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Terry Report 6 Aug 2008 18:24

politics has all ways been trying to get things done, but it is also trying to look good. As for Green issues whilst there are mainy well thought out and well researched projects there is also an awfull lot of flim flamery and they shout the loadest which means before we can really get things done we have to silence the flim flamers
Also did politics and also the relationship to funding etc as part of course in administration though of course in Norway so I guess not everything talies

Sue in Somerset

Sue in Somerset Report 6 Aug 2008 12:15

Very true Terry but there are certain obvious things we can all do to help make our planet a pleasanter place for us all and lumping all green issues together so that it sounds a waste of time doing anything doesn't help.

I do not like sweeping statements about issues or whole groups lumped together with stereotypical comments made about them. When complaints are made about "politicians", "teachers", "police", "lawyers" or any group as a whole it makes me think the complainer has not thought the issue through. It is too easy to see the world in terms of Us and Them. I'm sorry but we are all Us. There are good and bad in all professions but the ones who do their best and plod on working hard at what they do get a bad name because of the few who are infamous.
Politics often gets a bad name but people so often don't really understand what it is. I studied politics as part of my degree and it was fascinating. Everything we do which interacts with other is in a way politics.
Running any group of people is a complicated job. I've been chairman of groups and just doing that as a voluntary thing can be tricky. Running a country is a extraordinarily complicated thing and there are times when it amazes me that anyone is prepared to try.

I wouldn't want the job and neither would most people. This doesn't mean we should sit back and accept what is done on our behalf unthinkingly but it does mean we should all make an effort to improve things at a local level.



Terry Report 6 Aug 2008 00:29

You have to agree Sue without Colin we wondent get so many good discussions going about the environment. I may sound very critical of whats being done in the name of Green politics but I'm afraid that much that is put forward is so little thought out, or there consequences not fully understood.
Also one does have to wonder why when the temperature has fallen since 1998 we still hear that the temperature is rising, though there has been no rise in incidents of extreme weather we still hear that we must adapt to extrem changes, though the sea hasn't risen a hundreth part of what was first predected we hear that we will get flooding because of the rise in sea levels.
We have to do a good deal of cleaning up of this planet, and we do have to start figuring out just howto make resources last, but we are not going to do it with so called "bad science" and out right scare mongering what we are facing with the over population of the world is much too important to be left to solutions not thought out and subjected to extrem critical analysis, and some people have to realize that sometimes until one has a proper solution to a problem doing nothing is often better than doing something for the sake of doing something. which is what politicians love doing just to look good

Sue in Somerset

Sue in Somerset Report 5 Aug 2008 22:59

Critical yes. In the sense of using our all common sense and making every effort to understand the full picture.

Assuming it is inevitably due to some vast international conspiracy hardly fits with this.

You don't need to preach at me Colin, though I know we do enjoy our little spats! LOL
I have read the Bible and I have a fairly good knowledge of the scriptures. I think it is very important to have read about things I am prepared to discuss.



Terry Report 5 Aug 2008 22:39

Hi Sue,
problem is what is the best for the planet? Often so called Green solutions turn out to be worse than those they have replaced.
The sun doesn't shine all the time the wind doesn't blow all the time and very little gestalt reckoming about solar power plants, or wind mills, the materials used are often extremly energy craving in their production.
recycling often sees piles of recycled material being sent from place to place around the world
I agree we should be doing as much as we can but we shouldn't believe some hairy fairy gobley gook is the answer
We must be critical very critical


Colin Report 5 Aug 2008 22:39

Dear SUE
Nice to see you on and i genuineley value
your opinion. I can hardly disagree in fact, especilly
and all the more in view of Revelation chapt 11 and
second half of verse 18---in which the holy spirit
tells us--God Prophecies. 'And i shall bring to ruin those ruining the Earth
So there would be a time when men would ruin the
earth, how?, is explained partly in Genisus Chpt 6


Sue in Somerset

Sue in Somerset Report 5 Aug 2008 22:13

While the jury may be out as to whether changes in climate are due to natural fluctuations or caused by human activities, this makes no difference to how we should be treating the environment.

We live on a planet with limited resources. Fossil fuels will not go on forever but the chemicals we get from them are invaluable. It makes no sense to waste them.

We should all be doing our best to prevent pollution because at the very least it makes our small shared world a better place for all living creatures. Caring for the environment would help preserve valuable habitats of so many unique living things.

If each household does its best to recycle this can only be a good thing. We need to insulate our homes and use alternatives like solar power when possible because that saves energy and money.

China is often seen as the baddie in this but in fact per capita their contribution to polluting the planet is lower than many realise and their government has recently made more effort to combat environmental problems than many nations. They produce only a quarter of greenhouse gases per head as the US and a third per head as Europeans.
The UK has been producing pollutants for a lot longer than China and even today more of the pollutants in the atmosphere are old ones from our production than from the more modern ones created by China. The Chinese are also the world's major recyclers.
I am no fan of their political system but they are not the source of the world's pollution.

