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Put it to us the members!

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LadyScozz Report 22 Aug 2012 01:53

Gawd, a bunfight.

Some like the new tree

Some dislike it and want the old one back

Like it or hate it, the new tree is here (until it is replaced?)

I hated it to begin with, because it didn't work (for me). I don't like it now, because it is too slow, and I have to fiddle about with the Compatability.

I have NO IDEA what ALL the members think!

I'm concerned about GR's records of members. My subs expire TODAY and I haven't had an email from them. I've sent numerous emails to them, got one response letting me know I would get an email in time. I wonder when that will be? Yes, I DO know we have a month's grace.

I might be gone at midnight (would that be UK midnight or Aus midnight?)


SylviaInCanada Report 22 Aug 2012 01:45

and, John ....................

RR'ing people who disagree with you, or who post information that you disagree with

as per your threat of RR'ing myself, Detective etc if we dare to post one more time "contact"

is most definitively frowned upon

particularly, as you have announced that you will do this.

GR does ban repetitive RR'ers, when they discover them :-)

In my mind, the only responsible reasons for RR'ing is for racist and/or homophobic remarks, or breach of privacy

any other posts come under the heading of "discussion"

and RR'ing those means you are censoring others

You got people's backs up in your first few days.

Please don't do it again.

I was beginning to think you were reasonable ................. not an angry man hitting out indiscriminately against the messengers



SylviaInCanada Report 22 Aug 2012 01:40

Just to correct one thing

John quoted me .........................

John Report 21 Aug 2012 09:43

One lister (Francesca)says 97% are against new tree. Another (Sylvia in Canada) says that 80% are in favour. I am confused.

He has in fact quoted me incorrectly!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

Please get your facts straight

What I said was that my personal experience was that of the 20 or so CLOSE FRIENDS that I have on this site, as many as 80% are satisfied with the new tree.

I did not in any way imply, or state, that 80% of MEMBERS were satisfied.

So .......... there is no way in which you can compare this with Francesca's statement that 97% are dissatisfied

Although ........... I wonde rhow she can know that?

No-one know how many members are active on the site .............. except GR staff

No-one knows how many members working on their tree are satisfied or dis-satisfied with the working of the tree

No-one knows how many free vs paid members there are on GR .

and free members cannot post on here as the paid members are doing.

SO ........................

where did Francesca get her figures from


jax Report 22 Aug 2012 00:31

Why would I want to start a thread about loving the new tree?

I very rarely start threads the last one was to ask if anyone else had recieved an email asking if they would like to beta test the makeover...and yes Phil replied a few times on that yes I knew the staff read some of them.

Reporting threads or posts is something I do not do unless it is abusive, even then I normally leave it


Porkie_Pie Report 22 Aug 2012 00:28

John, I could not disagree more, So before you get all giddy and pull any rugs from under anyone

First, Regardless of what Estelle said about reading the boards "daily"? they may scan the odd thread but i would dispute that because

a, The lack of response to threads on all boards

b, The site has been unusable in the past with errors and its only when members have posted on GR's face book page that any response has been forthcoming

c, When the site has had serious problems in the past the response that GR have posted is along the lines of, Hi, guys sorry for the errors you've had over the last day or two but we had only just found out, usualy as i said before after members posted on FB,

Second, (What Roy and Detective are saying is purely conjecture and they want to believe that silent people agree with their point of view)
my response as in my post above 21 Aug 2012 19:06 is

(The problem with believing in the silent and resentful is that they are invisible and their for cannot be counted)

I take it that unless you are privy to official data that the rest of us have not then your analysis is also pure conjecture and that you also believe that silent people agree with your point of view,

Third, (And they feel bolstered by the continual official "good feedback, one of two problems" line that Genes are taking)
I cannot speak for the others but You have seriously underestimated Me in particular with that statement,

Just because i have not joined in and slated them on the boards does not mean that i have agreed with the way they have handled the situation,
I was actively on their case months before this last new version was thrust on members,
I have continually hounded GR both through the contact us and the feedback facility plus multiple complaints to them on FB to the point that i was banned from posting on GR's FB page months ago and i fully expected to be banned off GR
(How may members complaining have gone that far for the cause) ???

