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Hi there, my name is Katie and I am Product Executive for Genes Reunited. Last Thursday, along with Rhoda, head of Genes Reunited, I caught an ealry Aer Lingus flight and headed over to Dublin to attend the 'Back To Our Past' exhibition. Rhoda and I were both pretty nervous having never taken part in an exhibition before, we didn't know what to expect or what the reaction to Genes Reunited was going to be like.

Graduating with a £30,000 debt! Is it worth it?

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Hi I'm Nikki, Marketing Executive at Genes Reunited.

Child benefit - facts and figures

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I'm Estelle and I am the product assistant for Genes Reunited. I am a mother of two and work full-time here at Genes. I was very interested to read in the news this week that the chancellor George Osborne will be axing child benefit in 2013 for any families where one of the parents pays the higher tax rate of 40%. In other words, anyone earning over roughly £43,875 will no longer receive it. Rather controversially, if both parents work but neither is a higher rate tax payer they will still be entitled to the money. So, you could have two parents with a joint income of £80,000 who'll still be receiving their child benefit.