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Long Lost Family – Series 2 Episode 5

Published on 21 May 2012 19:06 : long lost family tv : 0 comments : 3413 views

After a week's break Long Lost Family returned to our screens this week. It was another episode that tugged at the heart strings where two people were both looking for their parents. First of all we meet Bridget. She had no idea that she had been adopted until the age of 11. She was at an interview at a local boarding school and her mother turned to the House Master and told him that Bridget had been adopted. She had simply presumed that Bridget had already worked it out for herself.

When she was in her early 30's Bridget decided it was time to look for her birth mother. She had already found some paper in her father's belongings and knew that her christened name was Natalie Susannah. She sourced the adoption papers and discovered her birth mother was called Brenda Martin. Brenda had re-married so Bridget's search had ended there. However, the Long Lost Family team were able to find out who she married and eventually traced Brenda living just 26 miles from Bridget. The women meet up and Bridget is so happy to have finally found her birth mother.

In the second story of the show we meet Bradlee. He lives with his partner Charlene and their daughter Kyla. They are just a week away from getting married. Bradlee is estranged from both of his parents, although very much a part of Charlene's family. However he is keen to trace his Dad, Malcolm, before he his big day. The last time he saw him was shortly after the death of his Nan. Bradlee had been very close to her and in the emotional turmoil that followed he rejected his father when he came to visit him.

This is a really tough search for the Long Lost Family team. They send a letter to Malcolm's last known address where amazingly a cousin of his is living. The letter is forwarded on to Malcolm who lives in north London. Nicky Campbell meets up with Malcolm who admits he has thought of his son every day, although he is still haunted by their last bad tempered meeting. Nicky tells Malcolm about Bradlee's impending wedding and how much he wants his father to be there.

When Bradlee and Malcolm meet, Bradlee gives his father an invitation to his wedding. You'll have to wath the programme to see if Malcolm makes it to the wedding!

You can watch it again here. There are just two episodes left for Long Lost Family. The next one is Thursday the 24th May at 9pm on ITV.