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3 matches for Welbank in the British Newspaper Archive

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  • County: Fife, Scotland

Leven Advertiser & Wemyss Gazette

Leven Advertiser & Wemyss Gazette Fife, Scotland

22 Nov 1938

ANGUS AFFAIRS. Dundee and Angus players are to lose the services of a very keen enthusiast in the person of Mr Thos. Gibson. Wel!bank. Dundee, who will shortly take up residence in the North of England. Mr Gibson is at the moment president of both Dundee

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Fifeshire Journal

Fifeshire Journal Fife, Scotland

8 Dec 1859

Clovelly Court, on the 29th alt. Lady Drummond, of BOIL At the Manse of Firth, Orkney, on the 2d KNum Logic, of a daughter. At Wel!bank, Lochee, on:the inst., Mrs Davtd Annan, of a daughter. At Melville Terrace, Stirling, on the 3d inst., the wife of John Wild

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Fife Herald

Fife Herald Fife, Scotland

16 Feb 1826

Greenock for Bombay. The Calcutta Was to sail from Bombay for Liverpool the 3d October. St Helena, Dec. 9 Sailed the Emulous, Welbank, from the Mauritius for London. LEITH SHIFPIjrO. Arrived, Feh. 7.—Weatherly, Donaldson,'from Miramichi, with timber t Mary

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