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Discover more this Father's Day

Published on 17 Jun 2010 17:00 : fathers day : 0 comments : 562 views

With it being father's day this weekend, we at Genes Reunited thought we'd provide you with a slice of historical information about this day which has been celebrated worldwide since 1909.

Traditionally father's day is celebrated every third Sunday of June and is commonly known as a day when children honour their fathers.

It all began in Spokane, Washington by a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd who thought of the idea whilst listening to a mother's day sermon and decided she wanted her father to know how important he was to her. Sonora's father acted as both father and mother, nurtured her and her five siblings as well as provide for them financially. This wasn't uncommon in the 1900's and Sonora, like many others wanted a day in which they could honour their father's efforts. Since then father's day was introduced, with the first celebration taking place in 1910.

This father's day a very famous father celebrates his birthday, John Taylor, Duran Duran's bass player. Using Genes Reunited "birth records search" page I entered John's date of birth and discovered his real name is in fact Nigel and that John is his middle name. I also learnt that he was born in Birmingham and his mother's maiden name is Hart. I was then able to use this information to learn more about his great grandfather's birth place, job, marriage and much more.

Members from all over the world have used Genes Reunited to find their real fathers and grand fathers. Using census reports we've even helped members discover some interesting facts about their forefathers.

Perhaps this weekend you could present your father or grandfather with your family tree, or even sign up on their behalf (it's absolutely free!) so they can begin discovering their ancestors, where they came from and who knows, you may just share the same great grandfather as a celebrity.

Have fun finding your family this father's day!