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Bruce Report 19 Dec 2004 18:13

as a newbie I never thought of scrolling down and down and down thru a sea of white --- and there were the messages for early 19th and all 18th, ouch


June Report 19 Dec 2004 23:29

Hello All, Well that 4" of snow has not arrived yet perhaps it will be here over night. Heather Welcome to our site yes you can stay with us as you qualify with your G.Grampa being born in Birmingham. Nice to have you. Chrissy Hope the parents get better very soon. Glad the City won so your husband with have that nice smile on his face. Marge, How did the carpet bowls go, did you win ?? Hope your cake turned out ok. Faith, Yes our Brenda is still in all that nice hot sunshine, but at the moment she has gone down with Hayfever. I just hope it clears up soon for her. Nice to hear your good news that your friends son (a Brummie) will be on parade at the Whitehouse. Well done to him. Bruce, When I clicked on to the site I came on all the blank space, I first wondered if our Jim had been having a go and lost all his message again. Not sure what has gone on. Not to worry. Pam, Glad you had a good time with your grandies. We had ours up this afternoon and Emma the younger one was having a good look to see if she could find her Christmas pressies, but Nan had put them well out of her reach. Emma reminds me of our Jan with her trying to find the pressies that Rick has got for her. Jan and Rick hurry up and sort your server out as we cant have you two missing all this time. Jim. I liked the verse, where do you get them all from. Now before I forget Did you ever come on a Captain in the navy called Dennis Bellman ? He was a true Brummie. Dee where are you ??? You must have done all your shopping by now LOL. Are you still off the CIGS ??? All for now so take care. Tat Tar June.


John Report 20 Dec 2004 00:25

Hi Everyone, (Too many to remember your names) It's That Man Again! Things To Be Thankful For. The mess to clean after a party... because it means I have been surrounded by friends. The Taxes I Pay... because it means that I'm employed. The Clothes That Fit A Little Too Snug... because it means I have enough to eat. My ShadowWho Watches Me Work... because it means I'm out in the sunshine. A Lawn That Needs Mowing, Windows that Need Cleaning And Gutters That need Fixing... because it means I have A Home. The Space I Find At The Far End Of The Carpark... because it means I am capable of walking. My Heating Bill... because it means I am warm. The Piles Of Laundry And Ironing... because it means I have clothes to wear. The Alarm That Goes Off In The Morning... because it means that I'm alive. Reading This Message That Takes Time... because it came from friends who I know are thinking of me. I can't claim to have written the above, I'm afraid it's another one from Anonymus. (Probably a Brummie!) Talk to you more t'morra. At the moment I am having visions of Margaret - little legs bowed at the weight of that carpet she keeps bowling - she says it aint like tossing the cabre, but how else would you bowl a carpet ;-0oooooooooooah} Tarrarabit - John.


Margaret Report 20 Dec 2004 01:25

Oh John Its so good to have you back, please stay a while, no more mountain climbing for a while. Jim will be so happy to have your humour added to his. June, you are so good at remembering everyones stories. Yes we had a great afternoon, turned it into a little Christmas Party,I picked up a couple of local ladies, they enjoyed the bowling and the food etc, one of the ladies is almost blind, the other is still recovering from a broken hip, they are both 84 years old, but still know how to enjoy life, they sure make me think If we have our health I think we are rich indeed, just as your verse said John. Still raining, tried to snow but didnt last long and back to rain again, so keep up the good work Jim. All for now. talk to you all tomorrow, ( guess you are already there, its 6-30pm here so 1-30am in UK.) Bye Marg.


June Report 20 Dec 2004 10:44

Good Morning. WELCOME WELCOME OUR JOHN IS BACK. How great to have you back, we have all missed you so very much. Now dont get going away again, not even to go up them mountains. Very cold up there so stay with us where its nice and warm. Will catch you all later. Tat Tar June.


Rick Report 20 Dec 2004 13:31

Hello everyone ! Still no sign of our new internet link at home but we're hopeful it will be working before xmas. To make matters worse my work link has been down all day so I've had to borrow someone else's PC to get on :-((((((( Welcome to Bruce and John it's nice to see you back on here. Faith - thank you for the snow - it arrived on saturday night and there was rather a lot of it. I noticed it just as we were going to bed and had to wake Jan up to show her - she was sooooooo excited lol. We went into the back garden in dressing gowns and slippers for a closer look. The cat sat on the doorstep refusing to come out and looking at us like we were mad. As if !! Rick.xx


