Military Nurses 1856-1994

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Information about Military Nurses 1856-1994

This collection contains 3,937 records, though it references just over 13,000 military nurses who served between around 1856 and 1994.

This collection includes the following sets of records:

Army Nursing Service

An interesting record set listing 238 nurses of often quite genteel origin, from the mid-19th century. These records also contain supplementary information from additional sources, such as army lists and the London Gazette.

Entries usually give date of birth and one or more of: father's occupation, training hospital, date of appointment to the Army Nursing Service (between 1869 and 1891), and notes on retirement or resignation from the service.

Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service

Entries for 783 nurses, born between 1859 and 1904, were taken from The National Archives' record series WO25 piece 3956. Entries usually give date of birth, father's occupation, place of education, training hospital and training dates, date of appointment to QAIMNS (between 1902 and 1926) and rank at appointment. Some also give dates of promotion, whether retired or resigned, and additional notes.

Royal Hospital Chelsea Nurses

Details of 165 largely untrained nurses, born between 1839 and 1876, who served at the hospital for pensioned soldiers between 1856 and 1910.

The records include: year of birth, date of appointment, dates of proficiency and whether died, dismissed, resigned or retired. Some dismissals were for such irregularities as drunkenness, indiscipline, neglect of duty or misconduct.

Scottish Women's Hospital

Lists 1,575 women (and men) who were stationed in continental Europe during WWI. Most were in France or Corsica, with some based in Serbia who eventually accompanied Serbian refugees in retreat to Corfu.

The records list title, position, station, dates of service and extra notes.

WWII Military Nurses

This collection of records contains details of 1,244 nurses who served in France with either Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service, or Queen Alexandra's Reserve, or the Territorial Army Nursing Service, during WWII.

Details recorded include title, rank, any promotions, date of embarkation to France, unit at which served and sundry notes.