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The Pinny Gang

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Annie Report 9 Jun 2005 20:08

Gor blimey Charley's Pat and Mick. 'E says e's fair wore out. I mite haveta get a job 'cos e's only on commission and 'e says the bottom is falling out of the underwear market. I wonder if any of me neighbours knows where I can get a nice little office job, not too strenyouuss cos I don't want ter ruin me nail varnish. Jewel

~♥ Daisy ♥~

~♥ Daisy ♥~ Report 9 Jun 2005 21:33

aksherly 'ah 'ave bin ter scotland an it wos luvverly. Bleedin cold but luvverly. Nar then Mabe ah could do wiv one o them Philarmonic's cos ah jest bin ironing all ma Bert's Dicky Dirts and 'ahm right Pat & Mick of it. Elsie

~ Lynda ~

~ Lynda ~ Report 10 Jun 2005 18:10

Oh gawd blimey, guess what gals? I'm orf on sunday to French France. Me bruvvers boy is only gettin married there, bloomin strange that eh, wots wrong wiv the register office at the bottom of the road then? Kids of terday don't know 'ow ter do fings do they, I seys to 'im, why bloomin go over there, and 'e seys arnty Mabe I am gettin wed in a chato whatever that bloomin well is, and he seys, it is a bewtiful place, but boy I says is there brown ale, and he looked at me all perculiar like, and said there is wine!!! I told 'im if theres no brown ale I'll take sum in me 'oldall, carn't 'ave knees up wiv no brown ale can ya? Then 'e tells me I am flyin there, now then I seys how does them fings stay up, so 'e only tells me don't 'e, when I woke up he'd gawn!!! Wasn't gonna go but, me bruv tells me there a French men there, so I finks to meself, now then Mabe, you've never dallied wiv a French 'un, well uvver than a sailor 'o course, so I am gonna go. You lot behave yerselves and I'll tell ya all abowt it when I cum 'ome on fursday. Keep up the elocution lessons Jewel & Jenny woncha gals, and tell them hubbys I won't be about, to give them there lessons. Orrivaw, thats French fer ta-la that is, me nefew told me, 'e aint alf clever he is. See ya later gals. Mabe x x x


Christine2 Report 15 Jun 2005 11:50

Hiya Gals I dunno Mabe - I gets back from Canterbury Tales (I'm pickin it up ya see) and find you've gone orf to gay paree. I realise that your just tryin to go one better but I bet that 'eyefull tower' aint as 'igh as mount Snowdon, what I went up. I'm orf again on Saturday fur the weekend to see 2 plays at the theatre. Me ole mans treatin me wiv the money e got doin a job. 'E won't say what the job was though but it must ave been somefink pretty important 'cause 'E says its ush ush and tapped is nose. Catch yer when I gets back. Luv as alas - Clara x

ஐ+*¨^¨*+e+*¨^¨*+ஐ Mildred Honkinbottom

ஐ+*¨^¨*+e+*¨^¨*+ஐ Mildred Honkinbottom Report 19 Jun 2005 22:25

Oh my gawd gals Im orf ta margorca on Tuesday, and fought me airs on me legs looked a foresty. Old marfa from down the lane said...'ere gal, why dont yer wax em all orf ? ' Well i went ta the pound shop I did, 'an bought meself a packet. well it was all in foreign, fink it was bleedin' Chinese. Took it ome & stuck it ta me bleedin leg and thats when it happened... Fought id sit in the garden in the hot sun I did, nice knotted 'anky on me 'ed. Fell asleep and when I woke up, there were flies stuck ta me leg ! Turned out it wasnt wax, but it was flypaper. Still, managed to peel it of, along wiv a few 'airs, now its stuck by the lightbulb....well, gotta get me moneys worth gals...aint I ? Mildred x

~ Lynda ~

~ Lynda ~ Report 19 Jun 2005 22:49

Blimey Mildred darlin' you are a one aintcha? You should have arsked me, could 'ave got ya a 2nd 'and razor at the market, would 'ave dun ya treat gal, nemind, next year, you'll 'ave to do um agayn. Bloomin ell, we are gettin about aint we, me in French France, last week, now you in Magorca, fink it's 'ot there gal, so take some nivea, to stop the sun, plaster it on all over ya bits an all. Have a good time, bring us back one of them donkeys, or them canisteretts, can put them on the wall, real classy. Behave yerself wont cha, no gettin drunk everynight, 'ave at least one night orf. See ya when ya gets back, tell me all yer stories. 'ave a good trip darlin' Mabel x x x x


DorothyG Report 19 Jun 2005 22:59

Hallo Maybelle Did ya hev a guid time hen? Only thing I heerd aboot they Frenchies is they eat snails and frogs legs - and yon people speak of us Scots eating Haggis - gimme that onytime, I widnae like tae eat those things!!! Ya see I bin practising ma accent - dae ya think I done well? I reckon I nearly got it all now - there! Hows that? Mildred, where's this Magorca? Is it a distrit of Edinburgh? You know they're awfa posh there!! Nae wonder ya had to dae yer legs - the wimen wear silk stockings there, and that stubble wid ladder them - so you take care.

