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Now druid free, please add something :-)

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jax Report 1 Jan 2013 19:01

I googled the shop Tec and it did'nt look that big to me, maybe it's a Tardis inside?

The spar in my old villiage with over 2000 inhabitants sold the essentials (no fresh meat) but with a bus service to the nearest Tesco only every 2 hours it was handy....not the sort of place where you did your weekly shop


supercrutch Report 1 Jan 2013 19:11

*rings 999*

"which service please?"


"what's your emergency"

"we are having a little trouble in our shop with a gentleman who demands to be spoken to in Welsh, could you please send an English speaking officer?"

lololololol now I have heard everything :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D


JustJohn Report 1 Jan 2013 19:14

Jax. I had a quick look and thought it was a significant shop. In 1977, three of my Tescos (as an Area Manager) were Colwyn Bay, Old Colwyn and Abergele. Abergele was largest with 12 staff and all three closed for an hour for lunch!!

This looks a small and very successful local supermarket to me. And I am sure it is very well managed. It looks clean, bright, inviting. I do suspect this fairly minor incident could have been handled a little better by Mr Davies, but I doubt we will ever know why he acted as he did. Perhaps we would all have called a policeman. :-S


Guinevere Report 1 Jan 2013 19:15

I certainly haven't managed a supermarket, John, not my sort of job at all.

I have worked in a couple of shops when I was a student and hated it, even though the shops were nice and the people I worked with were lovely. The general public can be incredibly rude and I am not the sort of person to put up with that. Shop work and me are not a match made in heaven.

Fortunately in the places I got holiday work the management felt the same way and told us to call a floorwalker or manager if a customer was rude. They didn't pussyfoot round them but asked them to leave.

I imagine Conrad did the same. Told him to pay up and leave or just leave. And when he didn't do either he called the police. What else could he do? Pick him up and throw him out, tempting though that may have been?

I don't think you are allowed to demand a specific type of police constable when you call, just report the problem and leave it to the desk sergeant to decide who to send.

The "best solution" was for Dr R L to be a reasonable human being in the first place but it's obviously too late for a personality transplant.


JustJohn Report 1 Jan 2013 19:29

Very interesting posts from Gwynne and Rose. Yes, I take your points very well.

I have just begun to wonder if it was all a put up job. Publicity is almost always good. Lewis has got publicity for his views, his books, his place in bardic society in Wales (my mom said to win a chair was better than a knighthood ;-))

Conrad Davies has got publicity for his shop. And he seems to be pretty good at that.

What I was remembering was a close collaboration between a zoo manager in N Wales and a hotel manager. Every 2 years when trade slacked off a bit, an eagle would escape and conveniently land on the hotel roof in the resort below. Well, that was what the Liverpool Post said on the front page each time :-D ;-)


Eeyore13 Report 1 Jan 2013 19:33

If he'd got himself arrested he could've asked for a Welsh Translator...

ooooh yes that's flawed...he can speak English duh


JustJohn Report 1 Jan 2013 19:42

Eeyore. In a place like Pwllheli, most people are fully bilingual and it is therefore one of those places (certainly outside of season) when you can use either language.

No one else has said this, but I think it is natural for a Welsh speaker to state the amount in English rather than Welsh, even though they would speak Welsh quite naturally to customer till that point. Could the manager not have made that point to Dr Lewis and made a bit of a lighthearted joke about it to diffuse situation. :-S


George Report 1 Jan 2013 19:45

He's obviously not quite the full ticket, as he thinks of himself as a Druid.!!!!! a Druid.
what's that all about, do you think he dresses up in funny robes as well like the nutter at Stonehenge :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

George :-) :-) :-) :-)

Hayley   Empress of Drama

Hayley Empress of Drama Report 1 Jan 2013 19:46

PMSL @ all of this "debate" how many more excuses can John make up for a bully?

Up to now we have

Robyn's age and he is a frail old man, he should be shown more repsect for a man in his dotage!

Robyn is super intelligent a retied whatever that has written 2 books.

The women behind the counter was only an £7.00 cashier.

Its the media's fault they have only reported the shop managers side of the story.

Its the shop managers fault for not being able to handle the situation, he and the £7.00 an hour cashier should of sang the amount to said frail old bully ( in the key of C no doubt)

Its the police's fault for coming out to such a small matter !

We are then given a family history of the shop owners and on the day of the incident the owner was having a bad hair day!

Sue doesnt really live in Welsh Wales she only lives in Gwent, so doesnt have a right to comment on any news items concerning Wales.

Tesco's stores used to closed for an hour lunch break during the 1970's.

and if all else fails its everyone elses fault but the arse of an man who actually caused it all....ohh no its not his fault. :-0

I await with interest to see what other excuses can be made, actually we havent had the weather yet.