I am frequently bemused as to why there is an assumption that there's some vast scam? This all begins to sound like paranoia. I hardly think there is some great middle class plot against Colin.

What we have are a lot of conflicting opinions about a very complicated subject. We have experts on all sides convinced of their own beliefs and only time will prove which is correct.

In the meantime it can only make sense to each do what we can to make the world a cleaner and better place.

We can't all be Bob Geldof but we can all do our own little bit.

And I take exception to the statement that nobody cares! I know a lot of people who care. I have been trying to help the environment for perhaps 30 years. I taught primary children about caring for the world many years ago. I've had solar heating for 18 years. I recycle and compost what I can. This was before global warming was a topic of conversation and when the purpose was simply to try to make life pleasanter for everyone.



Colin Report 5 Aug 2008 17:52

And NOBODY really cares
its a big scam



Terry Report 5 Aug 2008 16:15

So long as Baba Jaga can drive in his Chelsea Tractor to Green meetings about ecologigical subjects, weighed down with gold ( just think of the environmental impact of getting an ounce of gold!!!!)
They dont give a monkies about the rest of us.
If anything about global warming was true then minister of state through out the world would be riding in stage coaches or sailing in sailing ships
But they aint


Colin Report 5 Aug 2008 15:01

If theres money in it, cash to be had, well you
might depend the middle classes will be in there
doing their Uriah Heap bit.Terry Mate''
I hear people talk a good talk, but theres not
many Bob Geldorfes out there.
Goverments always giving millions to save Africa
if i was a starving african, ide wonder when they
were going to cough up and quit the Bullshine.
The upper middle classes at their best are
goverment ministers, with the genes of Markus
Untill this earth is unitied under one goverment
the middleclasses will chase the green do gooder
road--their compadres, the upper classes will aopplaud them--and the poor, the elderley
working classes will be put into even more miserey
financing these mad schemes thought up mostly
by people with too much time on their hands
we were safe from these creatures whilst greenham
common was surviving
come back yanks.

colin F


Terry Report 5 Aug 2008 13:55

Baba Jaga just went by in a Chelsea Tractor her/his chicken legged hut on the ski rack (Chelsea Tractors dont have roof racks just ski racks) She is out hunting the sixty percent of researchers who say rubbish, and the forty percent of the UN climate panel who disagreed or reserved themselves.
Why are these climate debates always being held where everyone has to fly around the world to get there.
Have you ever seen just how many cars park outs a Green meeting?


Terry Report 4 Aug 2008 23:08

Baba Jaga had a fright and is running so fast in her chicken legged hut that she has caused the temperature to rise


Colin Report 4 Aug 2008 21:50

Well you can say what you want, but william
Lawrence married a saxon lady whose mum
was a fairy princess and sister to wild Cedrics
wife who was the queen of the shroshire downes
so beat that.


Colin Report 4 Aug 2008 18:55

And helps pay for wars we cant afford
Victorain history shows how they used the corn
laws to keep the prices up--this to the detrement
of the working classes and the Irish of course
but it put money in the goverments hands--a big
help towards the war debt''thank you very much''



Terry Report 4 Aug 2008 17:32

You musn't say Global Warming on the way to be disproved the in words now amongst the the Chelsea Tractor drivers, and their like is Climate Change
Climate Change will cause this and climate change will cause that, etc etc
Weather changes from year to year so its easier to say and sounds more scientific


Merlin Report 4 Aug 2008 14:26

Just finished readind an article in ( The Sun ) page18,by Tim Spanton.About "Global Warming"just cut out the usual guff,and you come to the In teresting Points.Ships Logs and thousands like them have revealed that recent Global Warming is not so unusual after all.The New Evidence was uncovered by the Met.Office and other experts, they scoured more than 6000 Navy Logs dating from the 1600s.Its worthwhile reading this because it disproves most things which are said to cause it,Also the things they now say are the main contributers to it ( Carbon Dioxide Emissions ) Did,nt exist then.Makes an interesting read,Even though its in the Sun.**M**.

Sally Moonchild

Sally Moonchild Report 4 Aug 2008 14:10

Well Colin, we ought to learn lessons from those who have passed this way before us......but I'm afraid we never do......we always think that we know is not until we are history ourselves that others can see where we went wrong.....


Terry Report 4 Aug 2008 13:53

Sheep and Cows are flock animals so what more can one expect but agreement from them


Colin Report 4 Aug 2008 13:22

Going against the grain can often earn the questionaire much vindictive abuse, Its true
Carrie--It is easier to run with the Rabbits.
But dont you think when people run out of
intelligent reasoning--As Crommwell said, Tis'
then they reach for their swords----
In the case of Rabbits verbal abuse



Colin Report 4 Aug 2008 12:57


On Radio 4 last night they were woffling on about
global warming thing and all listening humming and
clucking in agree-ment.