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8 matches for Lola Bush in the British Newspaper Archive

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Sheffield Daily Telegraph

Sheffield Daily Telegraph Yorkshire, England

1 Jan 1876

E_lz*betb, eldeat daughter of J. H Sales, Esq, Wharncliffe Lodge, Crouch End, London. . Bush—.-■ 27, Brunswick Chapel, Southstreet by the Rev. J. Clegg, Mr. Benjamin Bush, late Diss Noifolk, Ann Elizabeth Stacey, eldest daughter the late Jamea Vickers Stacey

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Type: FamilyNotice
Bristol Mercury

Bristol Mercury Bristol, England

12 Apr 1884

READE. We regret to announce that Mr. Charles Readi died yesterday afternoon at his residence, Blomfield Villas, Shepherd's Bush, after about ten days serious illness. Mr. Reade, who was born in 1814. was educated at Magdalen College, Oxford, of which

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Type: FamilyNotice
Leeds Mercury

Leeds Mercury Yorkshire, England

14 Jul 1877

fourth daughter of ?? 12th. at Gasrfoeth Churrch. toythe 11ev. S. Ii? WS ebb, loLA., Hairold Siesoti W~illram.. of Ivrerpool. to Ilitooret Bust, sectnd daughter of Wihliam Broder Bush, od Bttatft, Ltncoliis re, - iPeat%.0 AnMoroe-JAt Kiplen Ross. Dutblane

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Type: FamilyNotice
London Daily News

London Daily News London, England

25 Aug 1874

Mabubanks, Biud wick, Susasex. ?? 20, at All Salute' Chureh, St. John's. vood. R. Furber, EIsq., of Maylaud-road, Shenpierd's-bush, son of C. Flrbecr, Esq., of UpPer ilamrilton-terriwe, to Mary Eleanor (ELlit), daughter of W. Todd, Esq., of Wellington. road

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Type: FamilyNotice
Pall Mall Gazette

Pall Mall Gazette London, England

4 Aug 1869

srs. G. H., at Rie=roud, Sorrey, Aug. a. SYrES, Mrs. J., at Keusiogton square, Aug. 3. Assuuv', Mrs. C, J., at Broxbourrn, lola 2,). BURoNT, Mrs. W., at Eaverstock-hiil, Aug. (twia daughters. COousoxS, Mrs. J., at Darlington, July 23 (pretuss.- turely

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Type: FamilyNotice
Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette

Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette Somerset, England

13 Nov 1890

Higginson, of Leicester. Nov. 6, at Chipping Campden. Gloucestershire, the Rev. Francis Fcrster, Vicar of Chipping Campden, to Lola Pauline, younger daughter of William Higford Griffiths, of Chipping Campden. Nov. 6, at Shurdington, near Cheltenham, Edward

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Type: FamilyNotice
Manchester Times

Manchester Times Lancashire, England

18 Aug 1855

Un' Charles Lee, sur'geon, of this city. Lown.-On the 15thianlst,. aged 20 yeafh, Emily, only daughter of )Mr ?? Lowe, of ?? Bush Hotel. LusHNT~ONa.-On the 11th inst. at Paris, aged 43 years, aged 43 yeusr, Henry Luslhiagton, Esq. chief secretary to thse

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Type: FamilyNotice
Exeter Flying Post

Exeter Flying Post Devon, England

12 Oct 1837

thits %ava of frotil 5d to SI 7r1 liar lb. 'Therea wa~s is good soupply of' Shejep, sod al the ?? Itiere was not wvee ii g lola of' course an it poor slicept, st ill there I- wee ladeM if ii-tine aiid first-rate Sbesl tlian liaa generllty lately b~een

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