So the way we now debate is to select only the bits we actually want to debate ignore the facts, then add aload of shite that really has nothing to do with subject and of course claim to enjoy when everyone agrees with you. :-S


Eeyore13 Report 1 Jan 2013 19:59

Just found this from the BBC 25th August 2003

"These people don't come in to absorb the culture, they don't come in to integrate. They come in to colonise and I use the word colonisation deliberately."

"They bring parts of Lancashire into Lleyn. What else is that but colonisation?

Real charmer this one...

& it says he is a "former" Archdruid-bet the present one is loving the bad press.

I suspect it was pointed out to him that he should pay or leave & he's just one of those people who have to prove a point, it's not as if he couldnt understand was it?

John, why defend someone who has as it were "let the side down" badly...or are you a Druid as well?


JustJohn Report 1 Jan 2013 20:00

Can Wales be independent?
Is it financially viable?
What safeguards for the choices of the non-Welsh speaking Welsh will be put in place?
Will there be a bar on incomers?
1. y,
2, y,
3. more resources and less population than NZ and Norway.
4. If still bilingual, unlikely that those without Welsh would get many public jobs. But no reason why bilkingual skills would be necessary in most private sector jobs.
5. Incomers? I think we love incomers who are prepared to bend a bit. The stiffest have always been those (WASPs) from the south of England, who seem to believe they are superior to every other species of mankind. Imho.
Quite a few are coming into the valleys from the richer Home Counties now to retire. Often a major reason is that you can sell a house there for £300,000 and buy a quite nice little terraced in a lovely scenic area quite close to the sea amd major cities for about £60k.
Some absolutley hate Wales and feel trapped once they move here. But some really get stuck in and become an essential part of a community - often an ex mining community that was dying on its feet.

Anyway, off thread :-( :-(


supercrutch Report 1 Jan 2013 20:02

Hayley you know where I live which is in West Wales, actually 200 yds from the sea and I stay at our house in the Valleys when I can.

I did mention that much earlier on this thread but it was ignored by 'got the T shirt' and then of course 'got the T shirt' intimates that I shouldn't have an opinion about Welsh speaking areas ;-) ;-)

As it's my OP I may just delete it so I don't have to read the codswallop again :-D :-D

However, that would do a disservice to many contributors whose posts are valid.


Eeyore13 Report 1 Jan 2013 20:03

>>>>>>>>>>>>run forrest run>>>>>>>>>>>>> lol

SuperS...boreydar :-D

Rambling Rose

Rambling Rose Report 1 Jan 2013 20:05

I am, thankfully, speechless.


George Report 1 Jan 2013 20:10

Going back to thread,
I don't think he would give the Welsh a bad reputation, more likely the few ignorant Welsh people.

Last time we were in Wales, near Lampeter, we went into a pub for lunch, went to the bar and ordered drinks, the other people in the bar were talking in English when we went in but started talking in Welsh, that is ignorant.
One of our company speaks welsh, so he told them what he thought....they were embarrassed, it's that type of thing that damages Wales reputation as a welcoming place.



jax Report 1 Jan 2013 20:11

I'm from the south of England and I am now thinking of moving to Wales if the houses are that cheap....and HID can go and work for Spar at £7p.h which is only 50p less than he is earning now.....not planning on learning to speak a language I cannot even read though.

I am only joking by the way, I like where I live


JustJohn Report 1 Jan 2013 20:20

Sue. You said on another post that you lived 19 miles from me. So silly me assumed you did. And you sent me a pm in August asking which valley I lived in and told me how many valleys across you lived in. Or am I as old and confused as my druidic friend.

To be a druid is a very great honour. One I have not achieved.....yet!!

The first level is to wear green (ovate). Next up is blue (bard). The real stars of Welsh society (like our First Minister) are permitted to wear gwisg gwyn (white robes) and are called druids. Queen Elizabeth II became a member in 1946 - don't know if Prince Charles has been elected

The top man is the Archdruid who wears gwisg aur (gold robes). Robyn Lewis was appointed in 2003 - the only Archdruid to ever have been elected by all the Gorsedd unanimously. And first winner of the Literature Medal to become Archdruid (since 1792). A very distinguished man in Wales - not that that excuses his behaviour if he really was off with the cashier in Spar..


Guinevere Report 1 Jan 2013 20:32

These modern druids should not be confused with the ancients druids, they've only been around since the 18thC


supercrutch Report 1 Jan 2013 20:39


You didn't read what I said properly which was 'I live 19 miles from John in the Valleys but 90 miles when I go home to West Wales' go back and check!

If my memory serves didn't you name your son after this individual? if true it's no wonder you will defend him until hell freezes over.

Hayley   Empress of Drama

Hayley Empress of Drama Report 1 Jan 2013 20:53

Aye up our Sue our Cats middle name is after Cilla Black but if she is in the wrong she is in the wrong and I will say it :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D