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What kind of things do you remember from Childhood

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Mel Fairy Godmother

Mel Fairy Godmother Report 20 Jul 2016 23:43

I forgot to say that Gill's hubby has a week and a bit off so I expect they are getting on with the garden.

Saying night night now.

At least it is cooler here tonight.

Mel Fairy Godmother

Mel Fairy Godmother Report 20 Jul 2016 22:16

Some of them have bald patches. We lifted the crate on its side as the hole lined up with the pop hole in the chicken house and propped it up and left them to it. Two had gone in and were up on the perch when I went round just before it was dark and there was still 4 huddled in the crate. I pushed them into the house and closed the pop hole.

When I looked in the door and shone the torch in they were still in a huddle in the corner by the pop hole. I hope they settle more tomorrow. I shall be round there watching them all the time to make sure they are alright.

Smashed two fingernails today seeing to youk now who. So I better have an egg tomorrow.


MillymollyAmanda Report 20 Jul 2016 21:14

We've had thunder and lightning this evening with some big spots of rain which didn't last long but it seems to have cooled the air ,so its nice sitting outside but still muggy and warm indoors.

Oh so you have your girls already ,they will be pecking about tomorrow when you let them out , hope you can get a photo I'd like to see them.


Jane Report 20 Jul 2016 20:45

:-D :-D Dermot...I think you did mention that you were 'hair challenged'.Not sure if that it the right description.You know what I mean.
I would rather have a bald headed leader than a Bleached blonde ,bleached toothed(Trump).I actually think a shaved or naturally bald head is quite attractive on a man. Everyone is different today whether it is hair /no hair .Botox ,boob job,nose,face lift etc etc.. If they are confident and happy in them selves then great.
Still not sure about Trump though LOL

Mel Fairy Godmother

Mel Fairy Godmother Report 20 Jul 2016 19:48

Hav'nt read Dermot's post yet but just to let you all know I took the crate down to Loraine's and she gave me the girls there and then so they are still in the crate at the mo waiting for the time when they can be shut in for the night. Oh said he will finish the fence off in the morning before I am up. He gets up about 5am or 6am.

She did offer me a free one but I declined as I only have them in the smaller house now as its easier for me to clean out. Only one barrowfull instead of 2 and a half to dump. No dought there will be a few more visists to Mole Valley for food for them now I have more.

Cooking sheep sh*t pie.


Dermot Report 20 Jul 2016 19:11

A man who clearly had a substantial amount of time on his hands recently took a case to the Advertising Standards Authority because he claimed an ad for a hair transplant clinic implied that bald men suffered a lack of confidence.

Given our penchant as a nation for red tape, his complaint was duly investigated and upheld to the point that the ad – and the implication that a full thatch leaves you equally full of confidence – has been withdrawn.

But clearly a full head of hair is a lifeline for some people – or at least for Wayne Rooney and the late Terry Wogan – while others usher the tide out as quickly as possible by shaving their domes even before the last strands have given up the ghost.

It can be seen by some as the first sign of your own mortality and all of the quips about grass not growing on a busy street don’t really disguise the anguish it can cause.

It’s ridiculous, of course, to imply that just because a full head of hair gives you confidence, therefore bald men are lacking in it; some of most famous men on the planet are bald and hardly qualify as shrinking violets.

Thierry Henry for example doesn’t seem to suffer from anxiety attacks; nor would you see the likes of Keith Wood, Bruce Willis, Michael Stipe, Sean Connery or Michael Jordan curl up into a corner because of a lack of self-belief.

And yet, on the other hand, there have been surprisingly few bald world leaders, which only suggest they’re not tearing their hair out as much as we thought.
Eisenhower was bald and there was a few of them in the Middle East – Moshe Dayan, Menachim Begin, David Ben Gurion – but most of them were fully covered on the follicle count.

Ousted David Cameron’s bonce is his pride and joy, kept in place with a force so powerful that a hurricane wouldn’t shift it. Same could be said of Angela Merkel, except she’s not a man. So perhaps our friend had some merit to his argument after all – if you want to get ahead, get a head of hair.

Say 'no' to rugs!


MillymollyAmanda Report 20 Jul 2016 18:31

Oh err i don't think i would have liked the mouse to have run over my foot ,i would have screamed out .
We had a huge toad on thd patio the other night ,Max thought it was fun but at least he didn't pick it up and bring in ,i hopd he doesn't start doing things like that as when hubby's in hospital i don't know what I'd do .

Ann that was a late night for OH ,he must have been so hot with no air con , was it an old building he was in ?

Mel thats good you are taking some more girls in ,they don't know it yet but they are in for a lovely life living with you .

No the chap is definately english Jane ,hard to tell how old he is but i would say late thirties .
We have been keeping Max in quite a bit as he would go and lay out in the full sun, he does like to lay on the cool tiles in the kitchen though usually as i'am trying to get a meal and if i move to the other side of the kitchen he moves too!!


Jane Report 20 Jul 2016 18:10

Ann that must have so uncomfortable for OH last night.Were there no fans?
I have drunk so much water these last few days.Gallons(or Litres).Lots of ice cubes in it too.But they melt within seconds.

