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ATOS (one day this could be you)

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JoyBoroAngel Report 29 Sep 2012 10:49

THANK YOU HAYLEY and well said xx :-D


Gins Report 29 Sep 2012 10:54

Oooh Hayley, you have given me hope.....................

I would like to take the job of 'envelope licker' which means I can work and get 'bevvied up' at the same time :-D

What do I need to do, to have an opinon, without being accused of being a drunk?



supercrutch Report 29 Sep 2012 11:11

Somewhere earlier on this thread I mentioned that I write letters on behalf of disabled people. I also support GR friends and non cyber friends privately. I have written to the Government, I have met my Pembrokeshire MP. He also puts his hand in his pocket when hubby or daughter run for charity :-D I sign as many e-petitions that are brought to my attention re welfare reform.

Nothing out of the ordinary but at least I DO do others on here.

In return I receive wonderful support from my GR friends, they lift me with their humour when I am down. Listen to me moaning for Britain some days, agree with me and then promptly kick my butt (and it's not hard to miss) and I stop feeling sorry for myself and carry on.

On my FB page my quote is 'crips rule' but I am a lucky crip, others on this thread are worse than I am. You John would only know that if you had taken the time to ask!


JustJohn Report 29 Sep 2012 11:23

"I think John you intended to get people's backs up orignally by suggesting that no one is not capable of carrying out any kind of work for reward of pay, regardless of their physical condition and claiming a benefit is an easy option ( thats what I got from your oringal comments) , I stand corrected if I if this is incorrect."

Hayley. Incorrect. Have had to apply for benefits once or twice, and I know it is extremely bureaucratic, frustrating and timewasting and usually involves appeals and backdating. Although quite well of at the time, we were told about 15 years ago to claim £3k in child benefit extra benefit (was it called family credits?). We spent the £3k and were then told they had given it out wrongly and we had to pay it all back.

Never said the things people are accusing me of on this thread and a couple of other threads. My view (which is shared by many and is based on plenty of empirical evidence ie I flippin see it almost every day of the week) that there are a lot of benefit scroungers has no direct relevance to this discussion, except I think it may cloud the issue and is why both the Government and the Opposition seem to be behind what ATOS is doing. Which appears to be very draconain from actual experience of the process explained so well on this thread.

As for your suggestion that I said dying people should lick envelopes, well....... :-0 :-0 Thought we liked each other :-S :-S

What I said is that each of us is dying and many lick envelopes or similar till the second before they die - my dad did. Planning your last months and years is seen by some as an opportunity, not a threat. Not sure of this of course, but I think I might prefer to be told I had 2 years left rather than drop dead on the spot. You see a lot of optimism in a hospice, I am told.

If people have a terminal illness, it is not right to treat them as if they cannot have a proper life whilst they have it. Each person reacts to terminal illness individually. It is not a group that you can generalise about - and too many here tend to generalise. They are people - just like the able bodied and fully well, just like those who have mental or physical disabilities.

The Principal of my University at Bangor in 60's sufferered from MS for years. He climbed Everest with Hillary and Tensing in 1953 and developed MS not that many years afterwards. Yet he did not retire till he was very advanced in his illness. He used to chair meetings and was clearly in a lot of pain. But that is what he wanted to do. Yes, he could easily have applied for an ill health retirement. And he would have been granted that - of course he would. But not what he wanted.

And all I have said here is they should be treated as individuals. And ATOS do not appear to be treating anyone as an individual. And I have suggested what we might do about it.

I think my suggested action would be effective. But no one so far agrees or disagrees with me :-( :-S


supercrutch Report 29 Sep 2012 11:38

Bully for your Principal. eldest daughter was diagnosed with MS aged 18 (RR), she still works, visited Guatemala for 9 months (after she was diagnosed), Gets drunk, being led by friends between pubs, bangs her head when she falls over and regains her eyesight (not recommended as a cure)...lololol

She works, doesn't claim one penny in benefit.


Now I'll wait for my GR MS mate to come on and explain the other type of MS. The one which destroys life.


JoyBoroAngel Report 29 Sep 2012 11:46

very well done to your daughter Sue
you are bless with this wonderful daughter
who not for one moment has let the cards life has dealt her beat her
or knock her down xxx


supercrutch Report 29 Sep 2012 11:59

Thanks Joy, you know how proud we are of her :-D


JoyBoroAngel Report 29 Sep 2012 12:02

i do Sue xx :-D :-D

and rightly so


Gins Report 29 Sep 2012 12:07

'bangs her head when she falls over and regains her eyesight'

Is that true? Not that I’m accusing you of telling fibs, I just think that truly is a miracle

.......fantastic :-)


Nyx Report 29 Sep 2012 12:26

I don't want to get old, nor do I want advance notice of when I might die... I hope I just drop,( or if not get time to go to Switzerland anyway) because I have seen it as it is to be old and ill where each day is a struggle greater than climbing mountains, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

This article in the Mail, caught my eye, it's not unrelated and I know that it is not innacurate generally, though obviously these are individual cases.


