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Suggestions: TREE

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Roy Report 26 Jan 2013 16:19

Thank you KenSE, that is a wonderful suggestion.
Now I wonder how long it will take me to memorise the position of the square on the tree icon for all the other 1855 ancestors in my tree so I can go straight to them to answer other members messages "I see you have John Doe in your tree, did he marry Jane Smith and are we related?"
I suppose it could be easier than click & drag, one screen length and/or width at a time.
But mouse-wheel scrolling in this day and age would be a lot better and quicker.
Maybe our tech boys can ask how to do it?


trailertrash Report 26 Jan 2013 19:43

Absolutely hate the new tree - still have to change to 50/75% size a lot of the time - lots has disappeared altogether, why are we still having these problems.. tried to update details of one ancestor and had to reduce the page size to 50% to get to the bottom in order to find the 'save' box.


PeeEmm Report 26 Jan 2013 21:58


I don't quite understand your problem!
Why don't you 'search' on your own tree - just type in the Name 'John Doe' and you will be taken to that person - unless of course you happen to have more than one John Doe.....................

PeeEmm :-)


PeeEmm Report 26 Jan 2013 23:20


As a matter of interest: just checked in my tree.......
I can go up the tree from 1943 with 13 'clicks' back to 1490.........
That is twelve generations....... and does not take very long to do that!



Susan Report 27 Jan 2013 07:16

I suggested a long time ago to put the save button on the top of the tree page along side LISTS, it would save a lot of anguish for everyone .

Estelle thought it a good idea and would pass it along never happened so don't hold your breath for any changes to anything, they are just not listening to anything its members want.

As soon as my membership finishes I will NOT be renewing along with many others :-|.

Such a shame as it used to be a great site :-S.



Roy Report 27 Jan 2013 07:45

Hi PeeEmm,
Thank you for your response, I am not sure how you can get so far in13 clicks,
I start with my son (1969) & click & drag the page down 8 times & I am back to 1815 and my Great Grandfather on my mother's side. My father was on the first page before I started clicking, I have yet to get back to HIS father, my grandfather.
And after clicking and dragging 8 times I was back to the old problem I reported earlier "A script on this page has stopped working....." and everything freezes. If I drag the little square on the tree 'map' in the bottom corner and place it carefully on top of the original square I find I am back to my maternal Great Grandfather (the one I got back to clicking & dragging a screen at a time till it froze) but I miss so much in between.

Yes, I can type a name in the search & go straight to the person as I think the search lists all of the same name with each one's DOB. But doing that for each ancestor if I have multiple edits to do is time consuming, & the mouse wheel scrolling would make it so much quicker & easier.
This forum is for suggestions, & I have now suggested a few times that we get mouse-wheel scrolling. Nobody has told me it can or can't be done. And until somebody tells me they can't do it I will continue to suggest it, right up until May when my membership runs out, or until somebody answers me, as you have done sir, & says they can't do it.


Kense Report 27 Jan 2013 08:20

Roy, if you get Immediate Family view displayed you can click very rapidly via the generations, then switch to Full view when you are at the right person.


PeeEmm Report 27 Jan 2013 12:58


Thank you for your response.
I think between us we can probably help you.
KenSE has perhaps put his finger on your problem!
I had not given a thought to where you were starting when you went to your tree.
My tree always opens with the 'Immediate Family' and it is from there that I do any moving around or searching.
I just checked my 12 generation move from 1943 to 1490, and it takes just 30 seconds - that is quicker than I thought.
When you are in the 'immediate family' mode, a click puts the father of the person you click at the top left hand corner of the screen.
If you then click on this father you get his father in the same place and the previous generation moves down the screen to let you see the earlier generation. I hope this makes some sense for you as we all want members to get the best from this site - despite the lack of help from GENES support team.
Please let us know how you get on - I hope this works for you....

And THANKS to KenSE for spotting the different starting points -----


PeeEmm :-)


Roy Report 28 Jan 2013 13:24

Thank you PeeEmm & KenSE,
Now I see how you do it, and that works to a point.
Having added an event or story or photo to my Great something, I then have to back-track to say my father, to his brother's wife and then repeat the process to get to her mothers great something. Then back-track again to my father & mother to go back on her side. It is a lot of time consuming work that full tree & mouse-wheel scrolling would solve.
My dad was one of six, my mother one of 4. Paternally my grandfather was one of nine & my grandmother one of thirteen (no TV's back then), so trying to trace all those back through both male & female sides & adding to them is a lot of clicking.
But yes, now I know to work on the immediate family view if I have just one ancestor to edit, or a few in direct line, it will work.
But I still want mouse-wheel scrolling ability, or some expert on GR (if such exist) to tell me why it can't be done, or even that it can be done but they do not want to please the customers :-P so there.



Roy Report 29 Jan 2013 04:42

Just found the answer to why nothing is being done for mouse-wheel scrolling, or any other suggestions we make.

Click on 'Community' then 'Suggestions' and at the top of the page it says
"This board is for you to add your suggestions for changes you would like to see made to Genes Reunited. We will be unable to respond to each post individually, but we will be checking the suggestions regularly and taking your suggestions on board."
What it does not go on to say is "..... and sailing out to the deepest part of the ocean and throwing the lot overboard" :-D


Vida Report 29 Jan 2013 10:21

I wish to go back to old tree and so many others do so why don't you just do it. No one is happy. :-( :-P :-( :-0 :-\


Roy Report 29 Jan 2013 15:16

Hello Vida,
So you have noticed that so many are suggesting going back to the old tree, that is interesting. I wonder why GR hasn't woken up to this too.
In the tree view there is a little icon for feedback. I didn't ask they go back to the old tree full stop. I suggested they bring back the old tree until such time as they had got a new tree that actually worked to the satisfaction of the members.
I told them I had no objection to beta-testing a new tree if asked, but I do object to being forced to beta test an ill concieved abortion like they have forced on us all.
Their answer was that the old tree has gone & they can't bring it back..
So we are between the devil and the deep blue sea. They can not make this new tree work properly (that has become very apparent) & they freely admit they can not bring back the old tree.
A very sad state of affairs indeed.



