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~~~Secret Red ^^ Squirrel~~~  **007 1/2**

~~~Secret Red ^^ Squirrel~~~ **007 1/2** Report 12 May 2010 22:45

No need to apologise Sylvia :) I like you and think you do a great job on here. You're also Canadian which is a bonus in my eyes :)))) Apologies to all the non-Canadians on here lol

I just find myself having to speak out sometimes when i don't think something is fair or I can see things from another angle. Honestly, it's a curse!

I never intend it to be personal and I would say the same to those I consider friends on here.

So I hope things can be ok between us. I don't like offending or falling out with anyone.


FRANK06 Report 12 May 2010 22:45

By heck,

That Sylvia moves fast for an old 'un......

ouch, ouch,ouch

Oh SRS, see what you've started now...............she'll be bopping people all night now.
Don't worry, we're used to it ;;))

By the way, did you notice that The Daily Mail described Gordon Brown as not Admiral Thrawn of Star Wars that deja vu again ;)

Night all.


SylviaInCanada Report 12 May 2010 23:05


friends again :)))))

I also find myself speaking out when I see things are wrong or not fair

as you say, it can be a curse

see you around


SylviaInCanada Report 12 May 2010 23:07


Gordon Brown is thrawn

that's a good old dialect word, my dad used to use it!

in the sense of perverse, or peevish



Susan Report 13 May 2010 07:07

Hi Everyone

What a nice spirited conversation today.

Thankyou SRS for your imput from another angle but I still do not see any reason to delete our thread.
We are a group of very nice people who I might add would not stoop so low as to say things that would offend anyone.

I don't care anyway Genes has given its blessing for the thread to stay on Tips ,the message they sent me yesterday(Page two of this thread) says as much.

It is raining today so glad to get some ,we have been waiting for the rains to arrive .
The farmers are crying out to start seeding .

Catherine welcome back so nice to hear from you again and good wishes to your father for good health.

I will try to get back later


Kiwibird Report 13 May 2010 10:06

Hi Everyone,
I am glad you have all made it back.

I have an inkling as to who may have had our thread removed.

I won't name the person because I could be completely wrong but she has been leaving some rather nasty comments on a number of threads re; their so called infractions against GR's rules. She seems to have a vendetta against newbies.

I had been getting some wonderful records assistance, regarding my Grandfather's military records from a very nice lady who had started a thread offering to help people and listing what resources she could access.

she had requested people leave their query on the thread, and unfortunately one poor guy had made the mistake of asking her to check out an ancestor he originally had asked for help on the board for

This rather officious person posted a most nasty message to the owner of the thread pointing
out the misdeeds of this poor guy who had dared to ask twice, then informed the owner of the thread.
That instead of creating a thread like this, she should in stead be trawling the Boards offering help that way.
I posted an encouraging note to her and she Pm'd me, she was quite upset and I don't blame her.
Secret Squirrel then assisted her to put her thread on Records Office.

Maybe she was having a bad day and a vision of Frank looking like a Smurf in Tartan slippers was to much for her.!!!

By the way Frank, I am under the age of 55 so being called an old fogy has got me seeing red. So I have got out MY GRANDMOTHER'S WOODEN ROLLING PIN and after Sylvia has taken care of you. Expect a whack from me. And don't think you can' soften me up with a Cup Of Cocoa either. I might succumb to some groveling on your part though.

It has rained here today, but has been very muggy, still getting Temps around 20 cel. Certainly don't need our electric blankets at the moment.

Are starting to have the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets this week, I t would appear that the ash from that Icelandic Volcano has made it down under.
Hope you still have some hair Tabbitha and haven't consumed to much wine with all the challenges of your stress free job Ha Ha.

Catch you all later Josie.


Cynthia Report 13 May 2010 14:06

Thrawn? Not to be confused with brawn I take it? Just thinking of Frank you see......... :

It's been beautiful here all morning but as soon as I put a sheet on the washing line it went all gloomy and now it's raining....typical. Never mind, got the ironing done and waiting for the man to come and fix my cooker.'s a great excuse for not cooking!!

I've had a thought about Wayne should he ever wish to come back......I'll try and remember to send him a pm.

Poor Anne, another hectic day at the office eh?

Am out this evening but hopefully back in time to say good night!



Tabitha Report 13 May 2010 14:26

Thank you for the kind thoughts - looked at the clock & realised at 13:30 - no-one in the team had even thought about lunch - so we are all going at 15 min intervals (so in theory we should always have phone cover) we decided today to only have 30 mins lunch as we had already lost 90 mins.

so I spend mine looking at our thread.

Josie I too am under 55 (about 4 years under 55) Frank isn't as old as he wants to appear either. Loved the idea of the tartan smurf. you should have read some of the things on our old thread about Frank when he was younger.

I have plenty of hair left - its very fine but lots & lots of it. I should get it thined out.

Evelyn hope the weather is ok for your sailing on Friday.

I am going to spend the day on a NEW Cruise ship (called Sojourn) in a few weeks time - having a good look around up in Greenwich when she docks - we are also going to have a Champagne lunch on board (plus wine with the meal) - sounds fun - really looking forward to it - except its on a Saturday.

OH not at all happy about it as it ruins our weekend together.

At least we have a week off soon - not that we are going anywhere - just can't afford it at the moment.

Well my 30 mins is nearly up now - my friend in the office has just shown me a film(on his phone) of his bearded dragon trying to hide her eggs - she is so cute - I would so love one but they cost a lot to keep warm.

Take care all - keep up the chatter


Evelyn Report 13 May 2010 16:42

Hello Everyone,
Well I am in the midst of packing and preparing for our trip home tomorrow, I do hope the sea is calm.
