be sure.

#rushes over to dear Cherry, who is lying postrate on the floor with foam coming from the corner of her mouth#

Cherry dear, speak to me, speak to me dear. what is wrong? Tell you dear friend what has befallen you. Yes dear, I will come closer, and yes you may whisper in my ear.....................................Oh I say dear! That is very you think I shall get the stain of regurgitated mushrooms from my chiffon blouse?

Buck up dear, I need to get to the Closing Ceremony immediately, if not sooner.

Pat-trish-aaaaah.....................bring the Castor Oil.

Praying I do not smell of digestive acids
Auntie Petunia


CherryCrumbles Report 12 Aug 2012 20:28

wha ... wha ... who .....

how strange - how did I get from THAT wardrobe to here? how can dear Petunia be in three places simultaneously? Oh I am seeing double plus 50%.

*closes eyes and lets the world and his wife walk on by*



MotownGal Report 12 Aug 2012 21:01

The lights are lowering, the night is falling..............

The stadium lights are turning down. The orchestra is tuning up. Big Ben has just chimed.

The closing ceremony is beginning.

Wish me luck girls, and look out for me.

Whoooooooo Hooooooo.


MotownGal Report 13 Aug 2012 06:40

Did you see me dears?

Dancing next to a Mr M. Python?

Was it not spectacular?

Going back to bed for the rest of the day................oh my aching bones!

See you anon............

Auntie Petunia


MotownGal Report 13 Aug 2012 20:32

Well I have been languishing all day in my silk night attire, in my linen sheets in my posture correct bed.

Do you know? I havent known what to do with myself all day. Now that I am not organising athletes, timing records or generally making myself useful, I am at a loss.

My clothes are on order for my holiday with my two dear friends, Mrs Berry has been baking all day, Pat-trish-aaaaah has been pottering about...............but no noise from dear Cherry's room!

I do so hope she has not locked herself in the wardrobe again.

I shall give her another couple of hours and then go look for her.

Picking another chocolate from the box
Auntie Petunia


Susan-nz Report 13 Aug 2012 20:40

Morning ladies,

OMG, reading back it is like the twilight zone in here.....

I wasn't sure if it was me you were referring to Petunia, but as I am not too familiar with the Famous 5, I hid myself from view :-S.

Cherry, how are you ? Are you quite sure you haven't been on the jungle juice?

I did chuckle at the stannah gliding elegantly to the Primrose room, even in times of stress, Petunia remains a 'lady'...

I haven't watched the replay of the Closing Ceremony so have not spotted you Petunia.. I trust you emjoyed the celebrations and festivities?
Did you know we have another GOLD, the Belarusian has been outed as a drug cheat so our dear Val gets the gold after all.... The woman in question is protesting quite loudly. Dear Val may have to wait months for the medal to return from its little sojourn to Belarus :-P.

I imagine London is still bustling and full to the brim with visitors?. Marvellous I say, I think London has done an amazing job for the 30th Olympiad. So pleased Petunia, that you made such a generous ambassador .. What is next up on your calendar? Of course, the cruise. I must say, your wardrobe sounds most complete. Thankgoodness you are not restricted by baggage weight. We shall look forward to your travel diary via bloooberry.

My fruit has a new water feature in her house - yes, a leaking roof :-| :-|... The joys of being a houseowner. We have had such intense rain over the lst few days, I was keeping an eye out for the 'Ark'. Parts of the country are more than saturated, enough already I say. Spring is just around the corner :-S.

Must away, can't sit here all day, more's the pity..

Toodle pip


CherryCrumbles Report 14 Aug 2012 03:39

after "sleeping it off" .. whatever "it" was .. I now have a touch of insomnia. the warm milk and arrowroot biscuits have not helped me to restore SlumberMode. The delightful Mister Michael Ball is keeping me company with his wonderful renditions.

The reason you heard no noise from my room dear Petunia, is because I was not there. I slipped out to visit the dentist, where I had a small filling with no needle and very little pain. The old metal filling had shrunk and has been replaced with a white filling which is mine for life.

Please do not chase me around Motie Towers with rolling pins again, dear, because I dont think I could take a third visit to THAT wardrobe. One takes one's life in one's hands hiding in there, I'm sure its a portal to another world although how I returned to this world is still a mystery.

I heard all about your exploits at the closing ceremony and really I do not know how you can face the world so demurely as if butter wouldnt melt in your mouth. Now - please return the gold medal that you wrestled from that lady ... ahem .. person .. errr .. lady .. from Belarus, and give it to Susan nz at once dear.



CherryCrumbles Report 14 Aug 2012 03:49

Susan am not sure what you mean by the Twilight Zone, I hear no eerie unearthly music, and that amiable gentleman Mister Forest Whitaker is not doing any voice overs.

I dont think dear Petunia was referring to the Famous Five. More like, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. While I was "out for the count", I dreamed that dear Petunia was with me and eating sandwiches made by a Mrs Beaver, and she's not with the Famous Five. Perhaps she lives in Toad Hall. You dont want to know what was in the sandwiches ..... but there wasnt mush room left in Petunia's girdle by the time she'd finished munching.

Sorry to hear your Fruit has a leaky roof and I hope its fixed soon. We had a small amount of rain before I went to the dentist, probably not enough to wet the beds, flowerbeds that is, but as I gave the garden a good hosepipe soak on Sunday night so my shrubs etc must be content with that.

You will be pleased to know I dont drink jungle juice, in fact I dont even know where the jungle is let alone know how to extract juice from it..

I suppose the olympics has been good for tourism but I shall be glad when the world returns to normal and all the tourists head for Buckingham Palace to wait for a glimpse of the Queen.



CherryCrumbles Report 14 Aug 2012 04:06

I have a small quandary. I have a taped copy of a pretty piece of music, mainly piano but some strings. Its a contemporary piece of music, played a lot on the radio during the 1980s, and rather reminds me of snowy alpine slopes and apres piste with all the Beautiful People waving ski sticks at each other.

For the life of me, I have long forgotten the title, so have no means of getting a CD copy. I wondered if it was Bobby Crush but without the title I cant search on You Tube to check it out.

Yet, I have never forgotten a piece of music I heard in the 1960s, namely the Robinson Crusoe concerto, and I often played that in my head when my mind was blank. Thats still available to buy on CD. I know, cos I bought a copy recently.

*sighs and heads back to bed with another Michael Ball CD .....



CherryCrumbles Report 14 Aug 2012 13:35

I see a couple from Suffolk have won £148m on the lottery ......... am in the process of finding out how closely we are related so that I can crawl out from under a stone to send begging letters ..... :-D

But seriously. Lovely for them, but so much money in one go :-S - what a responsibility. They look like a nice couple, and the wife will be giving up her job for more family time, although the husband will continue to run his shop. They said they will donate to charity and other worthy causes, so no doubt a lot of people will have cause to be grateful to this generous couple -)