Unknown Report 20 Dec 2004 15:19



Bruce Report 20 Dec 2004 16:29

Hi Jim --- join The Unhappiness Club. The trouble with Genes is it has tired software that is user unfriendly, quirky, and in some aspects downright wrong. Its proprietors have never seen what other operators do. They are in an ivory castle and whilst isolated, the world is passing them by. For an example of message boards par excellence they should visit or Microsoft's own chat rooms. Even the dreaded censored do it better. On checking this back later, before re-editiing, it auto-deleted censored yet again. In fact I now see it auto-deletes y a h o o --- see if that beats its censor. Specifically, it cannot remember your settings e.g. first or last order to display messages. It cannot tell you who is on-line in the chat room, not even how many. It does not comprehend the difference between a toggle to invite switching and a display of a statement of a condition. It cannot keep you signed-in. It cannot enable shortcuts to take you direct to a page. It cannot display new chat on your screen without you continually refreshing or hitting f5 which is a calamity of a kindergarten error on their part. It won't respond to the Back Button in some of its applications so if you try to close ther page, thinking quite reasonably you are in a sub-page, it then closes you down altogether. ADSL can do all of this properly, and run a real-time chatroom as well, telling you who is signed-in. It can do all of this without advertising banners, slogans, popups etc. It can do it on free subscription, not a stunning £7-50 a year --- which only gets you full & adequate access to Genes, not Friends. The reason you cannot find your latest posting, my splendid Brummy pal, is that you might care to select display latest first and then you have to scroll and scroll and scroll past the Pamela sea of white. I have been to general chat to discover I am the only one in it. If you go to any halfway decently constructed chatroom you will KNOW this because the who-is-here pane SHOWS you. The worse the chat room, the more the visitors give up, the smaller the number visiting, a deadly downward spiral. I am afraid I feel I too am in it. I hate Y a h o o but it is at least free and anybody can set up a site, maybe even one for "Unhappy from the Black Country" let alone "Disgruntled of Tunbridge Wells" --- Bruce +++


John Report 21 Dec 2004 01:08

Hi. It's That Man Again! Thank you June, Margaret and Faith, for your very warm welcome back. I feel most honoured ;-))))} I am very glad that I am not so conversant with technology as you seem to be Bruce, I might also be sad. You said recently that you served your National Service in the RAF, that means that you were in when they were "needing 'em, not feeding 'em" I had to do three years to get in, then it was only to service and install guns, polish B29's so that they could be returned to the Yanks in the condition they arrived in. Oh, and fill sandbags to stem the floods at St Mary Magdelen in '54. 8-(} Jim (sorry, Sir James!) The lady you mentioned - the one from Italy - I think her name is Gillian who used to come on the previous thread, the one who didn't last very long. She took umbrage because I said that Ferrari was Smith in English. I hope I didn't frighten her away 8-(} Been talking a lot lately on the BC board, about Pickelets, Sweetbreads, Black Pudding and Chittlings, and Pigs Trotters Gray Paes and Faggots - god my mouth's waterin! Anybody know where in Aston Cheepside is? No talk lately about broomsticks, I bet it's bad flying weather. Shortest day of the year today, and the first day of winter, not long now to the lighter nights. Jim (sorry, Sir James) have you tried entering GR through your history on "e"xplorer? That's the way I sometimes go when the board's playing silly buggers ;-)))))} Tarrarabit - John.


June Report 21 Dec 2004 11:07

Good Morning All you nice people. John I had to smile re the Chittlings and the Pigs Trotters, I was not into them at all. But my mom loved them. Re the Black Pudding, I have never called it that I only know it as PIGS PUDDING. did any one else call it that ????? Marge Glad the party went well and the 2 ladies at the age of 84 having a good time.. Some of the older ones can give the youngters a good run for there money. Bruce Sorry dear you lost me with your last mail, with all your high technology I must be thick laughter. Jim I hope you sort your self out and please dont get bashing your computer. Off now to see if our Brenda is on MSN. Take care all. Tat Tar June. xxx


Unknown Report 21 Dec 2004 14:08

Here's hoping!! Thank you all for your ideas and help. Bruce your comments are way above my knowledge of the Modem world, could be the fact that at my age(81), my brain is getting worn out. I am at the stage where I don't know the difference between url and green cheese. So in case of further troubles I will take the opportunity to wish all my friends and their families A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR (HIC)!! From teetotaller Jim and His Sober Wife Mary C. LLLOL. Fingers crossed does it work.


Margaret Report 21 Dec 2004 21:29

Hi There everyone, sun is shining and allsright with the world. Sorry Bruce you also lost me on the technical jargon, good job someone knows how all this works, I just know how to turn this thing on and off and find a few websites. John all those specialty??? foods , my Mom, Dad and older Brother all loved that food, I just inherited the high Cholestral it causes, and yes June we always called it Pigs Pudding. cant get any of that stuff in Canada, my Son In Law Kevin from Pelsall is over in England right now and am sure he is just pigging out on everything right now. talked to them on the webcam this morning, said it was sunny and mild in Telford,off to Pelsall for a couple of days in the morning, my three little Grandsons are really enjoying the trip, been to Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, while they are in Telford they are near the Iron Bridge so am sure they will get another history lesson there. They are also going to a Pantomine, never see those here either so I am sure they will be fasinated with that. Well off to have a pedicure, make my feet look good for Santa if he calls and sneaks a peak. well bye for now Marg.


