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Simon Report 23 Sep 2012 15:36


I echo your comment above:

"Thank You very much for answering AT LAST.
This is all some of us wanted was an answer from someone in Genes.
IF you did this a few times say once a week we may all get some heart that something is being done but not saying anything is well silly to say the least."

The previous comment from Estelle only came after I emailed her personally and told ther that the members were revolting (lol) and needed a message on the boards to show they were being read. As you indicate, as so often in these situations, it is a lack of information that is most irritating and upsetting (ever been in an airport departure lounge when all the departure screens have gone blank?!).

I've been getting severe withdrawal symptons from not adding to my tree and have now resorted to using the horrid new thing but it helps calm my nerves by frequently shooting off 'Feedback' notes to GR telling them of the latest problems I've encountered.

Merlin, eh, nice one. I had a hobby over the garden a few weeks ago.


Susan Report 23 Sep 2012 11:39

Does not sound like such a good comparison does it Thelma.

Lets just stay positive and see what they come up with now they have at least got back to us with some info.

My Auto renewal is still off at the moment and will stay off unless they get this site to work for ALL of it's customers not just the ones with the lastest internet soft wear.



Thelma Report 23 Sep 2012 11:19

What was that about Ford?

"The aim was right, but the target moved"The Edsel is most famous for being a marketing disaster. Indeed, the name "Edsel" became synonymous with commercial failure, and similar ill-fated products have often been colloquially referred to as "Edsels". Since the Edsel program was such a debacle, it gave marketers a vivid illustration of how not to market a product. The principal reason the Edsel's failure is so famous is that it failed despite Ford’s investment of $400,000,000 in its development.


Susan Report 23 Sep 2012 11:03


I was just happy to get a response from Genes has been a long time coming.

My speed of tree loading is much faster now so they have done something.

Still have to revert to 75% to see save button when I am in the tree though ...this is a pain :-|

Trying to be upbeat at the moment and not let it get to me.......OH is getting fed up with my bad mood of late :-D

Suex :-D


JustJohn Report 23 Sep 2012 09:41

I think many have coped with all this stress caused by Phil and hardworking team by not using tree, not using site anymore.

Have not used tree since 2nd August after putting on an average of 250 new relatives a month for over 9 years (yes, that staggered me too when I realised).

Doubt I will ever use it again, as I cannot see any possibility that the changes will give me back the simple tree I want. Now psychologically and permanently destroyed by these exciting new changes. You sound as if you are also going down that road Sue.

Thank goodness I have two cats. One is called Phil and the other is called Moir. Had a visit from the RSPCA on Friday who said that my cats had no connection whatsoever with Genes and I was to punch the wall instead. :-D

I felt so happy yesterday. On my walk in the hills I saw a merlin. Then this lovely creature flew straight at me and tried to attack:-( :-( They're coming to take me away - ho, ho.


Susan Report 23 Sep 2012 06:09


Thank You very much for answering AT LAST.

This is all some of us wanted was an answer from someone in Genes.
IF you did this a few times say once a week we may all get some heart that something is being done but not saying anything is well silly to say the least.
I will go back to my tree and check if it works any better.

Maybe unticking our auto renewal did work after all (as I did and I suspect many

others) nobody wants to leave this site ,I love it and all the friends I have made

but after all we are here to do our Genealogy and build our trees......that has not been possible of late.

Rollo A big thankyou to you far as I can see you have given the members more info in resent weeks on Genes than Genes have ever given and you have helped a lot of people with your dif suggestions on getting this disfuncional site to work.

They should pay you a wage for all the hard work you have done.

Genes have not handled this changeover very well and I for one will not make excuses for them .

Keeping my fingers crossed the tree works smily faces .....if I do the tree is just the same...compatability rise its ugly head again......yes I know you need to download another more up to date browser.

I have changed form a very happy bubbly person to one of a ranting housewife.



SylviaInCanada Report 23 Sep 2012 04:28

It lookls as though the old saying might be true .....................

slowly slowly catchy monkey

In other words ......................

if you are cautious and patient then you will get what you want and not make any mistakes. but if you are hasty and impatient then you will make a mistake and you will never catch the monkey (otherwise known as your goal)

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D


Simon Report 22 Sep 2012 19:30

Wow, sombody has at last listened to all the complaints about the Save box being off the screen. A big Thank You. :-D

It's only taken 2 months (or is it 3, feels like forever) to get it moved and fixed to the window. :-S

Now let's get down to some of the other issues...


