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Muslim vigilantes

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Gins Report 28 Jan 2013 16:37

You lot have just had me giggling!

Very much needed after the threads on that site, that I read earlier :-0


supercrutch Report 28 Jan 2013 16:53

Gins, there is one saving grace on that site, an anti who says exactly what he thinks about their lunatic ravings :-D

I read the following about rape, now please do not access the link if you cannot handle really ignorant/hateful/spiteful/disgusting rants re women deserve it.

Then check this: lolol


PollyinBrum Report 28 Jan 2013 16:59

I have just read the link. If we are not careful this country is going to end up in a black hole. The law is the law full stop. A vigilante is someone who is not law enforcement officer taking the law into their own hands and investigating crimes (as they see them), punishing offenders (as they see them) THEY are committing crimes while alleging they are doing the job of the police. Any action taken by a "vigilante" must be both reasonable and legal - they can't go around beating people up for example.

They are not an authorised legal force - so if they attack someone they are guilty of assault and can be charged. There's no such thing as "vigilante justice" "Justice" is only legally administered if it is done within the law...otherwise they are just a bunch of criminals and should be dealt with within the law.


Gins Report 28 Jan 2013 17:03


The woman on far right of the photo, she is covered to the neck, how on earth is she or any of them 'sl#tish' And even is they were, what right has man got to rape anyone

Maybe we should all wear those nice blue dresses with the pink flowers, maybe then there would be no rape anywhere in world......yeah right

Have you seen the idiot with he looks 'normal' :-0 :-|


supercrutch Report 28 Jan 2013 18:03

Gins, did you click on the second link?


Gins Report 28 Jan 2013 18:11

About being 'satire'?

If that's the case, I dont find it funny!

Maybe it's a 'front'?


PollyinBrum Report 28 Jan 2013 18:38

Gins the awful truth is that these comments are serious.


BrianW Report 28 Jan 2013 23:01

I went imto a bank the other day and one of the cashiers was a lady wearing a headscarf and I found myself feeling intimidated and hoping that I did not get served by her.
On an underground a year or so ago the only seat available was next to a lady wearing a burka who had two children with her. As soon as I sat down she exchanged places with her son. What did she think I was going to do to her? I felt insulted at the implication that I was unfit to sit next to her.
I can't see any sort of integration taking place - ever !


supercrutch Report 29 Jan 2013 00:44

I agree Brian, sadly, the use of the term multi cultural society means just that a society that is multi cultural not an integrated society. Tha rather than the implication that the UK is a society that tolerates all races and religions.


JackBunion Report 29 Jan 2013 10:58

Integration happens over the generations, it seems. But at huge human cost.

Religions and races like to keep themselves pure. I have a record of a marriage in my family between a Wesleyan Methodist and a Primitive Methodist 150 years ago. Terrible tensions between families. And 50 years ago, many Protestant families were not happy if a Roman Catholic crossed their threshhold.

Still today, if a Jew, a West Indian, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Hindu marries the "wrong" person, huge tensions can erupt between the families.

BrianW made me chuckle about that woman thinking he was interested in her (even though he could not even catch a glimpse of her ankles). There are many Christian churches in this world where men sit on one side and women sit on other. I made the huge mistake in India of sitting on wrong side and was ushered swiftly to the men's side :-D

Multi-cultural to me is respecting lots of cultures, communicating in a free and friendly way with people of very different backgrounds to yourself.


PollyinBrum Report 29 Jan 2013 11:25

Brian W. I agree with you and can relate to your comments. A few weeks ago OH and I were in the City at the Post Office, alongside us in the next queue were five women standing in a group, all in full Burka. OH said he said he was just going outside for something. I was left standing with these women, they starting to talk to each other (not in English) and it occurred to me when I looked at them standing there; I did not know if they were actually women, from the look of their footwear, they could have easily been men. I am not usually intimidated, but I can honestly say I felt very uncomfortable standing alone, and must have looked it as OH later asked me if I was OK. Not for the first time I realised I was the only white person in the post office.

