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Reggie Report 30 Apr 2012 21:31

Scozzie decided that every comment on here was directed at her - nothing could be further from the truth

I doubt that most people even knew she'd posted - let alone got herself into such a tizz for no reason whatsoever

She isn't a 'helper' on the boards at present, so has no way of understanding the frustration felt by those of who do try to help.

She seems to suffer a little bit from tunnel vision - to say the least


Reggie Report 30 Apr 2012 21:37


Have you, or any of your colleagues, ever actually used the message boards in the way that we, the paying members, use them?


Reggie Report 30 Apr 2012 21:42

Not only unnecessary, but the 'discussion' tab is causing havoc.

But I fear we're stuck with it, as GR are not likely to admit that their latest 'bright idea' is an unmitigated disaster (not the first, by any means). They don't use the why should they care?


Cynthia Report 30 Apr 2012 22:16

I fully understand Sylvia's frustration.

It's very upsetting when, having helped on the boards daily for years, someone who hasn't much experience of the boards, takes umbrage at what is known to be helpful information.

On the plus side, there are many, many more mebers who are grateful for advice. :-D

Reggie, I think we all know that the answer to that is a resounding NO.

Even when a member of the team asked for help with research last year, they had to be reminded to come back and see the help they had been given. :-S :-S

Wonder what will happen when the Successes begin to dry up because so many seasoned helpers are tired of not being listened to????


GlitterBaby Report 30 Apr 2012 22:32

Rather strange the Estelle did not post her comments on both threads that are discussing this problem

Obviously expect members to read all threads to see what response is being given by GR

Joy Kentish Maid

Joy Kentish Maid Report 30 Apr 2012 22:57


Have you, or any of your colleagues, ever actually used the message boards in the way that we, the paying members, use them?"

- Reggie, I remember giving Estelle help with research :)


GlitterBaby Report 30 Apr 2012 23:07

Certainly Estelle did post on the boards

Do not recollect any others of the GR Team doing that


LadyScozz Report 1 May 2012 00:08

I respond to posts that have my name at the top. Am I supposed to ignore posts addressed to me?

At NO time have I thought this discussion revolved around me. I posted on that old thread before I noticed the date. I made a mistake. Perhaps I should have deleted my post immediately?

The old post I responded to in error - I've already said this - I posted there because I could have helped the OP (Alex). At NO time did I say I was seeking help. I didn't ask anyone to search for names for me; I was taken aback when asked if I had searched for these names. I kept saying I hadn't asked for help. That seemed to come across as me being ungrateful, more posts appeared about how some members help others (and that I hadn't helped anyone on the boards - which I haven't - but I've helped people on GR many times).

Perhaps if helpers had stopped advising me on how to search etc.......... this would have stopped days ago. Woops....... I'll get another post about that comment.


I've been told that I didn't annoy anyone. Doesn't look like it.

My responses on the ONE old thread have been removed.

I didn't break any rules.

I did something by mistake.

I have not been rude to anyone.


LadyScozz Report 1 May 2012 00:34

I DO understand why the helpers are unhappy.

I posted on a thread trying to help someone. The next post was someone trying to help ME! On the "looking for ancestors" board.

If you're a "helper" and add to a thread trying to help someone, what would you do if the next post was advising you on how to search for names?

I DID NOT think every comment was directed at me. If my name is on a thread I have every right to reply to it.

I DO NOT have "tunnel vision" (that comment was directed at me).

I COULD NOT understand why helpers kept trying to help me when I had said over and over that I wasn't looking for help. The posts after that kept on about how helpers looked on the boards in order to help people....... with advice for me...... which I had already said I hadn't asked for.

Obviously I am not as experienced on the boards as many of you.

I have not been rude or made personal comments about anyone.

Can't say I feel welcome.


jax Report 1 May 2012 01:17


NO ONE was trying to help you

Cynthia was offering advice

In the two years of helping on these boards I have seen 100s of old threads being replied on, and I must say this is the first time I have seen anyone take umbridge.

You did not say you had sent a pm until after Cynthia replied...then made a big thing about the fact you were not new??

But you have since said you are new??

I also said if you want to reply to old threads then just carry be honest it's no big deal if you want to talk to yourself and maybe in 5 years time someone who is actually interested in your family may see it.

All you needed to say was "Thanks for that have also sent a pm"...end of


LadyScozz Report 1 May 2012 01:45

Cynthia has said she was trying to help me, so I don't understand your comment.

I did not take umbrage, I was explaining what happened.

I tried to help someone.......... then the next post I was given advice, even though I had added to the thread that I had information for the OP......... then it got weird, people letting me know what "helpers" did.

I had no idea I had put Cynthia in a position to defend herself. Cynthia tried to help me, I said I didn't need help.

I'll say it again, because this point seems to have been missed -


I did not expect responses to that, advising me how to use the site.

