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Can Genes explain why

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LindaB Report 14 Sep 2012 23:26

I am sorry Roger I was only making a suggestion as to how to possibly take the hassle out of wondering if possible contacts are still using their trees or not. It works for me.

Don't ask me I am IT illiterate...I for one have not had to make any changes on my computer whatsoever to use the new tree format.



jax Report 14 Sep 2012 22:50

Email them if you want a personal reply

They very rarely reply on here.

I have 10 people in my contacts who have updated their trees in the last month...not that I am remotely interested in their trees...just thought I would have a look.

Not one of them has posted "I do not like this new tree" message either

So must be ok for them then?


Roger Report 14 Sep 2012 22:11

Yes not none of you have stated why I could see everything and do everything with the old site - but NOW I have to do this that and other to see and do what I did before .

So I state again it is not my computer that is at fault it is what Genes has done with the new overhaul..

So please don't lecture me.

And all the other sites I visit I don't ave to alter anything either.

So why should I on here.

Come on Genes personal please explain this to me.


InspectorGreenPen Report 14 Sep 2012 14:43

Post script to my earlier post when I was chastised for suggesting you keep your OS up to date.

What I was trying to get across was the need to keep your OS up to date by ensuring always install the latest windows updates that are available for your existing OS, not that you rush out and upgrade to the latest offering.

I have two PC's I use regularly, one is a ten year old pentium 4 with 1g memory running XP. Firefox (currently v16) is my preferred browser.

This works just as well with GR as does my more recent AMD with 3g memory running windows 7.

I would though add that irrespective of what set up you have I find I have to adjust the resolution to get the best results - unfortunately whilst there may be things that can be done within the web page programming, often this is not the case and it is sometimes down to the individual to adjust their settings accordingly. This applies to most sites, not just GR but one adjusted for a particular site there is no need to do it again for that site.


Kense Report 14 Sep 2012 08:49

Thers's nothing special about Genes and F11, it'sthe same for all sites. If you don't use full screen then you may have to scroll to see some of the information.


JustJohn Report 13 Sep 2012 23:06

Roger, have you got any humbugs left. I would like one. I am also in the same club as yourself. However many times I am told that I am not compatible, I need to F11 or reduce this or increase that, I aint going to use this new tree :-( :-(

I think you and I are the only members not happy with this exciting new layout. Unless anyone knows any different....... :-S :-S


SylviaInCanada Report 13 Sep 2012 22:54


people have suggested all kinds of things to make your life easier

But you refuse point-blank to accept any of them ........ including this latest suggestion of using F11

It might not work ............


stop being such a stick in the mud obstructionist!

People have got the tree working for them ................

There are good suggestions out there

and you keep insisting that you will NOT change anything

Bah Humbug!


jax Report 13 Sep 2012 22:29


Genes is a free site so there is no such thing as rejoining unless you have have paid a standard or platinum subscription..

I joined in 2007 but did not pay any money until 2010 nor had I touched the site in those three years, so should they have just deleted my mini tree?. My dad and ex both have small trees on here and also neither have ever paid any perhaps they should be deleted too?


Roger Report 13 Sep 2012 22:14

Well I use Genes differently than most, I know my surnames and will send pm's too people with the same surnames, but when I look at my sent messages in the last year more than half have not replied, so must be people who have changed e-mail address or have left the sie.

But when people don't rejoin they names are still on the site.

So in this day and age surely a good IT bloke can get they names deleted.

Also I have had a pm about this site and it states I should use F11 to get full screen, well as I said before and I say again since Genes are the ones who have altered this site it is they fault that I have to do this as the old site worked perfactly well.

So it is they fault, not me my compter or anything else as I still get full screen on all the other sites I visit.

And as I said before it is the experts the IT people who have balls up this excellent site to a one I don't like using anymore.


LindaB Report 13 Sep 2012 02:46

Roger we both joined GR in the same year...yes I had great hits in the past however I have not found a possible contact for the past 2 I have said I can hardly blame this on GR.

I would suggest you view your surname summary to see exactly how many members (this is present members) who have added to their trees.... with the appropriate surnames to your tree over the past 14 days and if like me you will find this site still alive and kicking...however sadly no matches to my tree :-(



Roger Report 12 Sep 2012 22:14

I know why I don't get many replies, because Genes keep everyone on this site, even though they no longer use it, so we think they have thousands of member but don't.

I normally send an PM to people who have a link to my tree, but of late I am not getting replies, because those people are not here.

Why, lost interest I dare say.

I am not against change but I am dead against change for change sake, which has happened now, and with large trees well it is a nightmare to find relations in there now, not like the old one where you put a name at the top and they popped up straight away.


SylviaInCanada Report 12 Sep 2012 21:05


the fact that you are not getting more hits may just reflect that it is the summer, the Olympics, holidays,etc etc ....... and people ahve just not been wokring on their trees.

You can only say that it is GR's fault if you have carried out a scientific study that rules out all other options

For example .............. how did this July or August compare with those months last year, in 2009, in 2007, etc etc

you can't, unless you have kept scrupulous records every year ...................

so you can't, and should not, make statements implying that everything is down to GR.

Like Linda ............... I opted out of Hot Matches years ago.

In my case it was because I have a small tree on here ................ and practically everyone who got matched to me had previously received the information from me :-D



Roger Report 12 Sep 2012 09:24

To me Genes have spoilt this site, I am no tech, but enjoy the company, but not anymore.

Yes things move on they always do, but in case like this some don't like what we have got so will not rejoin when my sub runs out, as they are other places to go.

