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GR not responding to personal explanations why?

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Suzanne Report 26 Feb 2012 23:02

After having several threads of mine RRd for no reason and getting standard mails from GRthreatening me with a ban,i wrote asking for a personal reply to explain what i had done wrong,after sending them 5 mails,all i got was the standard message again,this sort of response does not help anyone,
some members have posted that they have had personal messages from GR,why only some of us? surely all paying members should be treated the same.


SylviaInCanada Report 27 Feb 2012 03:45


some suggestions

1. It is the weekend ........ GR's official hours are Monday to Friday, 8 or 8:30 am to 4 or 4:30 pm

Thus, sending an email on Friday will not get a response before at least Monday!

2. It is the WDYTYA weekend in London. Gr staff were manning the booth

3. I am one of the ones who has had personal replies ........ and it is NOT because I am special or anything. It is because I pester them ................... and at times my emails verge on very impolite!

Even so, it usually takes 4 to 6 emails from me, at the rate of one a day to eventually get a proper response. Each email will be from a different GR staffer, and each will ignore what was said in the previous email OR my response to that email. I get more demanding with each email. But eventually, I get one email that gives me an answer ......... it may not staisfy me, but it is a "person" answer.

I have the added problem that I am overseas, and the GR office is usually closed by the time I am able to get on here ............... 8 am my time is 4 pm your time. In fact, on one occasion, I got up specially at 6 am in order to get someone during working hours.

This is why it takes a day for every email from me to them.

I tell them in either the first or second email that I do NOT want another of their usual emails full of platitudes, I want an answer.

Whining does no good!!



Cynthia Report 27 Feb 2012 17:57

As I am sure you know, unless the Phantom RR'er has been playing around, threads are usually removed because they have offended someone.

It follows then, that either you or someone on the thread has upset another member with either a criticism or a throw away remark and they have complained to GR :-S


Suzanne Report 27 Feb 2012 22:59

ive got to disagree with your comments,my thread was RRd within 2mins of it being posted,no comments from members had been posted.

i have mailed then 8times,and 8times they have sent the same mail,not one of my threads breached the T&C so why did they remove them,thats all i want to know,not much to ask from a paying member since 2003.x :-)


LadyScozz Report 28 Feb 2012 00:01

If other members request a review of a posting, surely they can stand up and identify themselves. A bit cowardly to hide behind GR. Perhaps a message could be sent to the original poster to say who requested the review? At least that may stop the mischief makers.


SylviaInCanada Report 28 Feb 2012 04:29


that could just lead to internecine war!!

Telling someone who had reported one of their posts will just lead to that person and their friends conducting savage retaliation on the reporter!

Sometimes this place is just like the school yard, with gangs ganging up on other gangs!

Suzanne .........

you have been given some information by me. I've told you what works for me, and has worked for several years.

Cynthia has given the reason WHY your posts and or threads have been reported for review

Another member obviously took exception to something that you said, reported it to GR as one of the selected reasons. You can click on Report on one of your own posts and also see this same list .................

Reasons for Review:-

Hateful/Abusive Content
Data Protection
Duplicate Post

There is then a message box where the person requesting review can type more details.

OTHER .............. is for any other reason that someone thinks the post should be deleted. This could include ......... information provided on living person, on the wrong board, etc

So ........ your post or thread was presumably reported for one of the those reasons, AND the person who requested the review either had a good reason (ie, they believed that what you wrote fitted one of those categories) OR they put a good enough case to persuade GR to agree and remove the post/thread.

So ........ someone thought, or believed, that your posts and thread contain something against the T&C's

YOU may not have thought so, but someone thought otherwise.

I can tell you that you will probably NOT be told any more than that your post was removed for Abuse, or breaching T&Cs

Nor will you ever be told who requested the review.

As full declaration, I repeat what I have also said elsewhere ..........................

I have not deleted threads or posts by you.

I am just trying to help you understand something that you have just experienced, but many of the rest of us have faced for many years.

My first post to be removed was on a thread on Chat, on my very first visit to that Board 6 or 7 years ago. It was removed purely and simply because I agreed with something that a previous poster had said ................ and someone had a vendetta going against that poster OR anyone supporting that person.

It was an absolutely innocent remark, not abusive to anyone or anything ................. in fact, I think it was along the lines of "I prefer brown bread to white"!

A similar thing happened the 3rd time I posted on Chat ............ so I kept well away from that Board for several years afterward, considering it the most dangerous, uncomfortable board on the whole site.

Then we have had the Phantom RR'er appearing at intervals over the last 2 or 3 years .......... so called because posts are RR'd for no apparent reason, with several happening over a period of a couple of hours, in the early morning when there are few people around. These RR's do differ from yours though in that the posts are usually restored by GR in the mroning ........ so they are more of a nuisance value!

You have been lucky if this is your first introduction to RR'ing!!



InspectorGreenPen Report 28 Feb 2012 07:43

It isn't just the T's and C's you can fall foul of also the guidelines for Message Board Use. Merely causing 'upset' to someone (whatever that definition is) or appearing impolite can be considered an infraction.

