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Linda Report 26 Feb 2008 09:44

how dare the city of liverpool try to take away kiddies happy meals most kiddies these days only have them for a treat they have lost thier popualaity due to parants beening more health
wise what do others think?


Krystyna♥ Report 26 Feb 2008 09:55

Unfortunately, there are still parents who aren't feeding their children healthy food. My son does eat healthily and to take his happy meal away would personally be an insult to me, as I feel that his treat is being denied as a result of others negligence.
Salt is another issue with me. Isn't everything so bland tasting now? Bread, butter etc have all had salt reduced. I once read that if you crave butter, then you're body isn't getting enough salt, which we do need.I do crave butter, but because of the reduction I now tend to slap on a lot more than what I used to!!



KEITH H Report 26 Feb 2008 09:55



KEITH H Report 26 Feb 2008 09:56

it can only happen in Liverpool

ஐ+*¨^¨*+e+*¨^¨*+ஐ Mildred Honkinbottom

ஐ+*¨^¨*+e+*¨^¨*+ஐ Mildred Honkinbottom Report 26 Feb 2008 10:07

Take away happy meals & the parents will end up buying an adult meal for their child regardless...thats more fat..salt etc etc..

At least the happy meals are healthier than they used to be, with more fruit/milk options & better nuggets.

When Kyle was about 2-3, it was a nightmare if we were out and needed to pop in somewhere for a bite as he was getting hungry...he hated the chips...the nuggets...diddnt eat burgers...& we disliked giving him fizzy drinks. At least now there are more meal options.

Wish instead of removing them, they could continue to improve them for those of us who just want to use them on occasion.


badger Report 26 Feb 2008 10:12

The councils of this country interfere with everything.
They try to ban Christmas,try to tell you what to do in every walk of life,and stop anything to do with people enjoying life as they see fit.
The word ,Grinch springs to mind,its time the councils were told that they are elected to ceed to the wishes of it's peoples,NOT dictate to them.

♥Julia♦from♦Liverpool ♥

♥Julia♦from♦Liverpool ♥ Report 26 Feb 2008 10:19

they are not taking away the happy meal they want to have free toys removed from children's meals (all not just mcdonalds) so the is no 'sweeteners' to buy junk food. Idea is so hopefully if there is no free toy then children might not be so inclined to want junk food and then they might just start looking at healthier options.


Catherine from Manchester

Catherine from Manchester Report 26 Feb 2008 10:20

I don't like Mcdonalds -but the lad loves them nuggets he only has em as a treat-your right though Mildred it just means an adult meal-so kids will get obese instead-did anyone see that prog supersize me about the bloke in the us that lived on Mcdonalds-oh man evil.


maggiewinchester Report 26 Feb 2008 10:42

Umm I had a 'happy meal' once aged 46 - never again!! The indigestion was awful!!
My daughters (27 & 25) never had a McDonalds once when growing up - I don't think they feel deprived lol
Grand daughter has had a McDonalds - once when her father's sister took her. She won't be doing that again!!!

However that was our choice - I think a mother should have some say in what her children eat, but by the same token there should be some cheaper options of healthy meals.
Youngest has always hated anything with mayonnaise or tomato in - which meant, as a child it was difficult buying a childs meal for her , and sandwiches weren't much easier either.


Chica in the sun ☼

Chica in the sun ☼ Report 26 Feb 2008 10:57

Yesterday my daughter sent me an amazing video on line showing Mc´s beefburgers & chips left to rot alongside local butcher made beefburger and fresh chips. Incredibly McHorrors chips stayed almost perfect without breakingdown by bacteria for 9 months. Imagine that in your belly! What a nightmare. If anyone is interested to see this look on the site under health. You will be horrified.

Theresa (Cork, Ireland) 157164

Theresa (Cork, Ireland) 157164 Report 26 Feb 2008 11:08

McDonalds is supposed to be a treat food even the company itself would not advocate eating it daily. Its about self control and self regulating. If you eat carrots only you will get sick (and actually turn orange). Everything in moderation. To be honest I dont think it would bother McDonalds to remove the toy, the 'Happy meal' is the least cost effective of all their food purely due to this item. They would just continue charging the same price and make a larger profit.

Like someone else said they are steadily improving the nutritional value of their food so why should the ordinary folk be treated like they are stupid because of the extreme few?