I could explain until I am blue in the face.

I've said it all.

Joy Kentish Maid

Joy Kentish Maid Report 1 May 2012 08:03

Indeed Reggie.


Cynthia Report 1 May 2012 08:31

Please do not turn blue Scozzie, it really isn't worth it.

I'm not sure where to start, but I'll do my best.

Yes, you posted a message on a thread which had connections to your family. At the time, you didn't realise it was an old post - fair enough.

As soon as you posted your message, it appeared at the top of the board as all threads do.

Whilst I was doing my browsing I spotted it and added my advice. I then moved on and helped someone else.

Old threads are fairly easy to spot because they are usually 'headed' in a different way to nowadays.

The helpers all browse through the various threads seeing whom they can help or advise - several have specialised knowledge.

Due to family circumstances, I generally have a fair amount of time to spend browsing the boards. I look at each board (except games) daily.

As I don't have the quick look up skills of my fellow members, I spend my time going through the previous day's posts to see if anyone hasn't returned to see the help/advice they have been given. I feel it is a pity if they miss out on something which may be important to them.

Occasionally, I make a comment - such as I did on yours - and then, generally, send the OP a pm with a friendly message about how to find their replies.

I started to do this years ago when there were many comments from helpers about the lack of response to the help and advice given.

Most new folk still think that they will receive an alert from GR to say that someone has contacted them and are grateful when guided in the right direction.

Many new members also do as you did - they give advice on an old thread hoping to help the OP. That's fine - we just let them know that, because the thread is so out of date, they may not get a response and it would be better to click on the OP's name. At least that way, they have a chance of getting in touch if the OP still has the same email address.

I know you didn't ask for help or advice but, when a thread appears at the top of a board, it is seen by most of the helpers who then open it to see if they can help or advise.

I hope this helps because I don't know how else to explain it.



Reggie Report 1 May 2012 09:14

Glitter Baby

I think that GR are 'sharing' the threads - Estelle replied on this one, and Katie replied on the one I started.

Both are keeping their heads down at the moment, I think!

And, of course, they aren't going to take a blind bit of notice of what we are saying - the 'discussion' nonsense is someone's 'baby', and they won't let go




philmoir Advisor Report 1 May 2012 10:25

I have merged thread 1298204 that was started by wisechild into this one as they are on the same subject. I hope there is not too much confusion by overlapping threads


Jonesey Report 1 May 2012 10:33


Nice to see that you are still amongst the living. ;-)


Reggie Report 1 May 2012 13:33


Explain, please, how the following ************************ can possibly be................

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Alexandra Report 5 Nov 2006 18:24

Then do away with the ridiculous 'discussions' tag which is causing so many problems

Or at least use the CORRECT term, which is INSTANCES

Check the dictionary definitions


LadyKira Report 1 May 2012 15:54

Phil Moir

Just for info re merged threads.
I posted on wisechilds thread that was merged with this one, I did not post on this one,

This thread does not (until now ) show up in my threads.
I actually thought the thread had been deleted.

Did you realise this happened when you merge threads?


LadyScozz Report 2 May 2012 02:25

The point of the "find Ancestors" and "find living relatives" - it states what it is.

Some of us go there to see if our relatives' names are on any of the posts. If we see a name we recognise we read the post and try to help the OP.

That's what I did. By using a leader on the Home Page.

I have lots of information for the OP.

As I have said, after I posted I saw the date and sent a PM to the OP.

I have since returned to that thread and removed all my posts - no use to the OP or anyone else (my first post would have helped the OP, but it started this load of nonsense).

I've already said all that, several times.

Not once have any of you (except for Cynthia) acknowledged the fact that I was trying to help someone.

Not Once.

I know you are all great helpers and advice givers. I also give help, but not much on these boards. There are OTHER genealogy sites.

I broke NO GR rules.

I have not been rude to anyone.

I have made no "personal" (for want of a better expression) comments to or about anyone on this or any other thread.


Cynthia Report 2 May 2012 07:51


I think I am right in saying that you have been a victim of the very thing this thread is all aboutie.......the notice re DISCUSSIONS taking place about your family name on the home page.

Did you read my posting above?

Am I right in thinking you clicked on the DISCUSSIONS link given on your home page and it took you to all the messages that had the word (was it Kerr) in it?

Then you found one you recognised, opened it and saw that you had some useful information for the OP?

You typed your message and clicked submit?

Now, when you did that, it brought that thread out of obscurity and sent it flying back to the top of that day's Find Ancestors board to be seen again.

I came along a little while later, spotted it and gave you the advice etc.....

You're quite right when you say you haven't broken any rules, you have simply been lead astray by this DISCUSSIONS nonsense.

I am sorry that you, and many others, have been misled by this 'new' feature introduced by GR.

Cx. :-D