All this whilst still trying to help members with look up and research advice plus the help i give members on getting around their technical problems with the site,

And lastly, I do not cross swords I prefer to use a machine gun and i don't bear a grudge But i will debate and have an opinion on most things



JustJohn Report 22 Aug 2012 00:11

Jax I have been a member for over 9 years and have been happy till a month ago. I have plodded away building up a tree that has been a help to many as well as myself.

I came on Community to see if anyone else hated the new tree as much as me and have found literally hundreds - many on here for first time. As more and more critics of the new tree have come on (often for first time) they have immediately been told the same things.

It is often difficult to follow the thread they started because of all the same stuff every time. And, yes, we have been continually told it is a waste of time moaning on Community threads.

Why don't you leave us disgruntled members alone and start your own thread "I love the new tree. What do you think?" Then you can R & R everyone who disagrees with you for being off topic.

I am going to start R & R'ing if, every time a new person comes on here to complain about the new tree, they are told the same things that have been said many times before by the same people.


jax Report 21 Aug 2012 23:51

I dont think it was said the staff NEVER read these was more that they may NOT reply.....that is why it has been suggested by the team and other members to complain directly by emailing them

I would also refrain from using peoples names on here particually if they have not posted on the thread...I do not know who you or Francesca are, but you only appeared when you were unhappy with the tree

I like others are sick of hearing about it.....if you dont like it take your tree elsewhere.

I need to renew my membership must dash


JustJohn Report 21 Aug 2012 22:06

Can we have an apology from those who continually say that Estelle and the team do not read these threads. Her letter has pulled the rug from under their feet.

I would expect the team to know waht we are thinking. I would expect any management of any company to be aware of what their customers think. Statistical probability supports Francesca (as do I). What Roy and Detective are saying is purely conjecture and they want to believe that silent people agree with their point of view.

And they feel bolstered by the continual official "good feedback, one of two problems" line that Genes are taking.

I think it is very brave of Estelle to put her head above the parapet (and I mean that sincerely). None of us members can sort this mess out, and I am sure we appreciate they are curently working very hard on certain issues. But there needs to be a clear indication that there is a mess and it is being addressed.

I am fed up with contnually crossing swords with Roy, Detective, SylviainCanada et alia on this particular issue. I want to carry on enjoying this site - as we all did to a reasonable degree till a month ago. I want us all to be fluffier again :-)


Malcolm Report 21 Aug 2012 19:54

To Roy

Yes they have and yes I have checked my In box fpr the last 10 days and nothing there at all......


Porkie_Pie Report 21 Aug 2012 19:10

Malcolm, Have you checked that your email details held by GR are up to date?

GR don't reply by private message (PM) they send an email to the email address listed in your account



Porkie_Pie Report 21 Aug 2012 19:06

Francesca, The problem with believing in the silent and resentful is that they are invisible and their for cannot be counted and i am NOT anyone's spokesperson elected or otherwise

I speak for me and i say what i think,

Its called having an opinion

As for Estelle, You may doubt what she said and think its only "spin" but thats just your opinion which you are entitled to but at least as Estelle does have access to the all the data to make that assumption/statement then i think that her opinion is more valid than that of the members



+++DetEcTive+++ Report 21 Aug 2012 19:03

That's unfair Francesca.

Neither Roy, you, I or any other member of GR know the true statistics. Only GR do......assuming that fellow members have used the correct link to express their opinion...

No, Roy hasn't been elected a spokesman. Nor have you. Nor have I. It does work both way, you know ;-)


Malcolm Report 21 Aug 2012 19:03

I know what +++DetEcTive+++ is suggesting but I have sent the same email twice to that address and got nothing, following SylviainCanada's suggestion to re-send it & demand a reply, but still nothing not even a plain acknowledgement....

I agree with Francesca, Estelle must be on a different website if she thinks the "feedback has been really positive". The reason Estelle may be busy is because so many people are so unhappy...

And the worse thing is that unlike a disappointing restaurant you cannot just say "Oh it's no good anymore, we'll go elsewhere". I have invested a huge amount of time and some money into my tree and someone has just decided to scrap it & replace it with a child's version...I cannot just walk away and try elsewhere, especially when I have a subscription that runs to December...that's what is really annoying & that's what GR don't seem to understand.......or care about.....


