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Another Dog problem

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MotownGal Report 12 Feb 2013 18:08

Our 11 year old Jack, is as soppy as a sack!

She walks on the lead, and stops and sist on the kerb at corners, until told to cross the road.

Minding our own business the other morning, a Staffie come over and grabbed her by the neck. I shouted out 'Who's dog is this?'

Dozy woman appeared and told me her dog was 'only playing'.

Yes, in a pigs eye!

 Sue In Yorkshire.

Sue In Yorkshire. Report 12 Feb 2013 16:37

My personal opinion is all dogs no matter what size should be on leads/leash out in a public space.

Look at the penalties on the site above..

♥†۩ Carol   Paine ۩†♥

♥†۩ Carol Paine ۩†♥ Report 12 Feb 2013 16:35

We own woodland that has a footpath running through it, this we keep clear & the stiles either end well maintained. There is also a large pond where I like to sit quietly watching the wildlife & listening to the birdsong. This pond is not directly beside the footpath, but in sight of it.

Most dog owners are understanding when we ask that dogs are kept on a lead whilst birds are nesting & the wild flowers are doing their thing, but a few have been quite rude when asked to do so & allow their dogs to race round barking & swim in the pond.

Our dogs have always been trained to come when called & to sit & stay on command, for their own safety as well as other peoples.

Molly Dog actually came to live with us as a last result, because she would growl at my daughter/Grandchildren if asked to do anything she did not want to do, could not be let off the lead as she would not come back when called & defended her food & water bowls against anyone who dared to get within 3 feet of them., (Had been 'trained' by ex son in law!) Within weeks she had free run of the wood yard, came when called & become a dog everyone liked, even my daughter & Grandchildren.
Now 14& totally deaf she responds to signs, though this a little difficult when she goes down to the bottom of the garden at night sniffing for cats & I am standing at the back door in my dressing gown waiting for her so I can go to bed. I have tried shining my torch on her but as it showed her even more garden this was not a good idea.

Dogs should be kept under control when in public places at all times & if this means on a lead it should be so.


Potty Report 12 Feb 2013 15:25

I really think your opinion re muzzling is a bit extreme, Merlin. Muzzle all dogs! No way!

Re dogs on leads near roads, it is a legal requirement:

"The Road Traffic Act 1988

It is an offence to have a dog on a designated road without it being held on a lead. Local authorities may have similar bye-laws covering public areas."

Like so many of our laws re dogs, nobody enforces this~!

It is natural behaviour for dogs to run and most breeds need to run and walk far more than their owners can in order to get the exercise they need and this requirement is covered by this Act:

"Animal Welfare Act 2006 (PDF)

The Animal Welfare Act was introduced on April 6th 2007. From this date, the Act repealed the Protection of Animals Act 1911 and the Abandonment of Animals Act 1960. The new Act increases and introduces new penalties to tackle acts of cruelty, neglect, mutilation, tail docking, animal fighting and the giving of pets as prizes. In addition to this it introduces a duty of care for all pet owners to provide for their animals a suitable environment, a suitable diet,** the ability to exhibit normal behaviour patterns**, protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease and consideration of the animal’s needs to be housed with, or apart from, other animals"

We have two collies and no way could we give them the exercise they need by walking them on the lead. My husband walks with them 4/5 miles every morning - they probably run 10. This is in woods or on the shore. One of them is not very friendly to other dogs, but does not attack. The other is very friendly and if we see someone we do not know approach with a dog on a lead they are called to heel and held there until the other dog has passed but if the dog is off the lead we allow the dogs to meet. Occasionally there is a bit of snapping but we have never had a serious problem.

We have people in our village who only walk their quite large dogs around the village on a lead (frequently not clearing up after them), giving them no free exercise. A dog that does not get enough exercise or which is not allowed to behave in a doggy way (eg investigating smells, smelling other dogs nether regions, playing with other dogs) is going to be bored and boredom leads to frustration and frustration leads to agression.

I agree, too many people have no idea how to train or behave with their dogs and that includes those who think that the only exercise a dog needs is to be walked for 30 minutes a day on a lead, being dragged away from interesting smells and other dogs. A neighbour's dog has recently had a hip operation and has been on lead only walks, starting with 3 x 10 minutes walks, leading up to 3 x 30 minutes - that is the amount of exercise vets think that even a recuperating dog should get.

Agree about screaming children, Eeyore, especially girls.

Well, off now to walk the dogs along the shore, on the lead along the lane to start with, and then let them run, chase sticks, dig holes and generally have a doggy good time.

Joy - I remember the problems you have with your dog and your reasons for walking him on the lead, so please don't take offence.


Patricia Report 12 Feb 2013 15:20

Depends on where they are, if on the street, in fields or on fells where there is livestock about, then yes they would always be on the lead, no question about it. But where there is no livestock in fields, woods, fells then no they would be off lead but under my control.

I do put them on a lead if asked and my current collie goes on a lead if there are children about. He was mistreated by a child before we had him and would run as far as possible away!

For the past 20 years I have had rough collies but I have never activly trained them, they do what I ask. Many a time people in pubs and cafes never realised I had a dog under the table never mind 2 dogs!

But I realise that all dogs are different, even within a breed, I used to have a German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamutes, the Shepherd was very protective of me, so I was safe but not anyone that came to close, I could 'feel' the growl on the lead even though I couldn't hear it. Oddly enough I was able to let him off near sheep [my Uncles] as he would herd them up.
But let our Malumutes off and you would never see them again as they would run and run, well that is what they are bred for.

