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Irritations & Moans ***THREAD CLOSED***

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Jools Report 9 Apr 2005 19:16

I realise it is one of the limitations of posting messages that we are not able to emphasis messages by the use of bold or italic text. However, the use of uppercase (which is generally considered to be shouting) in order to create emphasis is equally undesirable. May I suggest that words which need emphasising are written _like this_ Please keep the thread happy and polite folks - then it will get to the 300. :)) Jools


Benjy_Bumble Report 9 Apr 2005 19:21

Arrogant, rude people on here, there's not many, but you know who you are lol!


Unknown Report 9 Apr 2005 20:03

Geoff I think you may be right! I have nothing against Northerners - it's just that the tundra sets in at Milton Keynes and anywhere north of the Wash is foreign territory. As for the argument of computers v. records offices, I'd say computers can help tremendously, but there is a lot of material which you can only access by going to (or getting someone else to go) to a records office. Ditto local history centres which are brilliant! And Kew is worth going to just to be amazed! nell

An Olde Crone

An Olde Crone Report 9 Apr 2005 21:42

Alan One of the major drawbacks of this Board is that we cannot see each other! I am sure that Jools was not directing an arrow at someone who NEEDS to use capitals, but the fact is, she didnt know, and she is quite right, capitals are generally assumed to be 'SHOUTING', in board etiquette terms. But you, henceforth, are excused! Yes, I have always been accused of being arrogant. And because I am arrogant, I do not read, nor contribute, to threads which annoy or irritate me. That may have something to do with me being a Northerner, from a line stretching back 800 years, descendant of mighty Landowners in Lancashire. Blood will out. Marjorie


Lynne Report 9 Apr 2005 22:09

Oh Dear!!! My computer has been down for a few days so I thought I'd have a look on this thread because the light hearted banter cheers me up....but what has happened? This site is a godsend for a lot of people who a) Cannot get to a records office and b) To be able to share information with other likeminded people who don't find family history boring. I have had plenty of look ups done for me, and have also done plenty of look ups in return when I have got fed up knocking my head against THAT brickwall!. I have even taken photos of headstones to help someone who lived too far away to visit the cemetary herself. I have also kept in contact with others along the way.I know that the original thread was about having a moan, but please don't bicker amongst yourselves. HAVE A NICE DAY! and LOL


LindainHerriotCountry Report 9 Apr 2005 22:27

Oh dear, I didn't mean to start up the north - south divide, Nell you must come up and visit us one day. You don't need a passport, it is lovely up here and we are all very friendly. My husband is devastated as he always thought that he came from a long line of Yorkshireman - God's own county and all that! My long hours on the computer have proved that his family actually comes from Berkshire. I don't think he will ever get over the shock! Linda


Unknown Report 9 Apr 2005 22:36

LOL Linda! My hubbie was exactly the same. He's always been incredibly proud of the fact that he is a Southener and jokes about how people couldn't believe that he was coming to live 'oop north' when he met me. Being in the countryside here, much reference was made about wellies and sheep - you get the general idea - and about how its lovely to go back home so he can understand what's being said etc! So you can imagine his 'horror' when his ggrandfather was located on the 1901 census born in Bolton! Lou


Unknown Report 9 Apr 2005 22:38

Lin I was being sarky! I have actually been on holiday in Yorkshire and stayed at the University for a conference. When I used to tell people I came from Surrey they used to tease me about the 'gin and tonic/stockbroker belt'. Used to be quite surprised when I said I grew up on a council estate. nell nell


Conan Report 10 Apr 2005 01:15

PHEW..... ( or should that be _phew_ ) NELL. I thought the tundra set in at Bishop's Stortford ( please don't all go for my throat at once, ......Sharyn, help me out on this one, you must be cooling off in Queensland by now ) Marjorie, I have never found you arrogant ( have you really got a family tree going back 800 years? ). I am so disappointed by your confession. The use of computers and records offices must surely be complimentary. I have the next two weeks off work and I will be visiting the Chelmsford Record Offices to track down my, so far, elusive ancestors. Geoff Devon and others have already provided me with 101 'look up' leads, which will save me many hours of searching on the day. I am greatly indebted to Geoff et al and, before you ask, I have told them so. People offer their expertise and experience on this Board because that is their nature. Yes, I know that some objectionable people take undue advantage of it, but so far they are in the minority. Summer's lease hath all too short a date. Stay cool everyone Keith P.S. So what's wrong with a Gin and Tonic ( especially after reading the posts from you lot ) ?


