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Dublin Weekly Register

Dublin Weekly Register Dublin, Republic of Ireland

21 Jun 1845

Jonathan, infant eon of J. Bennett, Esq., Sack viils-street. At Mary’s, near Trim, Charlotte, daughter the Rev. J* Hamilton, Trim. John Jameson. Esq., of the firm Messrs. Pu««# Jameson, deservedly regretted. At Burton, county cork, the Rev. Mathew Purcell. Brubcnoy

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Statesman and Dublin Christian Record

Statesman and Dublin Christian Record Dublin, Republic of Ireland

20 Jun 1845

E«l, of Rathbeale, county Dublin. . , June 18, at St. Mary’s, Trim, Charlotte, daughter the Rev. J. Hamilton, Trim. _ , .. . - May 18, at Cullaghmore, county Carlow, Rebecca, ®* the Rev. Richard Dawson, rector of Lorum, in that county- June 14, in Limerick

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Type: Article
Carlisle Journal

Carlisle Journal Cumberland, England

18 Jul 1862

REV R. HAMILTON, of Brighton, will PREACH at CHARLOTTE STREET CHURCH, on Sunday next, the inst.. Morning at 11, Evening at 6.30, when collections will be made on behalf of the Sunday Schools. Ths Rev. W. A. WRIGLEY will ADDRESS PARENTS aud CHILDREN the

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The Scotsman Type: Article
Stamford Mercury

Stamford Mercury Lincolnshire, England

17 May 1850

Christowe, Exeter Rev. J. Watson, Newington, Hythe Rev. R. G. Lewis, 10, Montague-place, Clapham-road Rev. J.T.H. Smith, Floore, Northamp- Rev. F. Hamilton. Poplar [ton Rev. D. Howell, Swansea Rev. J. Warburton, Sierra Leone Rev. E. Clark, 37, Beaumont-street

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Norfolk Chronicle

Norfolk Chronicle Norfolk, England

8 Jan 1814

Tuesday se'unight, Bath, Lieut.-ColoncJ Hamilton, regt. to Miss Charlotte Fane, second daughter of J. Fane, Esq. Member for Oxfordshire, j and niece to the Earl of Macclesfield. Thursday sc'nnight, by the Rev. Mr. Love, Mr. George. Thurtle, Flixton,

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Type: FamilyNotice
Leamington Spa Courier

Leamington Spa Courier Warwickshire, England

14 Sep 1872

■- TESTIMONIAL » TO THB REV. J. HAMILTON DAVIES. the occasion of the Rev. J. Hamilton Daviks imf re , S » 1 'T the Curacy of Leamington, which he hai i- I? tei ' Years ' ifc to present him with a slight token of the esteem and regard in which he held

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Islington Gazette

Islington Gazette London, England

13 Dec 1870

DEATH TIIE REV. J. HAMILTON BALLARD. The Rev. John Hamilton Ballard, M.A., died the Gth inst., Cork, of bronchitis, aged thirty-four. This gentletuan was, for about eighteen months, the principal curate of St. Paul's Church, Ball's-pond, from which engagement

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Type: Article
Newry Telegraph

Newry Telegraph Down, Northern Ireland

21 Sep 1861

Captain anJ F Mr and Mrs Filg>tte, Mrand Mrs Gordon, Mr and Mrs James and j the Cordon ; Mr J Gordon, Mr, Mrs K, j and Misses Goddard Miss Garrett, Lord and Lady ! (3 srvagh, Dowager Lady

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Type: Article
Worcester Herald

Worcester Herald Worcestershire, England

22 Oct 1831

Preferments—The Rev. J. Hughes, Trinity lege, has been instituted the Rectory St. Clement's Oxford . trim the Lord Chancellor.—The Vicarage Halesworth-cuin-€toedi.ston, folk, vacant the promotion l)r. to the Archbishopric Dublin, has been presented

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Type: Article
Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette

Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette Somerset, England

20 Jan 1825

Plyrnpton, Devon, the Rev. J. C. Jones, D.I) of Exeter college, Oxford, Charlotte, relict of Capt. .wley, R.N. and daughter of the late Rev. D. Yonge. Jas. Vanhouse, jun. esq; Mincing-lane, London, to Miss Heysett, daughter of the late J. Heysett, esq; Bovacott

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Type: FamilyNotice
Dundee Courier

Dundee Courier Angus, Scotland

18 Jun 1904

Meetings and Lectures. RINITY CHURCH.—II. Rev. A. J. Forion. t>.3o, Rev. IVm. Hamilton. Evening— The Prodigai Son, 111 —A Late Repentance. 503 U~ NITAEI AN_CH RISTI AN CHURCH.— Rev. Henry Williamson—ll— Christian Free- Jom. Sunday School, 12.45.

