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Have you ever locked yourself in/out?

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Onwe Report 10 Jun 2008 03:42

Errol the Sheep. Glad to hear tradies are respected by some one. OH is builder/carpenter fitted a privacy lock to ensuite locked himself in. No tools. had to climb out through window!!

I did hear of one chippie who was sick of his two daughters slamming their doors in a teenage/pmt girlie way. So he removed each door.


sealyham Report 10 Jun 2008 02:06

l looked myself out new directly l closed the door got soaked in the morning rain changed jacket for dry one left keys in pocket
lv changed my lock for one that you lock with key when you are outside so cant lock myself out unless l lose the key when lm out!!


Carole Report 9 Jun 2008 22:16

My other half was in the bath and I needed a wee. We had had an argument so I wasn't going to ask him if I could go to the loo while he was in the bath. So I took a bucket into the garden shed, locked the door from inside, did said wee. Then tried to turn the key to open the lock. It didn't work. I was locked in the shed behind the garage. No one knew where I was, and oh wouldn't care because of the row! So hot and panicked I searched for a tool to use to open the lock. Nothing! I found a knife we use for cutting weeds out of the lawn, and unscrewed all the screws holding the lock in the door. The feel of fresh air on my face was lovely! It was months until I told oh what I had done.

☺Carol in Dulwich☺

☺Carol in Dulwich☺ Report 9 Jun 2008 22:09

my son's wife went into labour and was taken to the brand new Jubilee wing at KCH, after a few hours with not much happening my son said he would go down to the restaurant and get something to eat, he got a fry up with beans ect and they put it into one of those poly type boxes on the way up him and another male passenger became stuck in the lift the other mans started to panic and freaking out and the alarm bell was going off, my dil was wondering were he was and when they were finally released by the fire brigade my son came back to the room covered in baked beans looking a dishevelled mess!


eRRolSheep Report 9 Jun 2008 21:59

About five years ago I was replacing all the doors in the house (very old property but the doors were not in keeping).
Most of this went smoothly.
However, one Saturday, OH decided to take young daughter out swimming etc leaving me to get on with the delightful task of replacing the main bedroom door. This decision was made mainly because of the possibility that her delicate ears may not have coped with the "technical jargon" I had picked up from professionals and was prone to using at particularly stressful junctures.
And so they departed, with a spring in their step at the prospect of an afternoon of watery jollity and with their bathing caps set at jaunty, even cheeky, angles.
"Aha!" thinks me in anticipation of a couple of hours of successful DIYing and so I set about my task, knowing how full of admiration they would be upon their return.
Being of a cautious nature and having hung several other doors around the house I decided that it would be prudent to check that the gate for the portal into our matrimonial boudoir was of the correct size.

Carefully I carried it upstairs and took it into the bedroom.

Making sure not to scratch surrounding paintwork or rip adjoining wallpaper I squeezed it into the aperture.

It was a tight fit.

It was a VERY tight fit but I managed.

Actually, if I am really honest it was too tight really.

The door was stuck fast.

The door had no handle as yet.

The door should have opened inwards, towards me, the master craftsman.

Still, all I needed to do was use a couple of tools from my box of "My First Toolkit" (Professional Series for the use of over eights only) to remedy the problem.

My toolkit was on the wrong side of the door.

There was no telephone, mobile or other, in the bedroom.

They got back five hours later.

Eventually they heard my cries for help.

I am now a very big fan of professional tradesmen.


Jane Report 9 Jun 2008 20:51

My postman drove to OH place of work to get key to let me back in.
Years ago locked my daughter in the car in baby seat in really hot weather.RAC came to the rescue .


Amanda2003 Report 9 Jun 2008 19:00

Athena........glad to hear that you got out ok in the end..........a friend of mine once spotted one of his elderly neighbours in the same situation......trapped in her porchway...........he said she was leaping like a to attract attention.

He got her out and made her a nice cup of tea.

Gwyn in Kent

Gwyn in Kent Report 9 Jun 2008 18:53

I was cutting the grass and was dressed in really old tatty clothes. The knees of my trousers were grass-stained where I'd been kneeling to cut the edges.
The door blew shut locking me out of the house.
A kind neighbour offered to drive me 20 miles to get keys from my husband.
When we arrived at the gate to his work, the security guard handed me the keys. I asked if he wanted verification of who I was.
"No, I recognise you from that dance you and your husband were at, at the weekend."

........ I didn't know whether to be pleased or not.
Recognise me?.... I thought I looked better than that, when I went out for the evening , Lol.


Helen in Kent

Helen in Kent Report 9 Jun 2008 18:51

Oh dear, poor you!

I went through a phase about 10 years ago of always locking myself out and became quite adept at breaking in to my own home. One day I had collected youngest from nursery plus two other children whose Mum had asked me to do this. Well we got home - no keys - so youngest (aged 4) and I went through the usual routine of using a screwdriver to wiggle open the window, posting son through the tiny gap into the kitchen, then him opening the door. This was all perfectly normal to my son!

The little boy I had collected looked at me solemnly and asked, "Why don't you use keys to go through the door like everyone else?"

It certainly was amusing telling his Mum later!!