Francesca Report 21 Aug 2012 18:38

Roy: I'll accept that it is a universal law of human nature that all dissatisfied customers always voice their complaints when you can persuade me that all GR members elected you as their spokesperson and that you've fully consulted them all. I take it that you don't believe in the concept of the silent and resentful customer.
I'm beginning to feel like Alice through the Looking Glass.
Estelle says ..."in the main feedback has been really positive". Hasn't she read her own official GR Tree Updates Blog ? Now that's what I call spin!
I would even venture to suggest, though certainly never guarantee, that there may even be some unhappy members who blame their own technical inadequacies for their inability to cope with the New tree, rather than the flaws in the tree itself, after reading how much it is adored by everyone else.


+++DetEcTive+++ Report 21 Aug 2012 17:21

Don't ignore Estelle's Post!

Thanks for the update :-)


Porkie_Pie Report 21 Aug 2012 17:08

Francesca, Their is a big difference between a formal complaint and the complaints made on the community boards, Formal complaint are not on the community boards,

First the people making complaints and seeking advice using CAB but did not follow it up? is pretty much the same with GR, How many members who have complained on the boards actually have made a formal complained to GR?

My point is that when people are happy with a service or product they are not likely to complain because their would be nothing to complain about but they may recommend the company/site/service to others on occasion,

But when people are NOT happy they will tell everyone? meaning that they will tell family friends the bloke in the pub the taxi driver who drove them home from the pub and so on, and yes that includes having a rant about it on the boards,

And yes some may go on to seek advice from the CAB and make a formal complaint but i guarantee they will have all told (someone) about their grievance and generally the more unhappy they are the more people they will tell

Hope this clarifies my understanding of human nature


Francesca Report 21 Aug 2012 16:08

Roy: My understanding of human nature is a bit different to your own. I worked for years as a Citizens Advice Bureau Advisor. I can assure you that many clients, who were motivated enough by a grievance to visit C.A.B., did not in the end proceed with making a formal complaint. Even if we offered to phone or write to the suppliers of shoddy goods or services, on their behalf, many felt that they would rather avoid the stress and conflict this might entail. Nobody knows how many aggrieved customers just remained silent and resentful and didn't even bother to check out their rights.
I don't think it would be wise to assume that 100% of people who do have good reason to complain actually do make their voices heard. I think that is far too simplistic. Human nature is a lot more nuanced than that and any sweeping generalizations are rarely credible.


Estelle Advisor Report 21 Aug 2012 15:57

Hi everyone,

we just want to reassure you that we are reading posts on here. We look at our message boards on a daily basis as we do like to know what our members are saying. Sadly we don't have the time to reply to everything. That really would be a full-time job and, as I am sure you all understand, the team are very busy.

If you are having problems using the website then we would always suggest you take a look at our help pages, which are kept updated, or you contact our support team for a personal reply. Any bugs that you report to us will be passed on to the development team and fixed.

We have hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site every month, and in the main the feedback has been really positive. But it is really important that we know what you think. When we released the new look site a few weeks ago we did react to your feedback and have already made some changes. We have made the font on the message boards darker. We also made the boxes smaller, meaning there is less white space.

We have also been reacting to feedback about the tree and made some changes there. In the coming weeks we will be adding some new views and the ability to create marriages between existing relations. In other words, if you have a relation who married another relation (such as a cousin) you will be able to create a marriage for them.

We know that tree printing is also something else that you'd like. Again, this is something we are going to be looking at and making sure we get right over the coming months.

If you do have any feedback or suggestions then you can also send it to the Genes Product team. Our email address is

I will try to look in and post whenever possible though. There is quite a lot going on right now and just not enough hours in the day!

Kind regards,



Porkie_Pie Report 21 Aug 2012 15:08

If a customer is happy they will just carry on as normal and or recommend the site to friends

If a customer is NOT happy they will tell everyone

whether a web site, or their local garage it makes no difference

That's human nature



Francesca Report 21 Aug 2012 14:05

I like DetEcTive's restaurant analogy. When it comes to number-crunching the percentages of the total membership who either love or hate the New tree format (and the various shades in between these extremes) only GR actually have any strong data. They know how many new relatives are being added to members' trees and the number of members they've lost since the 19th July 2012.
Sadly they are keeping their cards close to their chests and are refusing to publicly acknowledge that there is any membership discontent at all. Speculating about the views of the silent majority who don't post on the Boards or Blogs, based on the views of those who do, is fun but maybe should be left to statisticians. But I think we should bear in mind one well known characteristic of the British public. How many of us would actually complain to the waiter when we are served up a plateful of inedible tripe?