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Susan10146857 Report 4 Feb 2012 00:11



Susan10146857 Report 4 Feb 2012 00:14

I would be interested to know if other IPad users have difficulty using the site.

I have had to use my laptop to write this. I find it impossible to get onto the site using my IPad.


Perhaps at this point I should make the suggestion to GR to look into it......If they have already done so perhaps they will acknowledge.


SylviaInCanada Report 4 Feb 2012 20:18


You might get more responses if you posted this on Genealogy Chat (and then deleted this one from this board)

Suggestions is really meant to be for suggestions to GR to better improve the site .... or correct bugs in the system.

There are many knowledgeable people on Genealogy Chat who might be able to give you some help.



Susan10146857 Report 4 Feb 2012 23:20

Thank you for the advice Sylvia, however, after reading the content of most of the other posts, I thought I would post on here. ( tis not a genealogically chatty post)

I would be very pleased if GR do 'better improve the site' and get rid of the 'bugs in the system' that seem to be stopping me using my Ipad.....maybe I should re-phrase.......

Does anyone (GR preferably) have any suggestions as to how I can use my IPad on this site? There seem to be bugs that stop me doing so.

Edit....Or to put it another way......May I suggest that GR also test for compatibility on tablets whilst messing about with the format of the site......It did work, but now it doesn't.....It is not the IPad at fault, it works on all other sites..........

See .........nothing to do with genealogy do with trying to alert GR to the fact that my IPad does not work on this site and are they already aware of the problem? and what do they suggest.

EDIT: I have changed the heading from 'IPad Users' to the bug alert.

This is a 'genuine' request/suggestion which I thought GR should be alerted to. If however anyone still feels that it is on the wrong board, perhaps GR could be asked to delete it. I will then at least know that they have read it.


SylviaInCanada Report 5 Feb 2012 01:00


makes much more sense not to be on here!

although Genealogy Chat does have lots of people who know about such esoteric ** things

I have seen others commenting on similar problems


** ie, esoteric to a dinosaur like me, who doesn't even own a cell phone :-D :-D


Susan10146857 Report 5 Feb 2012 01:26

It is still a suggestion Sylvia, a suggestion to take into account tablets and the workings of.

I have just read a few more posts by others who may agree with you but have also seen them chat away on this board about things nothing to do with anything.

I am sticking to my guns and staying on this board as I would prefer GR to see my 'suggestion' to look at the problem of a possible bug.

I am computer literate and have never really had the need to put my questions to a forum......I also have visions of someone else on Genealogy chat asking me to remove my post because it has nothing to do with Genealogy....and as for General Chat....that is exactly what it No!......I need GR to address the problem because I cannot use my IPAd on this site and it has nothing to do with the workings of the IPad but a bug in GR's system that prevents me using it.

I suggest that GR take tablets into account when re-arranging their site and altering their software.....This is not a moan but a helpful suggestion....helpful to me and other tablet users


Susan10146857 Report 5 Feb 2012 02:16

I have been reading some of your own posts and am slightly confused as to the difference between them and mine.

I too am having similar problems as yourself but in my case they are on an IPad and are more severe. Unlike yourself I am unable to click on anything as touch is the means by which the IPad works.....Now take into account that it takes numerous ( as in hundreds) of taps to open a thread these days you may understand my frustration when wanting to answer posts......

This is just as much a valid point as any of the same of yours and others......forgive me if I sound rude as there is no intention. This is a serious problem that needs addressing and preferably by GR as they may not be aware of it.


SylviaInCanada Report 5 Feb 2012 04:12


you do sound rude

No doubt about it.

In case you didn't understand

........ I was taking your first opening post, and suggesting that you might get some suggestions from other members who are having the same problem as you ..... IF you posted on Genealogy Chat, which is where I have seen others commenting on impossibility of doing much on GR with an ipod or tablet.

I completely fail to see why you would have even bothered to find other posts of mine

That smells of HARASSMENT


SylviaInCanada Report 5 Feb 2012 04:29

Meanwhile, as I still like to help ...................

you may be interested to see this thread. I knew I had seen something re iPads very recently .........................

Barbara Report 13 Jan 2012 19:42

I use an IPad, and have found that the performance is very poor when on the Genesreunited website. It is slow, it freezes, and takes ages to load.Does anyone else have this problem?



Susan10146857 Report 5 Feb 2012 16:36

Ease Up Sylvia

I was explaining my confusion. In no way was I being rude to you. Perhaps I should have put a smiley face.

I was reading other posts because they are there to be read. I am certainly not harrassing you. But forgive me if I now feel that you are harrassing me.

It has been explained why I shall stay on this board. My query is valid as is my explanation and I do not feel it neccessary to explain to you or anyone else any further, therefore, If this upsets you unduly then I suggest my post is RR'd. Perhaps then GR will see it.


I Cannot open posts easily or use the site on an ipad so going to other boards is/was not an option. Yes I know I have managed to get on here the past couple of days ( with a lap top) but I did not want to miss the oportunity of stating my query by trying to find the answer with a search engine I have problems with.

Was Barbara's post answered by GR? Did it take you long to find it or did another member send it to you for the purpose of this 'debate'.......I am only asking out of interest :-)

Sheesh ....I do so wish we could have stayed with my original would be so much simpler.

