Prisoners Of War 1939-1945 - British Navy & Air Force Officers

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Information about Prisoners Of War 1939-1945 - British Navy & Air Force Officers

These records contain 19,203 records of British officers taken as prisoners of war. For each prisoner, these records include some or all of:

  • name 
  • rank 
  • regiment
  • army number 
  • camp number
  • prisoner of war number 
  • camp type
  • final camp location
  • Other notes

Prisoners of war found themselves incarcerated in a variety of camps:

  • Transit camp (Dulag or Durchgangslager) – these camps were a collection point for POWs before they were reassigned
  • Transit camp of the Luftwaffe (Dulag Luft or Durchgangslager der Luftwaffe) – transit camps for Airforce POWs
  • Base camp (Stalag or Stammlager) – enlisted personnel POW camps Officer camp (Oflag or Offizier-Lager) – the officers' POW camps
  • Luftwaffe base camp (Stalag Luft or Luftwaffe-Stammlager) – POW camps for Allied aircrews administered by the German Air Force
  • Marine camp (Marlag or Marine-Lager) – POW camps for Navy personnel Marine internment camp (Milag or Marine-Internierten-Lager) – internment camps for merchant seamen
  • Internment camp (Ilag/Jlag or Internierungslager) – internment camps for civilians