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Genes Makeover

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SylviaInCanada Report 25 Jul 2012 20:12

Hi Phil

still do not like the colours ............ much prefer the "old" pale green background with very dark green type .......

................ it is MUCH easier on these old eyes :-D

An interesting fact, possibly unknown to you younger people, is that if one has had cataract surgery, EVERYTHING seems much brighter and glaring. For example, I have to wear sunglasses on days when most people do not bother.

I think this is one reason why I find the background uncomfortably bright, even after you have changed it to a very very pale grey.

The black type only emphasises the uncomfortable feeling because it is such a strong contrast.

Conversely, I need more light when I'm reading than pre-cataract surgery

The titles of the Boards and of the threads should stand out over the content .................. currently the turquoise of the title fades into the background and becomes much less obvious against the stark black of the type in Content.

Too little distinction on threads between headings, names of poster, etc

Preview tab stands out over the Submit button ........ which implies that Preview is the more important. How many people will click on Preview, and then wonder why their posting has not appeared on the thread.

At the very least, have them both the same shade, as they currently are, to give them equal prominence.

Looked at the tree (as you know, I don't often do that :-) ) ......................

don't like the glaringly pale boxes

please differentiate between males and females by different colours. Even different icons for male and female would be better than the current generic head and shoulders.

I don't like the numbers against the names, even though they do indicate tree matches ...................

.................... too distracting ...........

........ and do I really really need to know that I have 1169 matches for Living Living c1974 or 1122 matches for Living Living c1938 ???????????? Answer ................... NO!

Major problems with the tree changes for me are ..................

1. colour scheme

2. No distinction between male and female

3. distraction of numbers against names ........ especially as they are in darker type than everything else

4. needless "matching' and information provided for living relations.

Phil ....................

do I also have to send this by email, or is posting on here sufficient???



lancashireAnn Report 25 Jul 2012 14:11

still prefer the 'old colours' of the boards as more restful on the eyes

I rarely use the tree so my difficulties in navigation probably due to inexperience.

As a suggestion for the tree display
could the male and female figures on the icons in the name boxes be different colours?

would it also be possible to show middle names on the tree view/ eg my father's names were Reginald John but he was only ever known by the name John. This is easy enough to recognise on close relations but when further back in time not so easy to identify especially if the father son & gt grandfather all had the same first name!


Rambling Report 25 Jul 2012 12:13

Just looked Phil, and have sent feedback, but please please please! don't replace edit 'dark green' or dark purple text on the tree with pale green :-0 :-(

PS like the fact that it gives relationships ' ie great grandmother or 1st cousin removed etc of'.... but should it not be 'great uncle' rather than 'grand uncle'? debateable I guess lol.


philmoir Report 25 Jul 2012 11:47

We have just released another patch on to the Beta site for those that have access. There are a few bug fixes.

MORE IMPORTANT - the version of the tree on this release has also had the new design applied.

Keep you comments coming.


Patricia Report 24 Jul 2012 16:52

Ok I'm typing this while logged into the beta site and I still cannot see this bright white everyone seeems to object to.

I have tried my laptop, our pc, a friends pc and my work one and NONE show this bright white. The only time I got that was after my work mate had been on our pc [we share] and he uses it with the brightness full on [100%] while I use it at 50% or less.

I sent GR a long email with some suggestions yesterday, some I see have already happened, the darker font for one thing, although I noticed that when I ran the beta and current site side by side on our pc's monitor the font size is the same.

One really odd thing I found, and I have told GR, was that when I did a search on the boards, using a keyword, I got different results, same happened when I tried to do a 'Search all trees' for someone, got different resuls, although I did notice the better ie the more relevent results were on the beta site.

And before people think I am 'pro' GR I was thinking of letting my memebership lapse, as I was
a, fed up with the site being unstable [not had problems on beta]
b, fed up with the attitude of a very few on the boards
so I deleted my tree and then thought, no I why should I let a few spoil it for me, I have had wonderful help from many on here so I rejoined...... I was surpised as any when I had the email inviteing me to test the beta, but at least I have tried to be objective and make suggestions.


lancashireAnn Report 24 Jul 2012 10:13

I received the email saying the background has changed and the font size.

I have run ccleaner and emptied cache

Logged in

Screen colour hardly seems to have changed for me - still far too bright.

Text size is the same but I like the darker font

Don't like the like turquoise headings and names on posts - difficult to read when scanning down the threads


Porkie_Pie Report 24 Jul 2012 09:22

Ditto Joy,

When the people designing, changing and rebuilding have to mess with their settings to see "their work" in an acceptable format what chance have we got:-S

next we will be advised to change our screen resolution, Sorry i already had that response from the team :-|

It is wrong for GR to expect members to have to change any settings on their PC just to view one web site or even worse "one part" of a web site



Joy Report 24 Jul 2012 08:41


"With regard to font sizes, I would recommend any user still having problems to try viewing the web page with the browser zoom facility. I am using Google Chrome, at 125% which fills the screen. The whole page resizes nicely and the fonts are big and clear."

