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Have you discovered an heirloom that changes everything you thought you knew about your heritage? Whether it’s a military medal that your granddad never spoke about or an heirloom that’s been passed down through generations, Genes Reunited can help you understand the legacy left to you by your family. Maybe you have a family photo that you know is precious, but you’re not sure who’s in it or where was it taken? It’s difficult to know where to start when trying to find out about an object or photo, but we can help you discover the story behind it.

How to get started:

  • Step 1:Download our eBook - It’s a free guide that’s packed full of information about getting started and what to do next.
  • Step 2:Upload your photos - Take photos or scans of your heirloom and upload them to your keepsafe. Be sure to set these photos to be publicly visible so that other people can see them, as someone may be able to offer new information.
  • Step 3:Use our Quick Family Finder - Start your family tree and discover the ancestors in your family history with help from our automated step by step process. Just add some basic details about your family, and we can guide you through our historical records and try to take you back to your ancestors in the 1911 census.
  • Step 4:Search records - By discovering who your ancestors lived with, whether they served in the war, or where they were living at a certain time, you may be able to learn more about the where that heirloom came from. Try searching for your ancestors’ names in the essential birth, marriage and death records as well as our military records and rolls of honour.
  • Step 5:Newspaper archives - You may find a clue to the shop an object came from, or the name of the photographer who took the photo you have, by scouring articles in the British Newspaper Archive for familiar names or events.

Success stories

Receiving my Granddad's WW1 medals, including the Distinguished Conduct Medal, really spurred me on to start researching my family history on Genes Reunited. I found his army records and learned that my Granddad gained his medal holding off the enemy army at the Yser Canal. I also learnt he was shot prior to this and I now understand the significance of the half-penny which saved his life by taking the impact of the bullet.

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