Simon Report 22 Sep 2012 19:21

Well, we shouldn't shout down Phil too loudly. He has, at last, written something on one of these threads (though not actually replied on the Tree Suggestions thread, which is where we badly need to see some input from GR). We may not agree with what he says, nor with the reasoning behind it, but at least he has put his head over the parapet.

Now, as Annx says, Phil, you need to LISTEN to what users of the tree are saying - it's the new Tree that has caused all the upset. I never bothered with these boards until you screwed up the tree and made it worse than useless. There are just so many issues with trying to use it that it would take all day to explain them - but there's little point in wasting my time and energy unless you are prepared to take them on board and act on them.

Some are so very simple, like why on earth does upper case text default to lower case? I can see absolutely no 'marketing' reason why we can't choose to use upper case if we want. Others, such as Annx's problem are, I imagine slightly more problematic for you to solve, but, hey, you are the software experts; get on and solve them. To paraphrase what Annx says, it's a damned nuisance the way the search results are displayed now yet it was all so simple in the good old tree that we miss so dearly.

I don't have a problem with change as long as the result is fit for purpose. Clearly, from the huge range of comments and suggestions, the new tree is not fit for purpose. Yes, there were always issues with the old tree and you say that you are overcoming them in the new one but you've now introduced so many new problems that the old issues become insignificant by comparison.

Maybe if you listen to what the tree users are telling you, you will actually end up with a market-leading product. After all, the combined user experience making suggestions must be hundreds of years (just look at how long the posters have been menbers...).


JustJohn Report 22 Sep 2012 18:32

:-D :-D :-D Brilliant Rollo. Knew very little of background. But suspected somebody important was pulling our strings ;-)

Loved this site and never complained before last month. Just trusted people like Phil and Estelle to be aware of their customers and what we were thinking. And to at least partly be on our side.

But money and careers are far more importnhat than us plebs. :-( :-( :-(


Annx Report 22 Sep 2012 18:27

Philmoir I don't think you are really hearing what people say. No-one minds changes that improve things, but unless the people who are altering things know how we use the site they can make things worse.

Here is just one example I hope I can explain well enough. With the old tree I could put just a surname in the search box, click search and it would produce a list of all my rellies in my tree with that surname. I could then click once on any of them and it would go to that person in my tree. Without clicking again I could see enough of the connections to that person to see if I had the right one I was looking for. If it was the right one I would click again. If it was not the list was still open and I could scroll down the list to try another. With the new tree you can still type in just a surname to get a list, but as soon as you click on one, you lose the list and have to retype the name for every single trace you try to do. Time consuming, frustrating and a BACKWARD step.

I would love you to tell me how many like this particular change and think it is an improvement. :-|


RolloTheRed Report 22 Sep 2012 18:19

The Ford Model T was launched 1908. Production stopped 1927. Henry found that people liked it so much he made pretty well the same thing again and again and again, 15 million times. It worked and got cheaper. Small business grew up able to repaint the car in any color except black. All sorts of body adaptations, fire engine, police car and even a doctors coupe. My father even learned to drive on it, despite the weird controls. In the process Dearborn became the centre of one of the world's biggest companies and Dagenham was invented.

GRU was launched about 2006. Everybody liked it so the owners ( who had paid somebody else to create the software ) sold it to ITV at a serious profit. ITV paid a fortune to pay somebody else again to write new software. Everybody hated it but very soon the bad rabbits went away and everybody left loved it. The only trouble was that ITV were losing a shed load of money.

So ITV sold it too and booked a handy tax loss :-)

Next Chris van Kuyle, the software genius of the SNP and great buddy of Alex Salmond added GRU/FRU to his BrightSolid mini empire in Dundee under the aigis of the owners of the Beano.

Sure enough the make over itch got going. First to get the treatment was FRU aka Friends United. Now it is trying to become a sort of online scrapbook for Face book. (No? The what do you think it is trying to do.Why is there no tie in with GRU which has miserable support for media ? )

Flushed with the success (?) of the FRU makeover Bright Solid decided to sponsor Roots Web and launch a serious product into the US market, which has more or less vanished from view though it is still alive, sort of.