If one had to change for viewing genes reunited, presumably one would have to change again for other sites that currently do not present problems with regard to font sizes?
I have a feeling actually of deja vu .... :)


JerryH Report 24 Jul 2012 00:05

In general I am reasonably happy with the latest changes though I did still have to play with the Zoom and Tezt Size settings.
The Downside I found was that the Search Menu on the Home Page is now too long necessitating me to Toggle Full Screen to see the bottom of the list.

I have sent TheTeam a Screen Shot to demonstarte.

Yes the pale Turquoise is not the best but is just about acceptable to me with the font size changes I made but it would be better in Bold - or better still in Black.



philmoir Report 23 Jul 2012 23:56

Hi All

Thank you very much for taking time to look at the changes. A couple of things to note.

The "makeover" is not altering the content of the home page (for half of you that is). We have been running two home pages for a few months for testing purposes, and have just dropped one of the versions. The one kept is the preferred of the two, BUT we will be looking at the content of the home page in the near future.

The boards are also not being redesigned at the moment. Again it is just the presentation-design aspects that have changed. This also will be addressed separately.

With regard to font sizes, I would recommend any user still having problems to try viewing the web page with the browser zoom facility. I am using Google Chrome, at 125% which fills the screen. The whole page resizes nicely and the fonts are big and clear.

Continue to post findings and opinion. It is being reviewed closely. Thank you.


Rambling Report 23 Jul 2012 22:22

oh well if I have posted it twice or sent it to another thread lol, this is what I just sent to team

" There is still not enough distinction between the threads...the eye is drawn automatically to the body of the thread ( black) and not the heading (green)

The pale green is still too indistinct, even though the background is 'slightly' better, member's names just fade away to my eyes. Black text is much better for both the 'topic' and members name as well as the thread text imo, having to look at two different colours is distracting and a strain on eyes.

Font still appears small for me, a little bigger would be better, but I accept this may be down to my eyesight.

I like the advanced search and quick search boxes, good colouring and very clear! "


Rambling Report 23 Jul 2012 22:18

Did I not just post on here?!! my brain must be addled :-S :-S


SylviaInCanada Report 23 Jul 2012 22:09


you are correct ......................... the keyword search is no longer at the top of each board!



SylviaInCanada Report 23 Jul 2012 22:01


you are not the only one whose eyes are hurting!!

It is very strange to have such a light background when you are aiming at a population of members who would find a darker shade much better.

Pale green or a beige have for many years been indicated as the easiest background for reading for long periods ............. in print or on a monitor.

That is what I was taught when I was doing some magazine design.



jax Report 23 Jul 2012 21:57

I also think that anything that is important for members new and old to read does not stand out enough to be noticed.

Its bad enough with new members to the boards not reading the guidelines now...they certainly wont with this new system

Has it been mentioned about the keyword search not at the top of each board now? or has this quick search replaced it?

Must go now eyes are hurting


SylviaInCanada Report 23 Jul 2012 21:50


Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

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The following message to was undeliverable.
The reason for the problem:
5.1.0 - Unknown address error 550-'Blocked'

Reporting-MTA: dns;

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
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SylviaInCanada Report 23 Jul 2012 21:44

I am now going to attempt to send my comments to "theteam"

and will "scweam and scweam until I am thick" if it will not work, either by clicking on the link in the email from GR, or by sending an email from my home address

I already know that gmail says theteam address is not valid!



SylviaInCanada Report 23 Jul 2012 21:41

Sent Messages would not open from Inbox, but would open directly from Messages Drop down Box.

The renaming of the Discussions Box has done nothing to help the problem of raising of OLD threads ....................... I know you have called it Family Profile, but it still shows # of "discussions" of my name, and # of "discussions" of my birth town

BUT it is still the same old thing under a different name ................... AND they are not DISCUSSIONS.

My home town is shown as having 1000 "discussions" ...........

Yeah, right .................... about 99% of them show occurrence of the town name in censuses, or in bmds, or other similar records!

Home Page ............... I never use it, and cannot imagine what use I would make of it. The only time I now see Home Page is when I have to sign in, which is very rarely.

I do like the Home Page as shown on FamilyTreeForum ............... to me it is clean and clear. I still find the GR one cluttered, messy, and overpowering with too much information.

Search boxes ................ larger and clearer, BUT you still do not seem able to search ONLY for the author without entering something in the Keyword Box. And you cannot search for the author of a thread by entering the name in the Keyword Box.

Yet we do sometimes want to find what threads a member has posted

I like the new Search tab on the top row with drop down menu

Like the new Logo :-D




jax Report 23 Jul 2012 21:36

Cannot see much difference apart from the highlighted bit....cannot see where one thread ends and another starts

"My threads" should be in the community drop down menu so new people know how to find their way back to the threads

And the discussions is still on the home page :-(


SylviaInCanada Report 23 Jul 2012 21:24

Phil .................

Background still too light for me ................. very uncomfortable, and possibly even migraine inducing if I spend too long on the site.

Highlighting of of row hovered over doesn't work for me on Community Board, but does work on Boards Summary

Font size on Threads better ................ impossibly small on Boards Summary!

Final comment

Need to darken that bl**ted white background :-D