Mandy that young chap has been around for a very long time !!! How old is he?
I can understand folk not feeling comfortable with him living in the actual churchyard .The name Nicco /Nikko sounds as though he might be from one of the European Countries.

Oh Mel there will be 6 lucky Hens coming to you :-D.Lets hope other people will take some of the others.

The thunder went and the sun came out.Looking at the sky it looks like Corby might have had the storm .
Have you had anything Frank?
I can't move my feet as Thomas is asleep under the table.He managed to have a bit of food and a wee just now but has now flopped again.


Annx Report 20 Jul 2016 17:27

Afternoon All,

That was a quick trip for your x-ray Frank. It's good when you can get done quickly like that. What an ordeal though sitting in the car for an hour in this heat! I hope she'd parked the car in the shade for you. Good job you got your money back for your spoiled meal too. I think it was about 11.30pm when OH got home. He said the room wasn't air conditioned and he'd done nothing but drink water all evening to try to keep cool.

Oh Mandy, I was going to say how spooky to sleep in the cemetry, but it's no different to the church really is it! I can see why the cemetry visitors would be put off though. What a shame your peas blew over and the pot broke. I think if/when mine come through I will wind them round and round the cane wigwam in my pot if they grow that tall!

Your sandals were bargains Mel. I tend to slip crocs on for in the garden, but they are a bit hot for this weather so sandals would be better! It's good you will be saving some more hens from being gassed and they will have a lovely time at your place and reward you with some of your delicious eggs.

I was up with the lark to go to Nuneaton to collect some cardies and a top I'd ordered from Debenhams that were reduced in their sale. It was boiling, so on the way back to the car I sat on the seats with my parcels and a Thornton's pralines and cream icecream tub to cool off! Then once I'd called for milk on the way home, I told OH we'd go in my car to the fav carvery as it was nice and cool. After, we came straight home and have done nothing since, just lay on the bed, as it's too hot! A slight breeze has got up now, so we've just opened the curtains and flung all the windows open.

Think I will go and sort the strawberries out to have next that I got at the farm shop yesterday. :-)


Jane Report 20 Jul 2016 17:10

I can here thunder somewhere !!!... Ooh er! it doesn't sound too far off and yet it is still sunny here...Best get the towels in off the line.

YES it is very loud thunder and big clouds building.It has gone very still :-S


Jane Report 20 Jul 2016 17:03

Afternoon All
Frank you would have been better going into the shop with Ros and finding a seat.There must have been air con in there.
At least you have your new sticks now so all ready for the op.That was good to get in and out for the Xray so quickly.Free meal too ! :-).Shame it was overcooked.
This heat is getting us down now.Chris has had to go for a lie down.

I slept with my head at the bottom and feet at the top of the bed last night as we moved the fan to the bottom of the bed and I actually slept quite well.So I will be doing the same tonight.I don't think I stuck my toes in Chris's face.They were clean as I had a nice cool shower before getting into bed.

This morning a baby rabbit jumped out of a flower bed right in front of Thomas !.Good job I had him on the harness .It was literally just inches away.
Then when I was just about to come in the back door a mouse ran right over my foot !!!!..That was a shock I can tell you.

I bet JJ has enjoyed his bit of a run.I bet he is feeling the heat. How is Max coping Mandy?

James went off to work in a Polo Shirt and loose linen trousers today.Very sensible :-D

Those Sandals were a great buy Mel.It's always nice to get a bargain.

No Gill since the weekend,and no Anne.I think it was today that she was hoping to be sorted out again with the internet.

We had the first lot of Peas today :-D.They are so sweet.Our Petit Pois finished a while ago.They have gone in the freezer nowI must remember I have a big bag of Gooseberries in there.Fitz brought them up the other day.I will make a nice Goozegog Fool :-)

Thomas doesn't know what to do with himself.Just moving from one place to another and then wanting out.I'll take him out later when it might not bee quite so hot. I thought we might be in for some rain this afternoon,but nothing so far.


MillymollyAmanda Report 20 Jul 2016 16:55

Wind has got up here it took my pots of peas off the stand they came crashing to the floor and broke the china pot , luckily the stalks on the peas are ok , i have now moved them to the front of the shed and tied them back so they should be ok now ,i see i have two tiny purple pods forming, i forgot you said they would get that tall Mel.

That was a quick appointment Frank ,nice to get in and out quickly like that.
Boy i bet you were ready for that niice cold pint after being in the heat of the car , shame the meal was bad ,but at least you got your money back.

Still hot here even though it clouded over for a while and the wind got up, i was so tired i had a nap in the chair ,i think the heat got to me.

Talking to a neighbour earlier and he said he was talking to the chap who cuts the grass in the churchyard and the cemetery and he said the chap in the churchyard use to sleep in the cemetery but he had to move him on as people didn't like him in there when they were visiting the graves, apparently he had been sleeping in the cemetery for a year !!

Better sort some thing out to eat ,i think it will be cornbeef salad tonight ,after you talking about it yesterday made me want some.