PeeEmm Report 29 Jan 2013 15:51


I'm not sure if they are telling you the whole truth (but Genes are like that!)
The 'old tree' with the darker green background and the side panel that sweeps over the whole screen, is still there.........
How do I know? well yesterday by mistake I tried to open my tree from the IE browser, normally I use Google Chrome because I was advised by GR.
On this occasion I was in the IE browser and used an 'old' GR bookmark that I don't normally use.....
I don't fully understand the technicality of the browser or how what is typed in or linked to there - but it gave me the impression that the Database is still there for the 'old' tree. The interesting thing is that THE TREE I LOOKED AT WAS BANG UP TO DATE, I know that to be true as the number of people in my tree had been increased earlier in the day when I added new names to a branch to my ever increasing extended tree...........................................

PeeEmm :-S


Kense Report 29 Jan 2013 16:10

I am sure that the software for the old tree is still around but the probable problem is that it may no longer be compatible with the current data base as new items have been added.

That may give the impression that it is still working but certain fields may get corrupted if you use the wrong tree, especially if you add data via the old tree.

I don't know if that is true but having worked on software systems over the last fifty years, I wouldn't recommend using an old program on a new database without checking first.


PeeEmm Report 29 Jan 2013 16:48


Very sound advise indeed.

When I 'bumped' into this 'old' tree is was the tree that existed about a year ago - side panel - and dark green background.
It was called the 'new tree' then (a year ago) but has since been considerably revised.
Back then you may recall we had access to both 'old' and 'new' trees while the teething troubles were being sorted - a very frustrating time was that..........

PeeEmm ;-)


PeeEmm Report 29 Jan 2013 17:04

As a matter of interest - sometimes you do get a reply from 'the team'.....

Regards PeeEmm
Peter said:

The "source" box on the family tree 'pop-out' panel is too small.
Even when abbreviated it is not possible to add all the details with some entries. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can this be made a sensible size??????? Peter

This was the reply:

Dear Peter,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us regarding the sixe of the source box.

I will certainly pass your email onto our development and management teams. They're always keen to hear all feedback, and suggestions, from our members, and will always consider all comments and suggestions they receive.

Unfortunately they can't reply personally to each suggestion forwarded to them, but they do take all comments into account when considering any changes to the website.

Thanks again for your views.

Kind Regards,

Genes Reunited Support Team


Simon Report 30 Jan 2013 09:18


I frequently get responses from 'The Team' similar to yours. What NEVER seems to happen though is that anyone then acts on either the problem or suggestion!

Incidentally, I use the Notes box to put all my 'sources' - that way the record and the reference (often web page addresses) are kept together. I can't actually see the Source field as having any use whatsoever; if you have multiple sources how do you link what information to which source?


You rightly pointed out that this is supposedly a forum for Suggestions. Have you ever seen any kind of indication on this forum that it is even read by staff from GR - let alone the (often but not always) positive suggestions of Members are acted upon? I haven't - apart from 5 posts from Estelle.

Since this Forum was started on 24 August 2012 the only feedback we have seen from GR was on these dates:


That's 5 posts in response to now 15 'pages' of suggestions! What we need to see is a post across all the boards to tell us just what the plan is that GR have now developed (?) to address all the various issues and suggestions. That might give confidence to members who are currently indicating that they will not be renewing their subscriptions...

I sent a long message to Phil Moir before Christmas with a whole load of what I thought were positive suggestions for improving the current tree. I haven't even had an acknowledgement!



Roy Report 30 Jan 2013 10:18

Hi PeeEmm,
If I send a suggestion I have no problem getting a reply.

I will certainly pass your email onto our development and management teams. They're always keen to hear all feedback, and suggestions, from our members, and will always consider all comments and suggestions they receive.

Unfortunately they can't reply personally to each suggestion forwarded to them, but they do take all comments into account when considering any changes to the website.

Thanks again for your views.

Kind Regards,

Alex S
Genes Reunited Support Team

The message is always the same, only the name at the bottom changes.
They have all received the suggestion for mouse-wheel scrolling or scroll bars, & according to the message, passed it on.
Obviously this development & management team needs something to laugh at with all the customers 'silly' suggestions that are 'not going to happen on my watch'

Yes, a page devoted to telling us what suggestions have actually been read in a serious manner, what suggestions they are working on, which suggestions can not be implemented AND WHY would be a welcome addition to the site. . :-D


PeeEmm Report 30 Jan 2013 11:02

Simon and Roy

Thanks for the responses.
I no longer expect Genes to take it's paying members seriously.
I think the Suggestions thread was set-up as a cynical ploy to divert us from what is really going on.
Profit for Brightsolid is - I believe - their only real aim.



SylviaInCanada Report 30 Jan 2013 19:04


I personally think that the aim is the complete demoralisation of GR members, so that we leave .....................

BrightSolid's acquisition of the GR family of sites had to be approved by the UK Competitions Board because it put 3 of the 4 major UK genealogy sites under the same roof. It took over a year for the Board to approve the sale .............. and then only if the sites were maintained as separate entities.

If the paying memberships drops, BS can then go back to the Competitions Board, and say that GR is no longer viable as a separate entity, and ask to be given permission to combine GR and FMP into one site

This, I am becoming more and more certain, is, and has always been, the ultimate aim of BS

In other words, do away with the competition to their own site, FMP ....... which of course was 1837 online until it was acquired by them about 5 years ago.