Guinevere Report 10 Apr 2005 07:32

Hi, I had yet another mail asking if we are related this morning - which has prompted this moan. There is a lot of really bad genealogy on the web, including this site. The problem is that inaccurate and unchecked data is being passed around and added to. Thanks to sites that have the GRO index on line is is possible to construct an accurate tree back to the 1800s, as long as you buy the certificates along the way. On line censuses - scans, not transcriptions, can take the family further back so you can construct a 'proven' tree without going to record offices. It's possible to do what took me 3 years in a few weeks now. The problem for me is with pre 1837 when people add stuff from the IGI and the BVRI. These are not always right. That's when you need to visit the record office or view data on film at the LDS. I'm still trying to reclaim my gt gt grandfather. The IGI has him fathering children for several years after he died. His widow had no more children after his death - easily checked using census but someone has 'kidnapped' him and put false entries on the IGI. As if that wasn't bad enough someone else has put the IGI data on gencircles and others are happily copying it and adding it to their trees. I get several mails a year claiming relationship to me and I have to write back and say they are wrong. I have writen several times to the person who put the wrong data on gencircles and been ignored. This isn't the only family of mine where I have found errors in the IGI or on BVRI. Nothing goes on my tree as proven until I have seen film of the original. Most record offices will photocopy Parish record entries for you if the film isn't available via the LDS or you cannot leave your house to visit. I've emailed Suffok RO with an entry from the BVRI and asked them to photocopy the original several times, which they will do for a charge. And sometimes they say the entry isn't there in the original records. When I explain that William was dead by the time their ancestor was born I get the reply 'But it's on the IGI and on gencircles, that's 2 sources'. NO IT ISN'T - yes I am shouting (lol) I expect some people choose not to believe me and pass on the duff data to others and so it goes on. There are several entries on the IGI of Greek and Norse Gods - check out Mr Odin and his wife Mrs Odin of Asgard who married around 214. Mormons who began and maintain the IGI believe we are all descended from Adam and Eve and there are several ancestral files that 'prove' it. Yes, transcribed entries are more likely to be correct than submissions but they can still be wrong. Some Parish records are barely legible so transcribers have made guesses. If you see the entry for yourself you can judge how accurate the transcription is. Gwynne


Nancy Report 10 Apr 2005 12:09

Can I just add that if my tree is inaccurate - so what! It's my tree and I'll do what I like with it. LOL. This hobby is for anyone that wishes to do it. Do you say to people who like a kick around with a football that they can't because they might not know the offside rule? It's the same difference. I'm sure that most of my tree is accurate as I do have the written evidence, but even that can be wrong. It is only a hobby and a bit of fun and it is not important. What is important are the people that are alive not dead. Don't take it too seriously!!!! Nancy :-) Ding dong - end of round 4


Jan Report 10 Apr 2005 13:37

I've just come back onto this thread, reading through the whole thing, having a little giggle but just have to mention Beth's post on 3 April re Sodham Hall. PMSL Jan :-))))


Unknown Report 10 Apr 2005 13:44

Ancestors that die before the only census that will actually give me a starting point with regards to a birthplace! Lou


Jan Report 10 Apr 2005 14:42

Following a recent shock on receipt of a birth certificate from GRO Overseas, I totally agree that it is indeed a good idea to see the _original_ record. The certificate I received was 20 years out, 1832 instead of 1852. Of course I queried it and gave my reasons - won't bore you with the details - and have now been asked to send the cert back for re-checking. Having said that, the reaction to my 'phone call querying the date was not very flexible, indeed the chap said he'd look at the record and call me back. He never did, hence another 'phone call which some other poor bloke had to sort out. I wait with baited breath. Jan


LindainHerriotCountry Report 10 Apr 2005 14:59

Parents who suddenly drop bombshells!!! Having proudly shown my mother all the research I have done on her fathers side, she calmly tells me that she looks nothing like her brothers and sister.She is, however, the spitting image of the farmer down the road, whom her mother was known to be 'good Friends' with. As I have vested so many hours in the research, do i just go with the husband who's name is on her birth certificate? Linda


Jan Report 10 Apr 2005 15:02

She may be having a joke with you Linda, but since she's proferred this information can't you just ask her, jokingly again of course. Jan


Jan Report 10 Apr 2005 15:11

Any more info on 'our' biblical family _please_ you good folks. Jan


Nancy Report 10 Apr 2005 15:41

Chill. I'm not going the full 12 rounds. It's Sunday. :-))))

Claire in Lincs

Claire in Lincs Report 10 Apr 2005 16:31

'Only a hobby''? how blase....


Jools Report 10 Apr 2005 17:15

If this thread does not return to its friendly state with banter and good humoured postings in the very near future, I _will_ be pulling the plug - it has now begun (unfortunately) to degenerate into something approaching a slanging match. It's up to you now whether you spoil the thread or not. Jools (she who started the thread)