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Bird and wildlife watching

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AnninGlos Report 19 Apr 2014 13:12

Jane check this site out re swifts and swallows


I hope your cough let you sleep last night and that you feel better today.

I am really worried about not hearing any new from Kandj, I do hope things are all right with her OH. Sending her lots of thoughts anyway <3 <3


Maryanna Report 19 Apr 2014 10:53

There was a right old carry on earlier, a Magpie was trying to get in the sparrows nest, there was about twenty of them throwing themselves at him and in the end he gave up and flew off complaining. They are horrible at this time of year, always trying to get into the smaller birds nests.

Himself has just found a nest of slow worms in the garden. So I wasn't being TOO stupid yesterday, even if it was just a stick !! As long as they keep out if the way if the mower I don't mind.


Jane, hope you slept better, I just had a thought. When I had my last cold, I took night nurse for a few nights, I noticed it has Anti Histamine in it , " to stop coughing ", I usually take them from around now anyway, so I started to take them a bit earlier, not sure if they helped but the cough certainly didn't last as long as it would do normally.


AnninGlos Report 19 Apr 2014 10:40

Looks like the birds, probably a blackbird, have been busy in the garden 'weeding' for me. dirt pulled out of the border all over the lawn.

OH said 2 goldfinches were on the birdbath yesterday.


Jane Report 18 Apr 2014 19:48

LOL Maryanna.I got a eyeful of Vick the other night,after plastering it on a tissue and sticking it on my chest .I rubbed my eye. :-S.Not the most sensible thing to do :-S :-S
It can only get better :-D :-D

I have just discovered a site for Birds with deformed beaks and they want to know what birds and in what area they are.So I have sent a pic of my little Blue Tit with the overgrown upper beak off to them .Poor little thing looks so odd :-S The main thing is it is able to pick up and eat the suet pellets in the window feeder :-D


Maryanna Report 18 Apr 2014 19:05

Oh Jane, I can so sympathise. I had a cough which started in September the year before last and just went on and on and on .........

I coughed so much I would be sick, several times a day. It lasted at least six months and I still hadn't got rid of it properly when " I caught Ann's cold " a few weeks ago. That one didn't last as long but I still have a good old cough a few times a day.

When I was so poorly last year, I spent weeks propped up in bed and took to the spare room at times. I had a triangular pillow and found I didn't slide off it like an ordinary one. I used to take a little flask to bed with honey and lemon diluted with some water. Cough sweets and mixture made me sick as well, ,although I do still find that sucking a Barley sugar helps, especially when I have my early morning hack.

Lots of Olbas Oil on the pillow helps a bit as well as it opens the airways, just don't get it on your lips or in your eye. I say that from bitter experience, many times !!!

Hope you get a better night. I am off to kill a few sticks before tea.

M. :-)

P.S. The noisy ones are the Swifts, they sort of scream. They have got a shorter tail and their wings are scythe shaped.


SuffolkVera Report 18 Apr 2014 18:01

A good day for the birds in the garden. Plenty of starlings, quite a few blackbirds, a couple of sparrows and bluetits, a robin and a new one in this garden - a great tit. Plus the collared dove pair are still in the garden most of the time but don't seem to be attempting to make another nest.

Your murdered stick gave me a bit of a giggle Maryanna :-D

Hope you get a better night tonight Jane


Jane Report 18 Apr 2014 18:00

Jude I am never sure if I am looking at Swifts or Swallows lol.
I have a friend who has (I think Swallows ) that nest in the same place in his house every year.They nest on the back wall of his old farmhouse,but a few years ago he had a huge conservatory built on.He still wanted the birds so has a little window that he opens at the same time of year so the birds can still fly in and out and nest.The only trouble is he has to put up with sheets of newspaper all over the floor lol.

The missing dog is back next door.I heard him barking earlier :-D

Ann I have my new pillow so will give that a go tonight.I hadn't thought of a hot drink,but not sure if we still have a flask .I'll have to have a hunt.Spare bed yes.That is where I have been all these nights ,except for last night when I insisted I wanted MY bed again.But I will be back in the spare tonight.I was actually in tears this morning as i felt just so worn out with it all....Touch wood this afternoon I haven't been too bad :-D

I keep thinking of Kandj .I do hope her OH is improving.