Daisy, having worked in McDonalds some years ago I can guarentee the fries breakdown. They are potato nothing special.

love T.x

Theresa (Cork, Ireland) 157164

Theresa (Cork, Ireland) 157164 Report 26 Feb 2008 11:13


How I agree with you over salt! I have low blood pressure and I believe in some countries this is treated as seriously as high blood pressure. One of the solutions is sodium tablets or increased salt in the diet. It sort of explains why I love anchovies on my pizza or like you, love butter. My favourite food though must be boiled bacon, cabbage, mash with an onion white sauce.......scrummy. I am trying to work out whther its my favourite because of the salt issue or my Irish roots!

love T.x

*ღ*Dee in Bexleyheath*ღ*

*ღ*Dee in Bexleyheath*ღ* Report 26 Feb 2008 11:26

Re the salt issue mentioned by Krystina.

I personally cannot stand salt and never add it to anything I cook. Consequently my family haven't grown up with everything oversalted, and we find that any sort of takeaway or ready meal is completely inedible because of the excess of salt they contain. I honestly don't think folk who like their salt realise just how much is added to food.

Yes we all need SOME salt, but not the enormous amount used as an additive in an attempt to give poor quality food some flavour. Salt occurs naturally in most of the food we eat, and it is not necessary to add any.

McDonald's were just an occasional treat when my kids were young (in fact my daughter worked part-time for them when she was at school/uni). I think it would be a shame to stop the happy meals, but making them healthier would be a good move.

Unfortunately, when my daughter worked there, she was always amazed at the number of schoolchildren who would be buying breakfasts or burgers and fries on a DAILY basis. And almost always those children were very overweight.


Theresa (Cork, Ireland) 157164

Theresa (Cork, Ireland) 157164 Report 26 Feb 2008 11:44

Hiya Dee,

Before I met my husband we used to go through a tub of salt maybe once a year-2 years. Now I buy it regularly, you can actually see the salt on his food, I have tried changing to the lo-salt varieties but he reckons he can taste the difference!

I remember when I first started working in the supermarket over here a young lad would come in everyday with his 'lunch' money. He would buy 2 bags of crisps, 4-5 chocolate bars and 2 packets of chewing gum!!!!! I was amazed.

love T.x

Theresa (Cork, Ireland) 157164

Theresa (Cork, Ireland) 157164 Report 26 Feb 2008 12:03


Very true but some salt is essential. In my case my bp is very low even in labour it was only just 'normal'. I think its the Scandanavian countries that take the problem seriously, I might be wrong. I just wish I didnt have to cope with constant dizzy spells.

love T.x


Abigail Report 26 Feb 2008 12:05

I remember taking my 2 year old to a friend's 3rd birthday party on the Macdonalds bus.

Well he liked the party but when he had a look at the food I was very embarrassed that he told the staff,

"dat's wubbish, no like!"

It was the first major "treat" of his life as far as commercial food was concerned - I was soon put in my place but I am glad they don't like it, I can't even bear the smell past the door!

Theresa (Cork, Ireland) 157164

Theresa (Cork, Ireland) 157164 Report 26 Feb 2008 12:12


My nearly 3yo loves McDonalds but rarely gets it. I would be more concerned at the hygiene levels in our local stores than anything else. Daddy is the only one who buys it these days, I would much rather a pizza if we were having take away. I like making them but it takes hours what with waiting for the dough to prove plus it works out dearer!!??

I really should be doing my assignments!!

love T.x

Theresa (Cork, Ireland) 157164

Theresa (Cork, Ireland) 157164 Report 26 Feb 2008 12:45


I will pm you.

Probably one of the reasons I have so many kids!! LOL The only time I didnt get really low BP!

love T.x

Chica in the sun ☼

Chica in the sun ☼ Report 26 Feb 2008 12:54

Theresa, that is oh so true.

The potatoes are nothing special.

Well they are far different from the chips I cook at home from fresh potatoes. Far a start the french fries contain a minimum of 16 added ingredients (apart from the potato itself) these include sugars, wheat, milk and beef extractions, not to mention the cartload of preservatives.

The potatoes receive at least one, sometimes two coatings of hydrogenated fat to attach this lot to the potatoes,

THEN there is further deep frying in hydrogenated fat on the premises.

Obviously working in McD you wouldn´t be expected to know this. Most of my kids have worked there too.

Would be interesting to see this list of ingredients up on the wall in the shops. Check out their website for ingredients it´s an eye opener.

I use two ingredients to make chips. Potatoes & cold pressed olive oil....... perfect chips. Think I´ll go and make some right now....yummy.

Chica in the sun ☼

Chica in the sun ☼ Report 26 Feb 2008 14:33

Oh dear, have I killed this thread??