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6 matches for Cecil Idaynooth in the British Newspaper Archive

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  • For Years: 1850 - 1899

Sporting Gazette

Sporting Gazette London, England

27 Apr 1889

Moreton Frewen, Sir Arthur Sullivan , and Mr . Re gg i e nal& occu pied a stage box facing Mrs. Hare and suite. Mr. Arthur Cecil seemed much taken with Miss Harriett Young's Bowereovered in another box, and gracing the stalls I saw dL. Hothfi eld, Sir

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Type: Illustrated
Sun (London)

Sun (London) London, England

16 Feb 1869

on the Ist of Marcia he should move that the Acts relating to the Established Church in Ireland and the Acts relating to Idaynooth, be taken into.consideration. BANKRUPTCY. The ATTORNEY-GENERAL gave notice that, on the 2Gth of February, he should move

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Type: Article
Bicester Advertiser

Bicester Advertiser Oxfordshire, England

4 Jul 1863

America end iathis country, aad intimated that he had no complaint to asks of the decisions of the American Cour • a.—Lord Cecil merely criticised some new doctrines enunlisted bz the Ameviesa (louts, which, if allowed to pow by the Foreign WiimiPte; would

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Type: Article
Newcastle Daily Chronicle

Newcastle Daily Chronicle Northumberland, England

21 Jun 1888

Emetic*, Waterproof, Gipsy Queen colt, Sweetheart, Tommy Upton. and Lady Cecil went a mile. Soottirh King, Caerlarenick, Grey Friars, and King Monmouth went a mile. Dean?. Juggler, Idaynooth, Rokeby. filyfellow, Duke of Marl. borough, Fairy Vision, Hackman flly

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Type: Article
Hampshire Independent

Hampshire Independent Hampshire, England

22 Oct 1887

persona attacks made upon Mr. Seely, came to his rescue with the following high tribute to his worth : With regard to tire Idaynooth grant, everybody who knows Mr. Seely Is aware that a more staunch and determined Protestant does not mist. . Sot whilat he

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Type: Article
Freeman's Journal

Freeman's Journal Dublin, Republic of Ireland

26 Sep 1868

icularsapply at the Begi~strar's 01ce, Landed Estates Court. Inns-guay, Dablin;: to THOMAS HUGH KENNY, SolIcitor, 7 Upper Cecil- street, Limerick; or to M1ATTHEW KENNY, Solicitor, having carriage of the proceedIngs, 17 Middle Gardiner-street, Dublin,

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