But when I sr=tarted out I was getting lots of hits but lin the last couple of months nothing - does that not say something.

So I say to Genes come on make this site good like it once was or it will be your loss not mine.


LindaB Report 12 Sep 2012 03:22

I opted out of hot matches a few years ago....I have preferred to use the surname facility every 7 days or so.

Although I have hundreds of members still adding to the more common names in my tree over the past few weeks I have been unable to find a match.

I cannot blame me it is that there are sadly no people researching my particular family tree as with my tree on Ancestry.

I have no problems with the new tree...I like it....sorry.



JustJohn Report 11 Sep 2012 23:54

KenSE My tree is 23,000+ I have had a couple of mails most days for over 6 years now from people who think they have a match. I have John SMITHs and John JONES on my tree, so I expect to get a lot. And I have tried to answer them all courteously, and if it is not a match, have tried to point them in right direction. I am more familiar with John Smiths than an alcoholic.

Since end of July, I have had 5 letters in TOTAL. One a week., compared to 12-15 pw previously. And tree building must have virtually ground to a halt. I have put an average of 60 new people on my tree every week for last 6 years - nil since beginning of August.

Yes, most of previously active members (like me) have hardly ever been on Community till this fiasco. And I doubt many of us were interested enough in site development anyway (yes, myopic ostriches really enjoying our hobby)). But we did expect something easier and more fun and bugless, not visually challenging and quite fiddly and complicated..


Kense Report 11 Sep 2012 22:53

Roger, as has been explained to you most people who are happy with the new tree are just getting on and using it.

If you look at all postings that are against the new tree a large proportion are multiple posts by the same few people and most of the rest are simply of the "I prefer the old tree" type, without any specifiic criticism. In addition quite a few of the original antis just had problems with their browser set up.

I do agree that those of you with very large trees (over 20,000 names) do have a good reason to complain at the moment but I am sure the time to download the trees will be reduced as a matter of some priority.

The question still remains as to why those of you who are complaining now didn't make much fuss last year whe GR announced that the old tree was going as soon as the new tree was viable. Ostrich syndrome?


Roger Report 11 Sep 2012 22:29

Well Chrome is not as good as some make out. - it has faults, like all others '

As I said I have got use to using what I have.

And why has Genes given us a new make over which IMO is much much worse than the one we had.

I have 4 GB of Ram and 400 of memory far better than some, but as I said Genes has spoilt my enjoyment of this site, as well as many reading all postings we who don't like what they have done are in the marjority by a long long way.


JustJohn Report 11 Sep 2012 19:43

Rollo I am not against change. Doubt Roger is. But you have got to want the new product and enjoy using it.

I doubt this product wil ever be acceptable. Nothing in it for me, northing in it for many others.

Think of cars. My first car did 57 top speed, took most of the afternoon to brake from that speed. Every car I have had since (50 years now) has been better and more exciting and luxurious (and cheaper relative to my income). And I love trying it out, reading the instructions (in that order). Same with TV's, same with mobile phones, same with computers. We all LOVE change when it makes things more fun for us.

Well, we tried the new tree out and chose the old tree in July. When we finally lost that option about 2nd August, we tried the new tree again. And it is awful - absolutely awful. A 16 year old doing a programming project would fail his GCSE.

I thought only I thought it was awful. But I am pleased that I appear to be in quite a large majority.


RolloTheRed Report 11 Sep 2012 18:08

Before I attempt a reply to your post a suggestion for Gru.

When IE7 /8 is detected as the browser put up a message box:
"You are using Internet Explorer 8. This is an obsolete browser no longer supported by Microsoft. You may encounter various problems using this browser and we suggest that you upgrade to one of Chrome, Firefox, Opera or equivalent. These browsers are all free."

FYI users of Windows 7 will be running IE9 which is ok though not optimal.

There is a spell checker built in to the editor used by this board. Why not use it?

There is not much point in ranting on without any facts to support your case.
In particular which browser are you using ? Have you actually used any of Chrome / Firefox / Opera ?

I am not talking about coming changes but the change we have now - Gru's new look or makeover. I frequently use it on an old box with not much oomph (P4, 1GB RAM) and the speed is perfectly ok with any of the non-Microsoft browsers. IE8 is ok except with the tree. I dislike the color scheme but as I said it is fairly easy to alter.

If you choose to ignore any information given to you don't expect to be taken very seriously. The same old questions / rants do not usually get the same old answer but are just ignored.

>>>>> An up to date browser is free. <<<<<

All UK public libraries, even in the wilds of Peckham, have free internet access and most also have a free version of Ancestry. Many allow you to plug in a USB drive and from it you can run portable versions of many apps eg Firefox if it is not already on the library machine. Tesco have 4GB drives for a few pounds.

It is possible to buy a fairly good desktop computer on eBay for well under £ 50 and even £ 20 if you hunt around a bit - there is a Dell GX620 P4 small form format going for just that at the moment. I am told that a store called something like "MoneyConverters" often has bargain laptops.

I used to have a Folk Boat, a (very) small yacht. It did not have an engine and that suited me fine. Harbors got busier and eventually the insurers demanded that the boat had power. So I moved on to something else. Times change there is no point expecting otherwise.



Roger Report 11 Sep 2012 15:24

I know that the old tree might be defunked but it was a damn sight better to use and much faster to use that this tree that we have been lumbered with now.

So it is Genes that has taken a step backwards not us.

And if the old tree worked perfectly well so should the new one.

You go on and on as well about what is coming and we should change as well, well I cannot afford to update every time something new computer wise comes out.