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The tragic death of Jade Anderson

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Muffyxx Report 27 Mar 2013 13:54

In light of the shocking death of this young girl by 4 dogs......what do you think should be done to prevent this from happening again.?

I understand that it will shortly become possible to take sanctions against owners whose dogs attack in their home ...I'm guessing the compulsory micro chipping will also mean that there can be no trying to wriggle out of it by claiming that the dog didn't belong to them etc.

BUT none of this will prevent deaths......just make it easier to prosecute after the event.

Speaking as both a mum and a devoted dog lover...I strongly feel that more needs to be done.......round here more and more often I see dogs being walked that are a danger to everyone around them.....they'd be arrested if they had a loaded gun and yet some of these dogs are just as dangerous.

I KNOW not all owners of these dogs are irresponsible...and I know that it's the owners making the dogs like this for the most part...(before anyone jumps on me lol)

Rambling Rose

Rambling Rose Report 27 Mar 2013 14:21

Any dog in a pack situation may be a danger...but the breeds which have the shorter strong jaws are inevitably going to do more damage if they attack.

I'm prepared to be unpopular and say that I really think it's time breeders were stopped from breeding and selling certain breeds, bull mastiffs, bull terriers and similar...these are the ones that seem to end up at the dog's homes ( if looking at DT is an indicator) they have been the 'status' dogs that get bought by idiots who shouldn't have a fluffy toy dog let alone a real one.

No dogs are 'bad' but certain breeds have defining traits...that's what they were bred for in the first place, hunting dogs, fighting dogs, who will bring something down and not let go) . The problem is that people ( generalisation) don't recognise that and choose breeds wholly unsuited to the environment in which they're put ( eg in a 'pack', in a domestic situation, without proper discipline or control).

Stating the obvious really, but it saddens me not just when something like this incident happens, but to also see the numbers of these dogs that end up being put down because they are no longer wanted, or people can't cope with them.


ChrisofWessex Report 27 Mar 2013 14:31

It is awful - she was eating a meat pie. Personally I think keeping five dogs of that size and breeding in an ordinary home is asking for trouble.

Sympathies to Jade's family and friends.


Muffyxx Report 27 Mar 2013 14:44

I must admit Rose...even though I don't want to.......I'm beginning to come around to that way of thinking too. Some people use these dogs like others use a's intimidating and dangerous......and a shame for the owners of these dogs who behave responsibly....BUT as usual with these things it'll only be the decent owners who comply..the ones it's aimed at, for the most part, already believe they are above the I doubt the police will even bother to follow it all through with checks etc.I suspect it would be exceptionally expensive both in terms of having an up to date database and in manpower.......


Porkie_Pie Report 27 Mar 2013 15:12

I think its just another sad day when a young life has been lost in such a horrific way,

From what i read it sounds like she was alone with the dogs, Why anyone having a sign saying "beware or the dog enter at your own risk" Would then allow a child to be alone with the dogs is beyond me, I have a dog who would rather lick strangers to death rather than bite them but i would never leave him alone with anyone let alone a child.



AnnCardiff Report 27 Mar 2013 15:43

99 times out of a hundred it's the fault of the owner and not the dog - and sadly it's always the bull breeds which get the bad publicity - we've always had bull terriers and I have yet to come across a vicious one, quite the reverse, they are soppy and friendly, take one out for a walk and the world and his wife want to talk to you and make a fuss of the dog - my son has a bull terrier and a bull mastiff - the mastiff would not hurt a butterfly

small breeds like Jack Russells and Yorkies or Border Terriers can be so vicious and because they are small people think they're harmless - not so

put any dogs in a "pack" and that's how they will act - like a pack - it's in their nature whatever breed

"hard" men and boys like a Staffie or a bull terrier as a status symbol and it's the way a dog is treated which affects it's nature

havng said that, all dogs, without exception, should not be left with a minor and why anyone in their right mind would want to keep so many dogs in a domestic situation I have no idea


Muffyxx Report 27 Mar 2013 15:51

I'm guessing Ann that she probably thought none of them would hurt a fly..........

I agree with re the pack thing..however I'd rather have a pack of border terriers go for me than a pack of bull terriers given the choice !!!!


Mersey Report 27 Mar 2013 16:10

I think any dog can turn no matter what, no matter what the breed what the age or who the owner is. I adore dogs, any type of dog but never would I leave any kind of dog on their own with a child.

As for packs I do think to have so many dogs in a small area as a back yard is idiotic and pathetic , and I will be honest I know the area where this tragedy happened thats exactly what it is a yard........ Dogs no matter what they are who they live with need space, plenty of exercise, and I mean to be walked more than once round the block.

Unfortunatley the dogs in question in this story have been given bad press and the younger generation roam around the streets showing them off as trophies and in some cases weapons!!

