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Tree Update

Published on 20 Feb 2013 14:19 : 3 comments : 1997 views

Just a very quick update to let you know that the Family Tree now shows the middle name of your relations, or an initial when the full name will not fit. We know this is something a lot of people have asked for, so we hope you find it useful. 


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by wig on 26 Feb 2013 20:13 :
lots of information missing off my tree since the adding of middle names :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( has any one else have the same trouble???????
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by StephenGodfrey on 27 Feb 2013 16:39 :
That is all well and good now that you have managed this may be you do some thing the search parameters.
The general search they produce endless results may be fine when looking for an uncommon surname. But when there can be a number of variations Smith, Smiths etc it becomes a multitude. And a waste of time.
So can you can you make you selves useful and give use a choice.
Refine the search
Exact match surname - tick a box
or Phonetic search surnames - tick a box

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by Simon on 7 Mar 2013 16:54 :
Why wasn't this put onto the Announcements board?

Not everyone reads the Blogs (they are mostly SO out of date, I rarely bother to look at them).

Surely, a change like this to the Tree is so fundamental that it should be published as an Announcement?

It might have been a nice idea to have also put it into the Tree Suggestions thread too - with a reference back to those Members who had asked for this change to be made (mind you, I don't remember ever seeing it requested on the Tree Suggestions thread).