Manchester Employers' Roll Of Honour 1914-1916

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Information about Manchester Employers' Roll Of Honour 1914-1916

This dataset includes 62,597 records, and lists Manchester companies and the men working for them who served in some capacity during WWI.

The book 'Manchester City Battalions Book of Honour' was published in 1916 to mark the formation of the 90th and 91st Brigades of the Manchester Regiment which comprised the 16th to 23rd Battalions. The first part of the book comprises platoon lists and photographs, and the second part Rolls of Honour compiled by companies and institutions.

724 companies and institutions are included, of which the most substantial rolls are:

Cooperative Wholesale Society Ltd.: 6,815 names
Manchester Corporation: 5,529 names
Calico Printers' Association Ltd.: 2,965 names
Manchester Ship Canal Co.: 3,539 names
Manchester Grammar School: 1,304 names

The level of detail available varies considerably. A few men are identified by last name only, and others by last name and initials. There are also entries, however, in which the ranks, service numbers and regiments of each man are identified.

These rolls do not provide exhaustive information, but may be a valuable lead for researchers - information about a man's employer may help direct research into other sources.