Eeyore13 Report 29 Sep 2012 12:27

Hello...didnt post yesterday but kept up with reading because I find this thread somewhat intriguing. You have those who've been through the ATOS process, those in it, those with knowledge of it & then there's John...

Hello John, I am delighted that your Principal made it up Everest before his MS diagnosis-genuinely. Had I known I would get the same diagnosis I am sure I would have been climbing mountains, however, that wasnt to be. I really didnt want mine-its a dratted nuisance especially the fatigue & other symptoms I won't go into but if you look at me physically you'd say I'm A* ok...however my memory is wrecked, I know more people called "Thingy" than you could imagine & pain,actually PAIN I didnt believe could exist. Soooo I have this THING which makes my life a total misery if I let it or I get on with it...I get on with it Tadah!! That was going great until my ATOS form came because WHO is going to employ me? Why am I having to go through this when I am a "Write Off" but I am 1OO% sure I'll be put in the Work group because that is what they do.

I think I would make a great Receptionist..."Call from Mr Thingy in Room Wotsit, he wants a sandwich with something in it". Yep I think I've found my calling :)

The expression is "Walk a mile in my Shoes" reality is not nice for me I am totally dependant on others.

BTW I have a title...Professional Crip & thank my family & friends every day for keeping me sane.


supercrutch Report 29 Sep 2012 12:29

It's absolutely true Gins...lmao

Daughter loses her sight for between 24 hours and 7 days when she has a relapse. IV steroids make no difference to the recovery time so she doesn't have that treatment anymore.

She had been without her sight for a few days, went drinking, tripped over the kerb and banged her head. Her eyesight returned... :-D

Her Neuro consultant told her "live as normally as possible, do everything you want to do and can manage because you are a long time dead" and boy she follows that advice :-D

I have told this story before - when she was in hospital learning to live with the sight problem it was lunchtime. The lunch was served and the usual advice was given, meat at 10 o'clock, veg at 4 o'clock and potatoes at 8 o'clock. Daughter's fellow patient said "Fantastic, but where is the bleedin' plate?"

Humour is a lifeline :-D

Silly Sausage

Silly Sausage Report 29 Sep 2012 13:33

John I don't know you to like or dislike you, what I don't like is you winding up one of my very good friends giving advice on a subject that you absoloutely nothing about, before you explain about someone you know "who has done/been/lived whatever"you havent lived with MS you havent actually had to sit through a ATOS meeting or consoltation so you actually are not able to give advice are you? However now you are suggesting they lobby their MP and write letters do you not think many of the these people have already done that.

Gins I think you will make a great envolope licker ;-)


Eeyore13 Report 29 Sep 2012 13:37

It is a vile condition & much misunderstood as are so many "invisible" disabilities. Humour is a real necessity with this for me. I have met many angry & depressed people because this chronic condition is a steals your dignity bit by bit.

So many neuro conditions are misunderstood until they land in yours or someone you knows lap.

Another thing that should always be given due consideration is the medication & side-effects that people endure-sometimes worse than the condition itself.

I think Joy's Thread is a very valid contribution to the ongoing ATOS discussions on a need to know basis people really need to know about this & it is good to see this subject on a non-medical forum.


Gins Report 29 Sep 2012 13:55

Wow, your daughter sounds amazing :-D

Well you (lot) may not be in 'rude' health and the nasty illness may be stripping you of lots of things............

.............but not your buddy humour, you've had me crying with laughter!

Hayley, just going to get a large G&T and start lickin!

PS and Im learning lots about this subject - thank you


Eeyore13 Report 29 Sep 2012 14:00

Thing is Gins...can you lick your eyebrows?...I find it helps pass the time :-D


Gins Report 29 Sep 2012 14:21

Flippin eck....thats some party piece :-0

Silly Sausage

Silly Sausage Report 29 Sep 2012 14:51

I have had to back space about 3 times with regards licking the eyebrows comment PMSL. :-D :-D :-D

Gins I cant even look at you without humming Annie's song :-|


JustJohn Report 29 Sep 2012 14:59

Think I eventually got my answer. You do not think that pulling the important bits out of this thread and sending it to our local MP and MEP with a good supporting letter is good advice. And that I am not qualified to give advice like that anyway.

That was the only advice I gave. If you say it is a waste of time lobbying MPs about what the ATOS assessment actually does to people, then I will accept your advice.

Asked my son "are people you know taking advantage of the benefits system?" Looked at me as if I had gone out. "Loads, dad. Absolutely loads." Seems that me and the Government and the Opposition and my son are of a similar view - but for some reason you feel that it is not such a big problem and therefore not influencing the way ATOS has been operating. And please don't say that sons agree with dads - that really would be other-worldly. :-) :-)

My evidence for benefits abuse is not based on the Sun newspaper - it is based on actually knowing what happens on (usually) council estates. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Silly Sausage

Silly Sausage Report 29 Sep 2012 15:05

Keep to the topic Please John, this thread isn't or wasnt about benefit fruad, thats a debate maybe for another day.
People on this thread have been wriing to their MPS for years they dont have to pull the bits out of this thread and send them in, so NO, I suppose thats why they are not jumping up and down about to take your advice.