Mel Fairy Godmother

Mel Fairy Godmother Report 20 Jul 2016 16:46

O Frank it sounds like you had a right ordeal today. I would not have been happy sitting in the car in this heat. It was good you did'nt have to pay for the horrid lunch.
Fifteen mins is'nt long to wait in the hospital you seem to have been lucky there.

Sun has come out here. Oh mowed in the chicken run and we have to put a bit more fence up as I am having 6 more hens from that place near us as they are being gased on the 1st Aug. Oh was bitten on the foot by a horse fly so we came in so I could give him a tablet and coffee and hav'nt got back out there yet.They are only 72 weeks old. They sell them off for £1 each so I hope others will be having some also to save a few more lives. My two old ones have just about stopped laying now so I shall be glad to get some new ones as I can't stand bought eggs. I have had my own eggs now for 37 years since my dad died.


Frank Report 20 Jul 2016 16:13

Well we are home !!!. After going for my X RAY which from going in to coming out only took FIFTEEN MINUTES !! a record or what ??? That was 12.15 pm We then went to get my walking sticks. Took the wrong turning three times. Finally made it. Madam then decided she wanted to go to HOBBY CRAFT. She left me in a boiling car for an hour. I was not a happy bunny !!! We finally ended up at our steak pub. Three pints later and a complaint about the meal, (Overcooked steak and the salad was inedible) We got a refund for our meal. <3 <3 They know we are regular customers, and wanted to keep us sweet.

Ros has now taken JJ for a trip to Carolyn's to water the pots, then onto the football club field for a run. I will settle down under the fan for a while.

My back has had me screaming a few times today. The X RAY chap thought he had done something wrong. ;-) ;-) It happened a few times in the pub also. People thought Ros had stabbed me in the back, with the noise I made.

Still very hot here, so I am down to my u/pants !!!

Mel Fairy Godmother

Mel Fairy Godmother Report 20 Jul 2016 13:25

Yes I am pleased with my sandles and have had them on all today.

Yes Iam pleased with my sandles and have the gold ones on this morning.Mandy I did say they get at least 5 foot tall. I have mine in a pot with 4 tall canes in and I tie them up as they grow and then train them to the gazebo which is even taller. I grow them to save the seed as they are an old variety. I think you can use them as Mange tou as well.


MillymollyAmanda Report 20 Jul 2016 12:33

Afternoon all,

Phew another hot one here thank goodnes there is a bit of a breeze or it would be unbearable.
Been shopping this morning Tesco's was so busy with everyone shopping before it gets even hotter, it was lovely getting things from the freezers ,i think people were lingering to get the nice cool air .

I had quite a restless night with the heat ,i dozed for about an hour then i woke up turned my pillows to the cooler side had another hour and so on until Max wanted to go out .

Mel you got a bargain with your sandles .
My peas have flowers on too Mel ,i didn't realise they would be so tall until i saw gardeners world and saw Montys growing up the sticks like runners .
I have mine in pots but i have them raised off thd ground so Max doesn't get to them , i will need the steps out to pick them if they get much taller LOL

It's going yo be another lazy day for us to hot to do any thing so we'll be sitting in front of the fan for the afternoon.

Hope you get seen quickly at the hospital Frank ,i expect it will be hot in there ,youll be glad to get done and get out, hows the pain today ?

Mel Fairy Godmother

Mel Fairy Godmother Report 20 Jul 2016 11:15

I meant to say earlier. Oh called me into the garden quickly to see a stoat rushing down the orchard. It went under the box hedge and came out the other side chasing a large rabbit. It went right across the big lawn and through the big arch and then came back again across the big lawn and the stoat was still after it and it went back under the box hedge and we lost it after that.

Mel Fairy Godmother

Mel Fairy Godmother Report 20 Jul 2016 11:10

Frank I could'nt be bothered to get in the shower last night as I was so tired so I had a strip down wash. How strange is that?

When I was small that was dads job to wash me in the evening before bed. He used to do it in the kitchen and sit me on top of the gas boiler thing next to the draining board and butlers sink. The draining board was wooden.


Frank Report 20 Jul 2016 10:47

Morning all, Evening Kim,

We only slept until 3.30 am. We both needed the toilet. I just lain the rest of the night trying to keep cool. I would have been better getting up and sitting on the Patio.

No shower this morning "LOW WATER PRESSURE" So the good old strip wash down like the old days.

I have been to the doctors this morning. She has examined my SPINE and felt all round my kidney area. She looked up my results from last weeks pre- op exam, and all was clear. So it's off to the X RAY department later this morning. We will also go and collect the walking sticks, Take Ros's sewing machine in for a service, and buy me new slippers for hospital.

That's all my excitement for today to look forward too. Wht are you lot up to ???

What time did OH get home Ann ?? hope he never woke you, that's if you were able to sleep.

More cloud and breeze here today, but still very hot. I'm going out in my shorts today. Like it or lump it. ;-) ;-) ;-)

Mandy you are very kind, taking food and drink to the lad. Not many people would do it. Bless you. xx

Mel Fairy Godmother

Mel Fairy Godmother Report 20 Jul 2016 10:38

Meant to say Mandy. The only other icecream I like is Kelly's and if its on offer I always buy the vanilla or the clotted cream one.