We havent been out today, it is a public holiday and all the shops are closed so I can take my time with packing etc.
Ron is sound asleep watching deal or no deal, I do hope he is enjoying it..
Its wonderful to have so many friends back on the thread, lets hope it will be allowed to stay now that it has been moved.
Once I get home I think I will put a thread on trying to find for my Grandma(fathers Mother) and see how far back I can get with her line, she should be much easier to trace than my mother who is so elusive, Grandma was Emily Maud Riggs and was born in Devon in I believe 1885 and I think she had 11 siblings, no T V obviously.
Must get some work done so cheerio everyone Take Care


Cynthia Report 13 May 2010 17:15

I'll get our Viv onto it Evelyn....she'll be delighted to help.

Have a safe and calm journey......don't forget to ask Ron who won!!

~~~Secret Red ^^ Squirrel~~~  **007 1/2**

~~~Secret Red ^^ Squirrel~~~ **007 1/2** Report 13 May 2010 17:34

Hi Kiwi, I wish I could move posts but I can't lol. As far as I am aware the original poster posted on the correct board to begin with, there was nothing against the t&c so it was ok as far as I could see :)

re the other poster, I don't think it is fair to bring her into this, there is no evidence that it was her and for people to try and guess often brings problems. She's also not here to put her point of view across.

Personally I don't think it is her either as I am sure she would have said something. I just don't think it would be something she would do on this type of thread either.

Talking generally rather than specifically, people often feel justified when reporting threads, it's just a shame that GR don't give detailed reasons for deletion when it's not obvious to the posters.


Evelyn Report 13 May 2010 17:44

Thank you Cynthia for your help. I asked Ron how much the contestant won and he had no clue, not sure if he even knew if the contestant was male or female, but he did enjoy the programme.
Is it possible for us to just get on with our thread now and not keep on suggesting who might have had it removed, its happened now and all over.
Am preparing a meal now but will try to pop in later.
Cheerio all


InspectorGreenPen Report 13 May 2010 17:47

I don't wish to cause a row, but isn't this getting a little 'Cliquey' in so far as what people should and shouldn't do? Surely as long as people aren't rude or offensive they can go about their business on here as they wish to?

There was a similar situation which developed a few years back which, if I remember correctly, ended in tears with slanging matches, deleted threads, banned members (they were 'bumped' in those days) , resignations and all sorts of grief.


Cynthia Report 13 May 2010 17:59

Thanks IGP, we certainly don't want any of that on here as we are such a happy bunch and welcome newcomers at any time to help nudge these hints up whilst making every effort to communicate in a friendly and everyday way.

I make a proposition that all discussion re do's and don'ts on this site ceases forthwith.

Those in favour.........?

Now, just to let you know that the man cannot fix my cooker today as the thermo coupling (whatever that is and I am sure Frank will tell me in great detail), doesn't fit. Great. Seeing as I hate cooking at the best of times, this is going to stretch my imagination no end.!!!

Love to all. Cx.


InspectorGreenPen Report 13 May 2010 18:12

I don't thing the does and don'ts should cease altogether - it is a case of finding the middle ground and presenting it in such a way that it doesn't sound aggressive or patronising.

It is the 'Thou Shalt do This or not do That' approach that gets up peoples noses.


Evelyn Report 13 May 2010 18:15

Hi Cynthia,
thank you for referring me to Viv, she is a pet isnt she.
Sorry about the cooker and hope the problem is resolved very soon, when it is are you going to make some nice scones? if you are I might pop in for one.
Its a long time since I had a Lamington, oh I wish.
The sun has come out now so maybe I shall go for a nice walk along the canal bank after I have washed the dishes.
Love to all

P S I miss my squiggle


SylviaInCanada Report 13 May 2010 19:47

morning/afternoon/evening everyone

another lovely sunny day

OH has just gone to the airport ... he'll be in Calgary until toemorrow evening

ME time!!

time to hit the freezer and see what I can pull out that he doesn't like :)))))

Or likes but we only have one portion left :))))))))))))))))))

Safe trip Evelyn

Post that thread on your grandma .......... you'll get loads of help, and she certainly should be easier to find and trace back.



FRANK06 Report 13 May 2010 19:53

Wow, we're still here even after sending out all of these cookery tips and repair requests, we must surely find ourselves in the wrong place.

Danger, danger, deletion imminent........microwave cookery tips must be posted in fast food thread.

Thermo coupling Cynthia.............. whatever happened to rubbing a couple of sticks together and creating fire!

..........and I thought you were educated down south.

Now you know how we men love pretending that we can cook so just get your OH out in the garden with the barbeque.

Jings, that was hard work.

From your favourite middle aged, vintage rolling pin dodging, old fogie.

P.S. My virus & malware programs also have a facility to disable cooking utensils so do your worst.

P.P.S. We only had cocoa because Cynthia forgot to bring the Horlicks............just wait until we get to the hard stuff like Gaelic coffee etc.



SylviaInCanada Report 13 May 2010 19:58

I want to know if Josie's grandmother's wooden rolling pin is older than my mother's wooden rolling pin?

Hi Frank :))))

Have you had the baby shower yet????


FRANK06 Report 13 May 2010 20:19

Hi Sylvia,

No we have another two weeks to prepare for that little delight with my daughter growing bigger by the day.
We thought it would be better to have it on the holiday weekend so the hangovers have time to subside.
It's just a small affair and all attendees have been advised to bring only "small gifts"
At Sophia's American shower, it was more like a full blown christening with gifts that were embarrassing just by their value......... they were all trying to outdo each other !
(We were not there)

There are a couple of step parents to deal with in this one but hopefully everything will go Sylviaesque disaster stories :))