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2 matches for Lola Bush in the British Newspaper Archive

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  • County: Louth, Republic Of Ireland

Dundalk Democrat, and People's Journal

Dundalk Democrat, and People's Journal Louth, Republic of Ireland

16 Sep 1871

ThrecTontif. after, Lpe, the young of ! Frfcctly astonished to see Turk such adept in the Alcazar, was married to the fair Lola the pre- | The Englishman, nothing loth to have bit of fun eenco of the kipi/, and when the ceremony was , the Turk of stub

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Drogheda Journal, or Meath & Louth Advertiser

Drogheda Journal, or Meath & Louth Advertiser Louth, Republic of Ireland

17 Jun 1834

was It that, the old people said ? K. rI he old people is, sui enough, the people that knows a deal hitter than Why, then, lola and by my word it w-sjust as tell you the very same him? •’ ‘There was man living the there was ill his house

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