~`*`Jude`*`~ Report 18 Apr 2014 17:19

Vic had a check in a bird book....they could have been swifts!...:)

jude x


AnninGlos Report 18 Apr 2014 12:52

Maryanna Lol :-D :-D fancy murdering a stick!!!
My OH doesn't like frogs for the same reason, that they make him jump.

Jude, as Jane said, Maryanna saw swifts a week ago. I don't think we have ever seen swallows around here at all. Must ask T if he sees them at the golf club.

Jane, poor you. As I said the only way I could sleep at all when I had my cough was when I was sitting upright so I used to position myself (in the spare bed) on three pillows. When I slid down in my sleep I would then cough and wake up so had to start over again. As the only thing that stopped the cough was a hot drink I would take a small flask of hot water to bed and a fruit tea bag or squash and make myself a hot drink when I woke up coughing in the night. cough medicine was useless. Hope you can clear it soon.


Jane Report 18 Apr 2014 11:46

LOL Maryanna.....Poor stick ;-).We get the occasional Slow Worm .I have to say I am not that keen ,but love to see them sunning themselves on a nice warm stone or rock :-D

Jude ,Maryanna has seen Swifts .Nothing here so far.But the heron did fly up from next doors' lake' and pass my bedroom window earlier.I haven't seen it in quite some time .
It is all looking fairly quiet on the bird front this morning.But I expect it will get busy again later on.

Off to buy a V shaped pillow to see if that will help me cough less.
Maryanna last night was a bad one :-S :-S.So that is where I am off now :-D


~`*`Jude`*`~ Report 18 Apr 2014 10:36

Morning eveyone:)

Vic saw Swallows yesterday flying over and around the Monnow Bridge (very old bridge over the river Wye into Wyesham..He thinks there were approx 8 birds:)xx

Anyone else seen them this year??

jude x


Maryanna Report 17 Apr 2014 22:56

Hope you sleep better tonight Jane.

I had a bit of a reptillian disaster myself today, we have a few frogs in the garden, I am sorry to say, I can't bear them, don't really know why, they just give me the heebie jeebies, I'm afraid.. They will lurk though, in longer grass and plant pots and then jump out and frighten the you know what out of me. I don't know why they like my garden so much, we don't have a pond and neither do any of our neighbours. There is one in the old dog bowl outside the back door at the moment.

We also have slow worms in the garden, I don't mind them at all and although I always check before I cut the grass I must have missed one today. Poor little thing.

So, not such a good day today and not so sunny either.

M. :-(

Edit, OK so this is where you all see what a twit I am !!!!! I went to dispose of the body earlier, it had taken me all night to pluck up the courage to go near it, and discovered I had murdered a STICK......... I have never seen anything look more like a slow worm, other than a slow worm in my life. It even had a little pointy " head". Oh well it's probably why I am due to have an eye test. :-D. Sunny again but jolly chilly.


Jane Report 17 Apr 2014 18:27

Poor little Frog Vera.Was it turps in the bucket?.I never seem to see frogs here .We had the occasional one when we had a pond.But sometimes I find a tiny newt (dead) outside our back door.Why they should be there I have no idea .I think I have had 3 over the last couple of years .Very small ,just about an inch or so.

I don't know if next doors dog is home .I haven't heard any barking today :-S.They aren't really the kind of people who I feel I can just knock on the door and ask :-S


SuffolkVera Report 16 Apr 2014 20:33

Oh dear Jane, some people just don't seem to think do they? Hopefully the dog has got more brains than the owners and comes home safely. I hope too that you get a better night's sleep tonight.

We seem to be inundated with starlings and not much else at the moment.

The few roses that are in this garden are covered in greenfly. If that happened in our old house I just used to leave them and the bluetits cleared them very quickly. Well I've been leaving them here and no birds have been near them so that the greenfly are increasing like mad. I had to buy some bug killer spray today. I try to be a bit organic and don't like using sprays. I've found one based on natural ingredients that I hope will work.

