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We have quite a broad selection of military records ranging from 1656 to 2005. There is a drop-down box next to 'military category' with a complete list of the military records we have. You can search all of the records or a specific category.

Our records cover both the first and second World War and other important events such as the Boer War and the battle of Waterloo.

As the records are all very different, the amount of information you see will vary. Some of the records have images and some are just transcripts. They are a great insight in to the military life your ancestor would have led. Our records cover all ranks so you will find both officers and soldiers listed.

ancestor would have led. Our records cover all ranks so you will find both officers and soldiers listed. We have found the death of Wing Commander Guy Gibson, who led the infamous Dambusters raid, recorded in 1944 in the WW2 death records.

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  • 1861 Worldwide Army Index
  • Anglo-Boer War Records 1899-1902
  • Armed Forces Births 1761-2005
  • Armed Forces Marriages 1796-2005
  • Armed Forces Deaths 1796-2005
  • Army List 1787
  • Army List 1798
  • Army List August 1878
  • Army Roll of Honour 1939- 1945
  • De Ruvigny's Roll 1914-1918
  • Distinguished Conduct Medal Citations 1914-1920
  • East India Register and Army List 1855
  • Grenadier Guards 1656-1874
  • Harts Army List 1840
  • Harts Army List 1888
  • Indian Army & Civil Service List 1873
  • Ireland's Memorial Records of the Great War
  • National Roll of the Great War 1914-1918
  • Naval Casualties 1914-1919
  • New Zealand WWI Soldiers
  • Other Army Lists Roll Calls 1656-1888
  • Peninsular Medal Roll 1793-1814
  • Royal Fusiliers Collection 1863-1905
  • Royal Marine Medal Roll 1914-1920
  • Royal Naval Division 1914-1919
  • Royal Naval Officers 1914-1920
  • Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919
  • Surrey Recruitment Registers 1908-1933
  • Waterloo Medal Roll 1815
  • Waterloo Roll Call 1815
  • WWII Prisoners of War