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Daily Review (Edinburgh)

Daily Review (Edinburgh) Midlothian, Scotland

27 Jan 1864

MR LAIRD, M.P, AND HIS CONSTITU EN Ts. On Monday night, at eight o'clock, Mr t surd, M.P. fur the Stirling district of burghs, wet the electors and non-electors of Stirling in the Union Ilall there. There was a large attendance , and accompanying him

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Cheshire Observer

Cheshire Observer Cheshire, England

15 Jul 1854

Launch of a Steamer at Birkenhead. — On Wednesday Mr. Laird launched from his yard at the Birkenhead Float the magnificent iron screw-steamer Pera, belonging to the Peninsular and Oriental Com- pany. The Pera is a sister ship to the Nubia, lately launched

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Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald Ayrshire, Scotland

18 Apr 1857

where he obtained a situation with Mr Laird, nurseryman, Nethergate, with whom he lodged during his nine months' resi• dence here. M. L'Angellier had not been long in Dundee when news arrived of the marriage of his sweetheart, which filled him with grief

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Globe London, England

2 Oct 1872

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1872. OUT OF THE HOUSES. CONSERVATIVE. Mr. Laird attended a meetly at the Birkenhead School of Art on Monday evening. He said that the school was in full work, and he trusted the ladies would take advantage of the morning classes, and that

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Liverpool Daily Post

Liverpool Daily Post Lancashire, England

10 Mar 1856

—About noon on Saturday Mr. Laird launched from his yard the Dingle two mora gunboats, of similar description those launched that da, week b, him. Thay ware named the Rainbow and the Bay en, and were christened bv the two Misses Laird.—About the same time

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Northern Ensign and Weekly Gazette

Northern Ensign and Weekly Gazette Caithness, Scotland

27 Mar 1884

some of them being unsound.-- Mr M'lntyre, QC., and Mr H. D. Greene were counsel for the plaintiff; Mr Willis, Q.C., and Mr Glyn were for the defence. Mr Charles Seton James Lester Guthrie was called and examined by Mr Willis—He said, I am the defendant

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Times of India

Times of India Maharashtra, India

27 Mar 1879

exerted himself to do so. His rapid rise in the estimation of the electorate, by his speeches in and out of the House during the last year, is now equalled by his sudden popularity in society. His modesty and courtesy and his judicious flattery on Wednesday

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Fifeshire Journal

Fifeshire Journal Fife, Scotland

26 Oct 1876

THE RURAL LIFE OF A HIGHLAND LAIRD. Take the Highland laird to begin with. His MOMtoes down to has grandfather were always bard-up for cash, though they -sere lords of • wid e ex t e nt o f broken acres. His lands he along one of the most lovely of the

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St. Andrews Gazette and Fifeshire News

St. Andrews Gazette and Fifeshire News Fife, Scotland

28 Oct 1876

P on THE RURAL LIFE OF A HIGHLAND LAIRD. Take the Highland laird to begin with. His ancestor* down to his grandfather were always hard-up foe cash, though they were lords of a wide erteet of bones urea. His lands lie aloes ease of the most lovely of the

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Liverpool Echo

Liverpool Echo Lancashire, England

25 Jan 1898

OF MR. JOHN LAIRD. It is with very deep rep-rat that we have to announce that Mr. John Laird passed away quite peacefully at a quarter past eleven this morning at his residence, Oakhurst, Grosvenor-road, Claughton, the presence the members of his family

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Dundee Courier

Dundee Courier Angus, Scotland

29 Mar 1869

Rumoured Apprehension of Mr John Laird.— It was currently rumoured in Dundee yesterday j that Mr John Laird, whose failure and precipitate departure from the town we mentioned last week, had been apprehended by officers sent in pursnit of him ; but on

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Newcastle Daily Chronicle

Newcastle Daily Chronicle Northumberland, England

1 Jun 1864

The Laird and his Laddib.—ln hi» volume on “The Salmon,” Mr. Bussd does not omit the good story off the Highland laird and his giVy. Leaving behind him land in which salmon was often glut in the market, and 1 consequently cheap, the laird went to London

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Barnsley Independent

Barnsley Independent Yorkshire, England

12 Jun 1897

Gelds investigating. Hens. in his ezparissects 1887. noted, mut without wonder. that his rays were not interrupted by eloOng a wood's draw, and he obis:nest nn senees. His motes show elan that tile wristlet, hazes is which his prinne of mob err east di

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North Briton

North Briton Midlothian, Scotland

21 Jun 1871

the meek Laird of would say if he saw his daughter hen ; and in each manly he added, glancing contemptuously at Lindsay. Lindsay bestinctinly laid his Dead on his ward, sod replied is • nisi, aunstic tone Omens only insult ladles; therefore. Mr dresser

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Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer Yorkshire, England

30 Oct 1874

DEATH OF MS LAIRD, M,P.—Mr Laird died last night about ten o'clock. SSEOEAJST found guilty of parjury, was sentenced yesterday morning fifteen months' imprisonment with hard Ifttoar. CHABOE FOBOEEF. Robert clerk, was committed to take his trial the assizes

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Galloway News and Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser

Galloway News and Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser Dumfriesshire, Scotland

17 Oct 1879

and when he, too, is gathered to his fathers, his memory may be as enduring as theirs in the valley of the Ken. (The toast was drank in solemn silence.) Mr Brown, Shiel, proposed 'The Health of Mr and Mrs Dudgeon.' Mrs Dudgeon was so well known amongst

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Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser Lancashire, England

15 May 1866

particulars of certain improper conduct the r of Mr. Berney, and the case was adjourned. ,k The Swansea.—The inquest bodies of the eight persons who lost their lives V the shop of Mr. John has been opened at Swansea Mr. Gnscoyne, deputy-coroner. Henry Powell said

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Forfar Herald

Forfar Herald Angus, Scotland

26 Dec 1884

(late of Mr X. iV.i den's) ; Mr. Trayner's Teacloth, Mr Moak. Forfar ; 'Jr. Gran. Bedquilt, Mr sleek; 'ire Warden'- Cushion, Mrs Soutar. last tligh rein ; Le. No 3 IVoluntee ) Stall— Mrs Dyne's Table, Mr Meek Forfar; Mr Winder, Mr Meek ; Mr ay a R vetiver

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Sporting Life

Sporting Life London, England

30 Nov 1861

Scintilla Mr Hill's ' on's Star of the beat MrC. Farneira Krsit- M r ,. , fence’s Lady beat Mr Alii rod’s Amontill^lo Mr 1 • v vps’r Godiva b'.’at the Hon. F. C. Howard's Hasty »i?l (*) Sclntilla beat Star of the West | Lady beat Oodita Mr W. Lawrence's

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Inverness Courier

Inverness Courier Inverness-shire, Scotland

24 Apr 1891

REJOICINGS AT GAIRLOCH—ARRIVAL OF THE YOUNG LAIRD AND HIS BRIDE. On Monday last Mr Kenneth J. Mackenzie, yr. of Gairloch, and the Honble. Mrs Mackenzie left Cjnan House on a visit to Gairlooh. Monday night was pasted at Loch-Maree Hotel, and on Tuesday

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