Now for a sad little tale. While OH has been painting the fence he has had a bucket of liquid in the garden to put brushes in so they don't harden if he is taking a break. Tonight he emptied out the liquid and at the bottom was a large and rather beautiful, but very dead, frog. :-(

OH has now been told to keep the bucket just inside the door of the utility room or else...


Jane Report 16 Apr 2014 19:47

Sleeping is the worst bit Ann :-S.Fine for a couple of hours and then a big session of hacking .Get back to sleep and then it happens again after a couple of hours and so on.it just makes you feel a wreck doesn't it :-| :-|.

The Robins seem to have been the main visitors on the feeder today.I'm wondering how many there are lol.There are at least 3 different ones.

My next door neighbours dog has gone AWOL It is a huge German Shepard called Kaiser .I hope to goodness he is ok and doesn't cause an accident .We are not far from the main A14 :-S.The trouble is they have not looked after the boundary fencing in their garden which must be a good acre or more,and so it is so easy for him to just 'get out'.It makes me so angry as they have had trouble before when they had a spaniel that went missing and it was found a couple of days later with it;s leg caught in a fence.it had to have it's leg amputated :-(.I feel like I am getting on my soap box now lol,but it makes my blood boil as they are so lacking in common sense ,as they are highly intelligent people but just got no idea when it comes to looking after their pets properly.This will be on my mind now all blooming night :-S


AnninGlos Report 16 Apr 2014 18:38

Are you managing to sleep Jane? I found I wa fine in the day until I went to bed.


Jane Report 16 Apr 2014 17:44

I think Partridges are so funny.We get them down the lane opposite and they just don't have the sense to hop into the verge They just keep running straight on lol.I have followed a single one for a good 1/4 of a mile !!It's little legs going like the clappers.

Ann I am still coughing well :-S :-S :-S.I'm exhausted with it now,even though it is a lot better.


AnninGlos Report 16 Apr 2014 14:51

Not sure I have ever seen Partridge in the wild.

When we visit our daughter in the Lake District we have to drive along a narrow road with woodland either side and kamacaze pheasants.

Good bargain your basket Maryanna what size and what is it for (decorative or shopping???)

About three weeks time we will be stopping at Taunton Sainsburys for our morning coffee or lunch on our way down to Cornwall. :-D


SuffolkVera Report 16 Apr 2014 12:07

A lovely day here though a bit chilly in the wind. Your basket sounds a bargain Maryanna.

Until I retired I worked for a small company in the middle of nowhere. I had to drive down narrow, twisty lanes and hope I wouldn't meet anything coming the other way - particularly a tractor or sugar beet lorry. Reversing in those conditions was never my strong point! At times it would be made worse by the partridges. They were usually in a flock and they would run down the lane ahead of the car. They would also walk about on the low roof of our building and it used to sound like a herd of elephants tap dancing overhead.

For all that, they are pretty birds and I grew quite fond of them


Maryanna Report 16 Apr 2014 10:40

Gosh, another treat yesterday.

We went to Wellington which isn't too far from Taunton, is a lovely little town with some nice shops to mooch in, including a very good junk shop. Got a lovely basket in there for £1. A bargain !!! Lunch wasn't so exciting, a Gregg's sausage roll sitting on a bench.

We went there along the back roads and in a field with some sheep saw some very large Partridges. , I don't think I have seen them in the wild before. We are used to having kamikaze Pheasants throw them selves at the car wherever we go, ( there is one road nearby where I spend about four miles with my eyes closed - obviously not if I am driving !!!!) and we often see Grouse. There was one jumping up at our neighbours back door not long ago.

But apart from in Bird Gardens and such like I don't ever remember seeing a Partridge strutting about. I was surprised at how big they were, and a lovely silvery grey colour.

Jane, there was a stream we used to go to in the New Forest when I was a child, sounds like your one. We would quite offer see a kingfisher but like most places it became known to others and popular and the birds went away.

It was another blue sky day and looks good again today but there are a few clouds in the sky.