I hope my wording has come across right, I am not here to judge anyone but in this case it is an horrific story of a girl who lost her life in tragic circumstances and for what?? May she RIP


GoldenGirl1 Report 27 Mar 2013 16:10

My Westie would lick you to death and loves people
big or small, same with my daughters Staffie.

Saying that I would not leave my dog alone with children,
all dogs imo need to be supervised no matter what the breed.



ZZzzz Report 27 Mar 2013 16:21

20 ish years ago we wanted to buy a dog, our son was 3 so we looked carefully and decided that a boxer was the best for us, our garden and taking him with us wherever we went.
IMHO you have to realise what they do, gun dogs, sheep dogs and the like.
They are pack animals and the human is the leader of the pack
I would never trust any dog in a house where I am the visitor because I am on their patch and they guard that and the people who live there.
I will probably be shot down in flames for saying this but some dogs are bought for trophy value.


AnnCardiff Report 27 Mar 2013 16:41

no one would shoot you down - you are absolutely right - basically they are pack animals


AnninGlos Report 27 Mar 2013 17:13

The owner called the dogs her babies. I wonder if theyw ere spoilt with food and used to being given food from the table. Maybe one jumped up for the pie and the poor girl shouted at it and then they all turned on her (frightened she was attacking them maybe). We will never know I just feel so sorry for her because it must have been painful and terrifying. I also wonder why a fifth dog was shut in another room.


George Report 27 Mar 2013 17:33

I just can never understand why some people have to have so many animals.

In the village where I used to live there was one woman who had loads of cats, and another family who had about 4 or 5 dogs.?

I once took in a parcel for the cat woman, and later took it over to her, when she opened her front door the smell was disgusting, and the family with all the dogs were often being asked to keep them under control, and they were quite large dogs.
I can understand some people having a pet, but.!!!!!
I think every dog should be chipped, and licenced, failure to comply should mean the removal of the dog, and the owner heavily fined, and I don't mean a fine of £50, but a fine of hundreds.

I also am aware that some elderly people might find the cost a bit difficult to pay for the chipping and licence, but something seriously needs to be done.



Paula+ Report 27 Mar 2013 17:56

We had a Staffordshire Bull terrier for fifteen and a half years. I have to say he was better behaved than some smaller dogs. However, we were very aware that like any dog they can be unpredictable. We never left him alone with other children,. I do wonder why someone needs to keep five large dogs in a house; surely that cannot be good for the dogs to be locked up in a this way. I feel so sorry for the young girl and her family.


Jane Report 27 Mar 2013 18:19

What a dreadful thing to happen to this lovely young girl.
My Sister had 4 dogs.2 Spanish Water Dogs,a Wheaten Terrier and another (can't think of the breed).A situation happened when one of the Spanish Water Dogs suddenly attacked one of the other dogs in the house.My sister was bitten separating them.Molly(the attacker had never behaved like that before).But the decision was made sadly to have her put down as the risk of something happening again when the Grandchildren were there was too great.The vet said about the 'Pack ' thing.More than 3 are a pack?? (I think that is what he said) but might be wrong)
It is so sad when you hear of a tragedy like this again.


JoyBoroAngel Report 27 Mar 2013 19:02

my neighbour has 20 odd dogs
never had a problem with them
i look after them if she goes away

but i wouldnt let anybody near my own dog
as he is tempremental and kept well away from people
who dont live in our house

my 8 year old grand son
has never been even in the same room as Benson :-(


~`*`Jude`*`~ Report 27 Mar 2013 19:19

And alot of it is to do with the Bloody breeders can breed bad dogs too, you can use the different characteristics of a male and female, from generations back and come up with one very gentle beautiful dog or one very aggressive nasty dog.

My mum used the nice characteristics etc when breeding her dogs, for temperament and showing:)

RIP Jade

jude x


Kay???? Report 27 Mar 2013 19:32

Its just so tragic and horiffic that so much harm was terrified she must have been,

At least the dogs cant harm anyone else,and hope the owners have learned a very valuable lesson about packing dogs together.


ZZzzz Report 27 Mar 2013 20:17

The boxer dog we had was a "reject" because he was white and not good for showing, if we hadn't have bought him he would probably have been put down, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with him.


ChrisofWessex Report 28 Mar 2013 13:45

According to DM today the owner breeds dogs, the neighbours say dogs rarely walked. Every dog needs 2-3 walks per day - length of walk depends upon the dog type.

What puzzles me is that the two girls bought meat pies for lunch and then went to a neighbours to get them heated up? Jade returned first.

As I said before it is a tragic accident. However if what is reported today is true, it was an accident waiting to happen and the owner should take responsibilty. However she will not be charged as it happened in the home.

Since 2007 one adult and five children have been killed by dogs
on private property. Poor Jade makes another.