ஐ+*¨^¨*+e+*¨^¨*+ஐ Mildred Honkinbottom

ஐ+*¨^¨*+e+*¨^¨*+ஐ Mildred Honkinbottom Report 20 Jun 2005 09:12

Well the 'airs just poke out of me fishnet stockings dahnt they, so I dahnt get ladders. Mind yeh, I fink Ill leave me forest under me arms cos it might get chilly in the evenings. Dont fink me woolly will keep the chill away on its own. Fink I will pack me rain 'ood just in case...well yer cant be too carefull, can yer ? Mildred x


Unknown Report 20 Jun 2005 09:29

ooohh errrrr Mildred lovey, are yer wantin to borrow me nice knitted cozzie? Dolores

ஐ+*¨^¨*+e+*¨^¨*+ஐ Mildred Honkinbottom

ஐ+*¨^¨*+e+*¨^¨*+ஐ Mildred Honkinbottom Report 20 Jun 2005 10:56

ooooh yeah please ! Ill ave the one wiv the big 'oles in it, wiv me tan ill blend in next ta me wire fence. Mildred x


Annie Report 25 Jun 2005 22:05

*knocks at Mabel's door* Hiya, it's Jewel, remember me? Sorry to bother you but I thought you might be able to add some wisdom to my situation. Can I come in? *sigh* It's Charley, can I sit down? *CLANG* woops I got a bottle of gin in my pinny pocket. He went AWOL for a week or so, said he'd been in the Liar Valley and then in Carcerated. I never knew he had a passport. Well (sobs) he came home this afternoon for something hot on the kitchen table, then his mobile went off and he said he had ter go again *reaches for bottle of gin* You got a couple of glasses ?


Unknown Report 6 Jul 2005 14:08

'ere - wats all this ter do in the streets? Wot do yer mean lad - the Olympics - we ad em ere in 1948 we did - oh it was just the tonic we needed after the war. Dolores

~ Lynda ~

~ Lynda ~ Report 6 Jul 2005 14:32

Oh Dolly darlin' aint it great gal, we loved it in 1948 and we'll love it agin in 2012, gawd willin that is. D'ya know what Luv I remember in '48 we used to go round the gas works in that blokes 'ouse, wotsis name, Ernie sumfink or uveer, and 'ave all them parties. gawd gal those were the days eh?

~ Lynda ~

~ Lynda ~ Report 24 Aug 2005 16:39

Sorry I ain't bin abowt luvs, got arrested after the Olympic party, copper said I'd drank too much, can't remember, he said I acted not proper wiv 'im, anyway they called my youngest Albert, and 'e took me back to ees 'ouse in bloomin Wimbledon, right out in the sticks, 'es only just bought me back, feel like I've been outta the country I do, funny people in Wimbledon they are, go to the shops and yer say mornin' to 'em and they don't bleedin answer ya, stuck up they are, not like us Londoners, friendliest people abowt. Glad to be back 'ome I am, what you gals bin up to then? Mabe x

ஐ+*¨^¨*+e+*¨^¨*+ஐ Mildred Honkinbottom

ஐ+*¨^¨*+e+*¨^¨*+ஐ Mildred Honkinbottom Report 24 Aug 2005 16:52

Blimey Mabe ! I fort yer was brown bread I did ! Old Nellie Smickers next door ta yer reconed yer had wiv old Wilber Trotter. 'Erd yer shoutin' about goin' ta Heaven she did.... well,her bein' a bit mutton and Jeff and wiv those pound shop glasses up against yer wall, maybe she really 'erd yer shout Going ta Devon... Mildred x

~ Lynda ~

~ Lynda ~ Report 20 Sep 2005 10:19

Well it don't look like we know if we are comin' or goin does it gals? What I do know is that 'er at number 7 'as all sorts goin on in the middle of the night, an before you accuse me of gossipin' which I NEVER do, I got it from the 'orses mouff, met 'er up the bus stop, and she told me 'erself, dirty mare she is, mind you got all the names of who goes there at all sorts of hours. I have the kettle on if ya wanna pop round, will tell you the names, not cos I'm gossipin you understand, just I fink you outta know, in casee yer 'ol mans been there. Mabel x x


Unknown Report 20 Sep 2005 10:27

'ere Mabe duck I gort some really nice biscuits at the market - half a crown for a big bag ov em- will be over shortly - mines a coffee - coo and two (milk and sugar lol) dolores

~ Lynda ~

~ Lynda ~ Report 20 Sep 2005 10:33

'ere Doll, sorry luv but gotta tell ya before you get here, your 'ol mans name was on the list of visitors at number 7, but seein' as 'es a plumber, suppose he could have just been havin a look at 'er pipes. Got any chocci biscuites in that box 'ave ya? Mabel


Christine2 Report 20 Sep 2005 10:56

Hiya Mabe Comin' right over gal - I luv a bit o gossip:)) It'll ave to be a quick one though, I've got to get some washin done an on the line before me ole man gets 'ome Luv as alas - Clara xx


Howie Report 20 Sep 2005 10:59

Hi Lynda I didn't see the original on here but it sounds like it would make a great radio programe sorry I can't do a london accent Howardxx