The upside of this was that Phil Moire and co. were so busy with the US project that GRU got put to one side and the next makeover put back. No worry, it has been achieved. Now we have lots of exciting new features such as (erm .... could somebody please fill in this bit) and ANY COLOR WE LIKE SO LONG AS IT IS NEARLY WHITE!!!

And a lot of people hate it. All these nasty bunnies will soon go away and the new product will once more be loved until the makeover itch scratches again. Or maybe not.

I guess the parallels with the Model T are bit of a stretch.

fwiw my pet peeve is that it takes so long to add a rellie to the tree I fall asleep with boredom and one of the cats goes to sleep in sympathy on the keyboard. When I wake up my tree has become the cats miaow. Wey heh.


JustJohn Report 22 Sep 2012 17:42

Thankyou Phil As your new vehicle slides down the steep slope into the lake, it is good to see that you are working hard at making YOUR Ford faster and more competitive. :-(


Kense Report 22 Sep 2012 16:34

Thank you Phil, it's good to know that progress is being made. Communications from you are always welcome.


philmoir Advisor Report 22 Sep 2012 16:12

Sorry, this may be considered one of these sporadic responses from myself, but please believe when I say that me and my dev team have been working very hard to make the right improvements for all users of the site. If I explain it this way. If we were Ford Motor Cars and after designing the Model T and everyone liked it but we decided job done no more changes we would be out of business. Change is inevitable, and we have to try and work out what is right for members and what is right to stay competitive in the online genealogy business. Some members like the change some dont. We have to try and cover both camps. The tree is now developing and improving far faster in terms of features and core functionality that ever before. It is worth rechecking every couple of weeks as fixes are being deployed as soon as they are ready. The main site has new features coming. And when we do make improvements to the boards I will be reviewing all the suggestions that have been made. We cannot please everyone but we are trying to give you a better genealogy site for both family history research and discussion.I hope you stay with us.


Kense Report 22 Sep 2012 15:38

Susan, it's worth trying your tree again as members using XP and IE8 have reported improvements on thread


Susan Report 22 Sep 2012 10:04

I did not want them to make so called improvements .

I like it just the way it was and so do many others.

Oh well it won't be a problem when my sub ends anyway ...plenty of other site out there.



Kense Report 22 Sep 2012 09:15

Susan, since the Suggestions board was started Genes' responses have been sporadic. There has been no change in that since the new threads were started a month ago. However they have taken notice from time to time and since May last year some very welcome improvements have been made .

GR have only a small staff and I expect their resources are stretched and concentrated on finding solutions to the serious problems some members are having, rather than making improvements.


Susan Report 22 Sep 2012 05:23

Thelma ...totally agree with everything you are spot on .

I for one will not be renewing my membership :-|

I am not happy about it as I have made a lot of very good friends on here but I joined because of the tree being so easy to use.

I am a member of Ancestry too,but did not put my tree there because it looked to hard but have since changed my mind.

Some of my message I sent to to genes this week.

" Please go to the suggestions boards and read some of the comments that
members are saying .
We are not hearing anything from you in response to any comments on the site or on the workings of the tree,the rest of the site is manageable but the tree is a complete hash
I have again fixed my own problem that should not have been there in the
first place.
I have loved Genes and enjoyed my time with you but you have destroyed a
perfectly good site with all the changes."

In there response they mention nothing about the boards and the upset all the changes have done, so I give up and have already anticked my auto renewal .

We are all just wasting our time ...they are not going to change anything ,I can't even see where they have turned down the brightness the site I had to do that my self on my screen.

sue :-(



What is the point of a suggestion Thread if they take no notice of the suggestions posted :-S


Thelma Report 21 Sep 2012 19:48

A lot of things contribute to loss of popularity.
People move on anyway.
Doubling the price of standard membership from £9.95 to £20
Altering Hot Matches
Altering Message centre
Losing the surname boards
Changing the tree
Being unable to delete from "My threads"
Being unable to delete access to others' trees.
Not receiving answers to messages
The list goes on.
I have known new members feeling let down by the claims:-

Membership Features Platinum Standard
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Contact members who share your ancestors to discover your family history