WWII Escapers and Evaders

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Information about WWII Escapers and Evaders

This includes individual reports from allied service personnel about escaping PoW camps or evading capture in Central Europe during WWII. There are 10,529 records in this index.

Each entry includes:

  • Name
  • Rank
  • Number
  • Details of decorations
  • Date of capture
  • The camp in which they were held and/or the date of escape, for example, across the border into Switzerland.
  • Corps and the reference to the original paper file at The National Archives in Kew. 

MI9 was British Military Intelligence Section 9. During WWII it specialised in, among other tasks, assisting British and other allied servicemen behind enemy lines – this included assisting prisoners of war in their escape and helping others evade capture and travel safely to friendly or neutral states.