***Julie*Ann***.sprinkling fairydust***

***Julie*Ann***.sprinkling fairydust*** Report 9 Jun 2008 18:43

yep i did it once

got the squaddies in landrover to climb on my porch roof get in sons room window and come and open front door,
they were my heros

and another time daughter age about 3 locked me out
as i went to put rubbish out,
i had to shout thru letter box
go get the peddle bin and stand on that , and undo the door for me,

little scallywag

♥ Kitty the Rubbish Cook ♥

♥ Kitty the Rubbish Cook ♥ Report 9 Jun 2008 16:21

I do it all the time:(

I now have spare keys with 2 one hidden in a secret hideaway:)) LOL


♥Athena Report 9 Jun 2008 15:50

Oh no, what a nightmare to have that happen on your wedding night!! Glad they gave you some compensation, though. I wonder if they sacked the barman!


Maria Report 9 Jun 2008 15:03

Haven't been stuck in any small porches before. The lift at work once but only for 20 mins and was with a couple of friends so had quite a laugh.

BUT did get in a pickle on my wedding night. Having a final drink in the sitting room before the last of our guests went to their hotel across the village.

The barman came and asked if we had finished buying drinks, and we said yes won't want serving again we'll be off to bed soon.

What we didn't realise (he was not long over here from Poland and his English was in it's very early stages) was that he was locking the bar area entirely and going home, leaving the building all locked up with our bedroom key safely on their hook behind the bar.

Didn't find out til my new brother in law tried to go to the loo before he left and found he couldn't get to the gents - it was all locked up.

To cut a long story short, I managed to find my way into the kitchen and found a gateway thru to the bin store which opened out onto the drive - so we could at least let our remaining guests home.

But me and my groom had to spend our wedding night very uncomfortably on sofa's in the sitting room (after I'd been to the side of the river in the pitch black in my wedding dress for a wee.)

Had to wait til 7am when the first staff came in to make breakfast before we got into our room - and by that time we just wanted to go home.

Got £500 off the bill in compensation which we had to argue for, and it didn't spoil the day but it wasn't a very romantic end to the wedding.


Meduck Report 9 Jun 2008 14:37

Oh poor you, must have been awful - very nice taxi driver you had there though. My son has the same arrangement with his house and I get absolutely paranoic about checking my keys if I stay there.
I haven't locked myself out but when I was sixteen and sitting GCSES I got stuck in the bedroom as the door had jambed, I got quite frantic and when I eventually got out I had to run to get to school for my Maths exam. I had a pair of very loose shoes on (wouldn't throw them out - they were fashionable!) and whilst running I came out the shoes and fell onto some newly laid tarmac, right outside the ambulance station. They bandaged me up, I carried on running stroke hobbling and eventually made the exam just as it was starting and covered all over with blood. You should have seen everyones face, they were obviously dying to ask but had just been told to keep quiet for the exam, I failed by the way, I was so stressed out it took me three goes to write my name!!
Just seen the length of this reply - hope you haven't fallen asleep!


♥Athena Report 9 Jun 2008 14:31

OMG Annie - that is even worse than being stuck in the porch!! I think I would definitely have passed out with fright, knowing I may not have been found for hours...or days!!

Hope they've fixed the dodgy handle now.



ann Report 9 Jun 2008 14:27

A couple of weeks ago i went into a upstairs cupboard at work.I went into the cupboard and the door shut.When i had got what i wanted grabbed the handle to come out,and it left the door and fell into my hand.I was in there over a hour as no-one goes upstairs and it was only someone asking where i was that i was found.I felt really ill and was sent home lol Annie


♥Athena Report 9 Jun 2008 14:14

I had a very traumatic experience on Friday morning. Was rushing to leave for work, had a taxi waiting outside, grabbed my bag and what I thought was my bunch of keys - headed into porch and closed the internal door behind me (which is a Yale lock so once closed it's locked) went to open the main front door... only to realise that what I had in my hand was just a bunch of old keyrings my daughter had left on the side!!!

So, I couldn't get back indoors or get outside!!! Was trapped in the porch - and a very tiny porch it is, too (about 2.5ft x 4ft).

Well, panic set in as I jumped up and down waving my hands at the taxi driver outside. He came over and I explained what I'd just done. He said he would try ringing around for a locksmith but it might take till lunchtime for someone to get to me. I was frantic, saying "But I'll die of suffocation by then!" LOL - I'm laughing about it now but at the time I seriously thought I would (it has double-glazing and no windows that open - not even an air vent - and it was very hot and stuffy).

Anyway, I then remembered my daughter had a spare set of my keys - but she lives 60 miles away and doesn't drive. My mum lives about half hour drive from her so I rang mum (luckily I had mobile on me) and she came to the rescue, driving to my daughter then on to me.

In total I was stuck in that porch for over 3 hours and it was not a pleasant experience.

The taxi driver came back after a while with a couple of small juice cartons to post through the letterbox to keep me hydrated and a neighbour posted some mags for me to read.

Luckily there is a small windowledge that I was able to perch on, next to the window. I must have looked such a strange sight, sat by the porch window for 3 hours. Must have looked like I was "waiting for business"! And I happened to be wearing a red skirt that day LOL! How embarrasing, eh?

I've since had another Yale key cut and have taped it somewhere out of sight in the porch. I never want to go through all that again.

Just wondering if many others have done a similar thing...