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Edinburgh Evening News

Edinburgh Evening News Midlothian, Scotland

30 Dec 1939

ST JOHN’S EAST PARISH CHURCH ll“Bev. J. E. HAMILTON. M.0., B.A. 2.oo—Rev. F. J. GREEN, M A. GEORGE’S PARISH CHURCH O 11—The Rev. R. L. JOHNSTONE, 3 —The Rev. C. W. G. TAYLOR, D D, . CAROL SERVICE. Offerings for Congregational Purposes. Service on New

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Type: Article
Leicester Journal

Leicester Journal Leicestershire, England

17 Apr 1857

nit. at tlie Cottage, Hamilton, Bermuda, the wife of the Rev. J. B. Freer, of daughter. On the 9th mat. at Hallaton, the wife Wm. Simkin, Esq, of a daughter. MARRIAGES. On the loth inst. at Ansty, the Rev. Robert Martin, M.A, the Rev. Edward George Parker

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Type: FamilyNotice
Hampshire Advertiser

Hampshire Advertiser Hampshire, England

17 May 1862

BIRTHS, MABEIi^S. J orD DEATHS. Ou the 13th instant, at St. Mary's Chnrph «,__,«. the Rev. Hamilton Ashwin, Mr. Charles S™?» by Brown, both of Southampton. to Elizabeth On the 15th instant, at St. Mary's Church. South*™,^ by tbe Rev. Hamilton Ashwin, Mr. Edward

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Type: Article
Coleraine Chronicle

Coleraine Chronicle Londonderry, Northern Ireland

25 Nov 1865

Hamilton andTodd—At Adelaide-road Presbyterian Church, on the instant, by the Pev. R. A. Carden, D.D., assisted by the Rev. J. Hunter, Samuel Ewing, second son the late Andrew Hamilton, Esq., M.D., of Londonderry, to Maggie, daughter 'William Todd, Esq

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Type: Article
Bournemouth Guardian

Bournemouth Guardian Hampshire, England

6 Jul 1889

Dalranoch— FoieliZsk—Mns Lacey and family ' Newbold Pirs-Allse Hill Cumloden—Mrs Henry Hamilton Andrew's Manse—Rev J W and ' Mrs Hodges , The Wilderness -Lady Charlotte Arnold and family Maisonnetto-dirs and Miss Pelee Tasushelm— The Haan--Mrs L A Way and

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Type: Article
Northern Whig

Northern Whig Antrim, Northern Ireland

22 Apr 1890

DEATH OP REV. J. S. HAMILTON. Derby, Monday. The lotulligence of the death of Rev. J. S. Hamilton, formerly the esteemed minister of Rutland Square, Dublin, will ba received with deep regret throughout the entire Presbyterian Church In Ireland. A cablegram

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Type: Article
Westmeath Journal

Westmeath Journal Westmeath, Republic of Ireland

9 Sep 1824

THE REV. J. HAMILTON, Master of the District School of MEATH AND ARDAOB, Will ODtil further, receive pupils at the Old Diocesan School House TRIM, Where information may be had as to t'ERMS See., or application to Mr. William Hamilton, 7, South Cumber

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Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser

Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser Kent, England

23 Feb 1899

Maidstone), Rev. i. toar:n-lug). Councillors J. Clifford, C. F. RaKer, «.nd it. 1. bc.i.c, Jir. J. Oliver, and Messrs Randall Mercer. R. J. Kremlin, \V. Fremlin, . Fremlm, U. \oungnian, t. Stenmng* Long. U. Cook. F. akclcy, narneti, S. F. waiter. Revs. NvaKer

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Type: Article