Karen in the desert

Karen in the desert Report 29 Jan 2013 18:02

Aawww don't feel offended by the fact that the woman changed seats on the underground, Brian W :-)
Bear in mind that she is probably not used to being in such close proximity to a man who is not a husband, father, brother or son, it would not be a part of her culture.
The UK (supposedly) tolerates all races and religions, but it's probable that woman is from a country and society which does not, therefore she would feel uncomfortable with a man so close to her. Difficult, but don't take it personally.
When I lived in Saudi I experienced life in a society where men and women are segregated to such a degree it is something we, in the west, can barely comprehend :-)


P.S. And that's why there will never be integration, as you pointed out.


Gins Report 29 Jan 2013 18:37

The second and third generation ethnic groups are very much part of the British culture, lots of them are British!

If you think about the influx of 'Blacks' after WW11, they were not welcomed, they suffered race hate and unlawful, segregation. They were encouraged to come to the UK, to fill job (menial) vacancies, due to the loss of men in the war.

The focus has shifted from the black minority groups, to Asian, next, maybe it will be Somalian?

If anyone felt a white, British person, felt uncomfortable in a given situation, then how do you think the person from a different country felt?

If we don't mix with other cultures, religions, ethnicities (on a regular basis) then how can we/they begin to understand each other?

Some people, have ‘one’ experience’ and base that on the rest of the ‘race’, ‘culture’, ‘religion’


JackBunion Report 29 Jan 2013 23:18

That lady who upset BrianW probbaly didn't even realise that in British society it is quite acceptable for a man to sit next to a woman on a bus.

When they are in their family groups or in their place of worship or clubs, they can follow the rules. And they are free to do that in UK as we are a liberal and tolerant society.

But if they want to join in, shop in public, be seen in public and ride on public transport, they should adhere to what we call "normal" British behaviour.

And, if they think Western culture is decadent, they have two choices. 1. Try to change the culture democratically - I think they would find they might get a lot of support from westerners. 2. Leave - there are several Muslim countries round the world and they could find one that suited their life style.


maggiewinchester Report 30 Jan 2013 00:47

:-D I admit to putting acantankerous child between me and A.N, Other - just to get rid of them.

I wasn't wearing a burka at the time :-D


Guinevere Report 30 Jan 2013 05:37

There are several "Christian" sects long established in this country who do not conform to so-called normal British behaviour. They dress modestly, do not mix with people outside their sect, believe that men are superior to women and that women should not work outside the home.

Some do not believe in voting at all. Others educate their children away from the influence of "normal" British children.

Should we tell them to leave as well?


George Report 30 Jan 2013 08:24

What I find disturbing is that the so called preachers in the Muslim faith, is that they preach hatred, and violence, and Jihad, what kind of religion is that.??

Then again, I dislike all religions.



maggiewinchester Report 30 Jan 2013 08:32

Bit of a sweeping statement George!

I remember so -called Presbyterian preachers preaching hate, shouting vile statements and encouraging violence.

Oh - sorry it wasn't every Presbyterian Preacher it was Ian Paisley.


George Report 30 Jan 2013 08:46

I was particularly referring to Muslims.

Yes, I expect that there are many, many good and peaceful ones, but there are also many who are not, just look at some of their preachers around the world, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan Afghanistan, etc. all spouting their hatred.

Yes I think there are problems in all so called religions, take for instance how the Catholics hierarchy covered up that their priests were abusing children.

regarding Ian paisley, weren't priests or vicars whatever you call them supporting the IRA over in Ireland.? and condoning murder and violence.



JackBunion Report 30 Jan 2013 09:09

I would defend Ian Paisley to the hilt. He was a very popular man amongst his Catholic electorate because he was a good MP. And he preached very many times and there are tapes available of his preaching.

And if anyone can find one word of hate for an individual Roman Catholic in any of those hundreds of hours, I will stand to be corrected. But you will not find it.

And, as for women being subordinate in certain Christian sects, that is just a variation on the "lie" that St Paul was a mysoginist. Paul wrote that, in early churches, men and women were EQUAL in the eyes of God and had different roles to play in the church.

One has to understand the context. Early churches were a mixture of people from the Jewish faith and the Greek culture. It was like trying to get Islamic dissidents and breakaways from the Liberal Democrat party to get on together.

Most mainstream churches (including most of C of E) now accept that there are specified roles in any church, but they can be carried out by men AND women. Go round the churches and chapels where you live and, if you have not been to church for many years, you may get quite a surprise. A warm welcome in most of them and probably either a lady churchwarden or deacon, and a lady preaching. :-)