As I have already said.....Thank you for your advice and generous amount of concern but I will stay on this board with the hope that GR will see my post and answer it. If this is not to your liking then I apologise. To continually ask me to remove will only bring the same explanation. I do not wish to annoy you any further so perhaps it would be best if we end the 'conversation' here. :-)


AnninGlos Report 5 Feb 2012 17:29

Sylvia to be honest I don't see a problem with Susan's suggestion being on this board. and I have really never known her to be rude intentially or otherwise in the whole time I have known her on here.

Susan it might help if you explain to GR if this has only happened since the most recent update. :-)


Susan10146857 Report 5 Feb 2012 18:03

Thank you Ann but that is what I am trying to do :-).....Suggest to GR that they take tablets into account The other way would bring the usual response and nothing be done. Besides, imagine if we all emailed them with our queries, suggestions and gripes. Can they not see them at a glance on this board?

You won't believe the problems that have ensued because I cannot get on the site and the time consumed by trying to get it sorted. Perhaps they will return my fee.


SylviaInCanada Report 5 Feb 2012 20:00


I am not harassing you.

To answer "your interest" ....... NO-ONE, literally no-one has been in contact with me re iPads or previous threads. It was all my own work :-)

I do still have a functioning brain :-D :-D

I remembered reading a thread on iPads (and others on iPods and tablets) within the last 3 or 4 weeks ......... and used Advanced Search to save time searching.

It was found within about 10 seconds (amazing!!).

.............. and, no, it was not answered by GR, as it was on Genealogy Chat.

and GR does not usually go searching Boards for threads asking questions

The rate on this board for replies by GR ................ allegedly set up for "suggestions for improvements", and said to be checked "regularly" .................. is currently running at about 10%, while the success rate of correcting whatever the problem might be is less than that!

In all honesty ............. you will get a better response from them by either emailing them at

OR ......... much as I absolutely hate Facebook .......... by going to the public forum on Genes Reunited Wall on FB, and asking your question there.

Again, there have been several previous postings on that FB wall asking very similar questions to the one you have posed ..........

......... and, very unfortunately, problems posed on that site are answered very quickly by GR

EXCEPT ....... of course, it is the weekend, and you might have to wait until after 8 am Monday morning. :-)

It does indeed seem that there are problems accessing GR from iPods, iPads, iPhones and tablets.



Susan10146857 Report 5 Feb 2012 20:46

Thank you for your input Sylvia

'In all honesty ............. you will get a better response from them by either emailing them at'

This was answered in the above post to Ann.

So what is the point of the suggestions board if they dont look on here ?

I think there is more chance of them seeing this posting on this board than any of the others, albeit a remote possibility.

Facebook is not an option I would choose to sort out a problem on GR......Or so some others have written on really it seems that I cannot win which ever board I choose to post on.

PS...just to be picky and with no harmful intent of any kind, and of course please correct me if I am wrong but the following

is on General Chat not Genealogy chat.....and it also proves the point that it was a general chat

and by slow I mean so slow that one does not bother at all....not slow as in normally slow. maybe it will speed up if one waits a while slow.

Suggestions to make the site better?.......but this is what I am make the site better so that I can get on here with my Ipad........If any others wanted to make it better it would be to be able to come on the site using their PCs....I honestly do not see why my quest is any different to any other suggestion quoted on here.....and believe me ...I am soooooo not being obtuse about it....I genuinely am puzzled


SylviaInCanada Report 5 Feb 2012 21:16

This is becoming almost farcical! :-D

My only intent was to try to help you get some input into the question you originally posed, which was ...................

"I would be interested to know if other IPad users have difficulty using the site.

I have had to use my laptop to write this. I find it impossible to get onto the site using my IPad"


I thought, obviously mistakenly in your eyes, that you might get a better response on another Board.

You then edited that first post, posting a suggestion to GR that the situation needs addressing.

True, it does, for those people that use other means of internet use than desktop or laptop should be able to access sites, if they so desire.

I THOUGHT I was helping

it seems you think I was not

............... you have so far picked me up on every single statement or posting I have made.

This will be my last posting, or attempt to explain myself to you ....... not that I should need to do so.

However, I do note that no-one other than Ann has posted on here, and your initial question has not been answered, except by me referring you to another thread.



Susan10146857 Report 5 Feb 2012 21:24

Lol Sylvia....and here was me thinking the same thing.....but what did you want me to say to your answers?.......nothing?......sorry but I felt at the time that You were telling me to post elsewhere....Was I wrong?

'However, I do note that no-one other than Ann has posted on here, and your initial question has not been answered, except by me referring you to another thread'.

Now what on earth is that supposed to mean?

Perhaps they dont wish to get involved in what, as you call it is a farce.......I just want the right to post where I see fit without all this hoo haa. Who cares if anyone else posts on here......please leave me alone now.


Susan10146857 Report 6 Feb 2012 19:39

Thank you Rollo

I particulary warm to the following

'Another work around is to use a different free / low cost FH site which does not use Flash'

but have paid my fees and expect some kind of service.

As I said, It did work before, flash or no flash, so whatever they have done since needs undoing in :-)


Susan10146857 Report 7 Feb 2012 04:03

I have deleted

frustration has subsided replaced by not caring anymore.


Kense Report 10 Feb 2012 08:50