The other side to the coin is people who think it is fine for them, or thier children, to touch my dogs without asking first. I had quite an argument once with one Mum who basically told me I had no right to stop thier child from touching my dog!

I was like that though when I was little and would cuddle any dog within reach, I learnt from working in kennels that is wasn't always the big dogs, it was normally the little ones you had to watch very carefully


Eeyore13 Report 12 Feb 2013 14:49

Mine are always on the lead in public places & if we go to the field they're only let loose if I know the other dogs running free.
There are several 'local' dogs that are known for attacking & my older dog can be a bit crotchety if other dogs hassel her.

Other than people who have no control of their dogs the other thing that really annoys me are squealing children, scared of dogs & the Parents do nothing to calm them, sooooo my dog always wants to give them a 'bath' to 'help' :-)


Muffyxx Report 12 Feb 2013 14:37

:-D Barb


Merlin Report 12 Feb 2013 14:36

I used to have and breed Alsatians,My opinion is that all dogs should be on a lead and be muzzled when in the pulic domain,( and not on elongated ones) however saying that ,its not always the dogs that need training,lots of owners could do with it as they have,nt a clue as to how they should behave when in charge of their dogs.**M**


BarbinSGlos Report 12 Feb 2013 14:32

And I was, :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D


Muffyxx Report 12 Feb 2013 14:29

Thank you Barb (she was Harper before the Beckhams' baby was) lol :-D


BarbinSGlos Report 12 Feb 2013 14:26

No, Muffy,s dog Harper :-D :-D

My dog was always on lead at my left leg. Obeyed all my commands and was only off lead in the fields. Like Muffy, if another dog appeared I would call her to heel immediately. I think little dogs tend to bark as a way of showing others they are not afraid of big dogs if you get my meaning.
I also think these young chaps who have Staffies as a "symbol" have given them a bad name. Before I get shouted at I also know a lot of lovely ones and their very reponsible owners,


Mersey Report 12 Feb 2013 14:21

Exactly what Muffy said!!!

As a few of you know a few weeks ago my ickle dog was attacked by a dog which was neither on a lead or even had a collar and the so called dogs owner was rude and abusive to Mum who was walking our dog at the time......

As you do when you are walking your dogs in the same area you get to know the owners and the dogs, some of which are off leads and to me thats ok because they know their own dogs and I do too to an extent, If I dont know the dog or the owner I am wary and will ask if their dog is ok or could they put it on the lead while walking past, not just for my dogs safety but for mine lol.

I dont let mine off the lead but thats just me........

I adore any dogs and could walk all day with them if I could.......


Porkie_Pie Report 12 Feb 2013 14:08

Muffy,Barb, My dog does stop and come to heel when told to but even when we get to the field we have another light weight lead that extends so he can run whilst still on the lead, also wife runs with him, I have a friend who has 12 acre for him to run around, We would never let him off the lead in a public place although he would probably be OK i would not want to risk it with such a large strong dog

He is a Japanese Akita inu



BarbinSGlos Report 12 Feb 2013 14:07

Love your dogs name Muffy :-D


JoyBoroAngel Report 12 Feb 2013 14:01

i can only walk my dog during the night
or when it rains and i would never let him off the lead ever
when nobody is about :-(


BarbinSGlos Report 12 Feb 2013 14:00

I know Roy, they are an absolute menace who think it is funny and macho to let their dogs do whatever they want.
W e have always had G.Shepherds and because I would be the main walker with my last one I attended training courses especially for the breed.when she was 6 mths old until she was 1 yrs old.
Out walking her many a time another walker would say " Oh I dont like big dogs keep it back !" Theirs would be pulling and barking and like yours Roy, she wouldn't bat an eyelid.
Irrisponsible owners should be reported and cautioned where possible as like you say, there could be kiddies involved


Muffyxx Report 12 Feb 2013 13:45

I always have my dogs on a lead by the roads....I do let them off only when we get to the field...but call them back and put them on the lead when I spot other dogs..(.the collie has a tendency to be a tad over protective if the children are with us) I always think if someone has their dog on a lead then courtesy should dictate that you call your own dog to heel if they will do it....or you also put them on a lead until you are past them x

Understand your frutstrations Roy..I was walking mine up the road and a Jack Russell bolted across from one of the house and tried to grab Harper by the throat...Luckily I didn't have the collie with me or the JR would be no more. and Harper ..big lump though she is is still pickupable.

Annoys the hell out of me when dog owners behave so irresponsibly with their dogs x


Porkie_Pie Report 12 Feb 2013 13:34

Whats your opinion about dog walking,

Should all dogs be on a lead/leash when in a public place eg, walking down the street

I get fed up with people who have no control over their dogs when in public,

nearly every day my wife walks our dog, never lets him off the lead but most days will have a problem with another dog walker letting their dog roam free and attacking any other dogs they come across Most owners shout "its OK he wont bite" to which my wife replies Get your dog on the lead, I don't care it your dog bits or not, One bite from mine and your dog will be history, They are mainly smaller dogs

We have socialised our dog and continue to do so, He meet everyone who comes to our house "I insist on that"

Just now, Dog in the garden, large 6' 6'' double gates, most days my dog loves to sit near the gate and watch the world go by, Just heard a commotion outside so ran out Staffordshire Bull Terrier going ballistic trying to get to my dog and the owner with dog lead in hand "not connected to his dog" had no control what so ever over his dog,
My dog just lifted an eye brow as if to say "Ye wotever"

What if a child had done something to upset his dog, Doesn't bear thinking about