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Army of Reserve 1803

A collection of 26,314 records of Other Ranks who were part of the 1803 England and Wales Army of Reserve.

Acts of Parliament were passed in July 1803 which required each county in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to provide a stated number of men to make up an Army of Reserve. These men were called up for the 'defence of the realm' at a time when there was a very serious threat of invasion.

The men enlisted for a limited period, commonly five years, but many went on to enlist as regular soldiers. These records cover the men who signed up from England and Wales.

Regimental indexes 1806

97,463 regimental records of Napoleonic era Other Ranks from 1806. The records cover the 1st-50th Regiments of Foot and the Cavalry, Foot Guards and Royal Waggon Train.

Where provided, these records include: first name, last name, enlistment date, rank, regiment and The National Archives' reference number.

Foot Guards attestation papers 1775-1817

Search 9,309 records of Other Ranks' sign-ups to the 1st Foot Guard between 1775 and 1817.

Where provided, these records include: first name, last name, place of birth, date enlisted, other remarks. The information about these records originates from the Guards Regiment.

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