A couple of months ago I did insist on being given a reason why one of my posts had gone to be told that there wasn't anything wrong with it and it had been removed in error.


LadyScozz Report 28 Feb 2012 08:45

so......... GR must know who is doing the RR...... that person should be warned to stop ... if he/she is just having "fun"


JoyDean Report 28 Feb 2012 08:46

"A couple of months ago I did insist on being given a reason why one of my posts had gone to be told that there wasn't anything wrong with it and it had been removed in error."

- and others were told their posts / threads had been removed in error and that they would be reinstated; reinstatements have not happened yet.

"so......... GR must know who is doing the RR...... that person should be warned to stop ... if he/she is just having "fun""

- yes, and it could be many people; after all, there are many members, paying and non-paying.


Suzanne Report 28 Feb 2012 12:50

Thank you for your comments.
my thred is still there as is roses,both were RRd yeaterday.
can i just point out,that this has just started happening to me(since nov)
and can i stress,that i have never been abusive or nasty to anyone on this site(its just not my way) .its just so annoying not knowing what i did wrong.x


Suzanne Report 28 Feb 2012 12:56

sorry made a mistake on above post,
its Ann"s thread thats been RRd and not Rose"s :-D


AnninGlos Report 28 Feb 2012 14:59

But as yet Suzanne neither have been removed. It doesn't really matter if mine goes now as it has been seen by so many people that it has s erved its purpose. In fact it has probably been read by more people since the reporting as people are curious. I have had several Pms asking for the link so it's ok if it goes. As I said I shall not lose any sleep over it. :-)


AnninGlos Report 28 Feb 2012 17:22

Gratified to see that my thread/post was re-instated and an e mail from GR to say no problem. I hope the person with sticky fingers takes note.


Suzanne Report 28 Feb 2012 18:46

hi Ann
just come back on line and noticed that my thread has been re-instated,
also had a mail from genes.x :-D


SylviaInCanada Report 1 Mar 2012 01:40


Here's a new one for you .......... and for me

I received this pm from another member earlier Feb 29 ...............

"So this is what takes place when others don't agree with you.

"Dear xxxxxxxx

You recently requested a message board response added by Sylvia (xxxx) for review giving the reason, Other
I can confirm that this posting has already been removed.
As you will know "


I have no idea what posting has been removed.

I have received no information from GR re a posting being removed.

............... and I really don't give a d**n

but the crowing pm annoys me!

for obvious reasons, I have removed his name, and my surname that was included in the pm.

To me, it sounds like someone who doesn't like being disagreed with! But didn't have the courage of his own convictions to tell me what he objected to!



Persephone Report 1 Mar 2012 08:11

Scuse I ...


I requested a post be removed and I also told the person I had done so and he sent me a nice pm back admitting he was in the wrong.. he really was being abusive of people helping him. He abused Cynthia, Polly Poppet (no longer on the boards) Flick & I think Jax as well and he did not apologise to them.

Someone reported one of mine it was removed.. and I was told it was inappropriate in GRs e-mail to me. My post was definitely appropriate so took exception and got an apology from GR. But as it had been removed it could not be slotted back in that place.. but I was not bothered by that.. what got me was the pettiness of someone.

Yes people can hide behind the skirts of GR when they request a post to be removed and as Sylvs said if one was told havoc could reign. Not just one person RRs. many do for whatever reason.

If anyone was nasty to or about another member and I saw it regardless of whether they were well known by me or not I would RR them. I might tell them or I might not depending on the circumstances.

Disagreeing with someone is a healthy thing but to argue successfully one sticks to the subject and does not attack the person they disagree with.



Island Report 1 Mar 2012 13:00

I'd have more respect for GR if they left the posts in place - as they used to - and 'encourage' the complainer to contact the poster who had allegedly offended them. Why should a post be removed on the say so of just one person? Far better to leave the post and wait for a set number of complaints before removing. If a post is that offensive surely it would quickly reach the quota to remove.

As for GR breaching the security of members who are RR'd, this is disgraceful :-|


nameslessone Report 1 Mar 2012 15:51

It's wrong to pass on surnames as has happened with Sylviaincanada. Let's hope we don't get the situation that was on another .... Forum recently. Where the originally poster appeared to 'stalk' those that disagreed with them or were concerned with what the poster hd said. The originally poster then traced those people through various means - presumably just to show they could!


AnninGlos Report 1 Mar 2012 16:28

Nameslesssone from past experience the appearing to stalk is more likely to be the other way round. Most of those who have been reported wrongly, while being aggravated, are not bothered.

And yes, if our names are being passed to those who report then what price our security.


jax Report 1 Mar 2012 17:06

I said to Sylvia last night that any emails I have recieved from GR are always addressed to Jax Chan.(not my real name)

As we do not see the emails sent to people that have reported us, how are we meant to know what name has been given out?

Most are unlikely to tell us