John Report 21 Dec 2004 23:32

Hiya! It's That Man Again! Yes June, it was and still is Black Pudding to me, (but then I'm thick, being born so near to the Black Country!) ;-))))} Had a very nice but sad email from Gillian, to reassure me that I didn't frighten her off as her maiden name is Smith. First day of winter was just like spring - except it was damned cold. The sunlight coming through the front window, beautiful bright shafts of sunlight picked out in the blue haze caused by my burning full English 8-(((} Margaret, any chance of a piccy of those pedicured feet? lol (which gives me an idea! If I hang a pair of nice shear nylon tights up, on xmas eve, I wonder if there will be a nice lady (well, she doesn't have to be nice really, as long as she has the body of an Angel and the mind of a Marine)lol, filling them when I wake - WOW, that WOULD make a Christmas to remember!) Which brings back more memories, early in my married life, we bought a Goblin Teasmade, so that when we awoke in the mornings, there was a steaming hot cup of tea waiting. ;-)))))} The body's gone, but the memories linger on! Mommy Longlegs is noticeably absent! I wonder if Jim frightened her of when he asked how she got her monika? Jim (sorry, Sir James) did you ever hear the saying "Chickady Snitch"? I used to know an ex-Naval Officer and it was his favourite farewell. ;-)))))} Tarrarabit - John.


June Report 22 Dec 2004 11:35

Good Morning All. Brenda, I was on MSN last night but only stayed on till 11 pm our time. Had trouble with my wooly hat it kept slipping down and I ended up with my Tiara round my neck. LOL. I will be on to night just in case you can get on. John so you are thick as well laughter so with me that makes two of us. ha ha. Now do you remember BRAINS ON TOAST ? again my mom used to have this. Marge I am as good as you I can turn my computer on and off and get on some of the web sites and email as well. So we are both doing well laughter. To all the other friends on the site please try and find time to say hello. I did have a nice greeting from our Janet down in Devon. I have asked her to come back on the site but will have to wait and see. All for now have to go into Wigston will be back later on. Tat Tar June xxx


Unknown Report 22 Dec 2004 15:02

Tis I Tis ME. what a day this is rain, rain and more rain. we had a duck come in the garden and was sheltering under a bush. Poor thing I took my umbrella out for him, he will look good on the table on boxing day YUM YUM. John I am with you Black puddings is right. When we lived in Blackburn Lancs there was a stall in the market selling Hot Puds. They were boiled and you ate them with vinegar, delicious, and they warmed you up on a cold winters dayYUM YUM again. Sorry never came across Chickady Snitch during my navy days. John Mills is at this moment in time singing a cleaned up version of the Tattooed Lady, I remember the naval version, not for our ladies delicate ears!!! June Funny you should mention brains on toast. My late Granddad always had a special cup in which my Grandma cooked his Sheeps brains in. In the kitchen of the house they lived in was a fire range with hob and oven and always in the oven there was this cup. He introduced me to brains on toast when I was quite young and I have liked them ever since, but Mary thinks it is terrible, so I have not had any for a long time. Probably there is an EU regulation against selling them now. Another thing my GD had was an onion boiled in milk. He swore it was the best cure for a cold. Has anbody tried soft herrings row on toast? Grilled lightly under the grill a delight for tea. YUM YUM What a yummy read this all is puts Xmas fare to shame. Can any one else come up with food from the past that they enjoyed? Could be funny. Back to black puds Mary has just told me she had never had a fried pud til she came to live in Brum. They always ate them boiled. Hoping this gets thro Ok I will have to close now. Hope to get back on to-morrow. LLOL for now Hungery Jim and Slimming Mary C.


June Report 22 Dec 2004 15:54

Hi our Jim. Just had a smile re your message. When we lived in Vicarage Rd we had a black grate. The fire. was in the middle and an oven each side. My mom would put her herrings into a dish and pop them in the oven for my dads supper. I would clear off as I did not like the smell. Now you leave that duck alone. That brings back some thing that happened to me when I was about 8 years old. My dad got hold of 4 hens and me being me I looked on them as pets gave them all a name and loved them to bits. They did not tell me that they would end up on the Christmas table. I was out when the deed was done. Then on Christmas day there was Bandy Legs on a plate. I just took one look and fled up stairs in tears. No way was I going to eat her and I have never eaton a bird of any kind since that terrible day. A friend of mine in Wigston used to have a pet Goose and she would take it for a walk with a collar and lead on it. It was an odd sight, but every one round here got so used to seeing them together they did not take any notice after a while. All for now. Tat Tar June.


Margaret Report 22 Dec 2004 19:07

Hi Everyone, June your tale of the Chickens and the stoves reminded me of a couple of things, when I was a kid my Dad came home from a football game with some baby chicks he had bought somewhere , they where really small so to keep them warm my Mom put them in the oven in a box next to the fire, left the door open, but one of us kids thought we would keep them warmer and shut the door, after a while Mom noticed the shut door, poor little Chicks where cooked. the other story was neighbours we had when my kids where ltlle had chickens, but their Mom always kept a wrapper from Safeway for a chicken, so when a chicken showed up on the table and the kids asked if it was one of theirs, she would show them the wrapper and say I bought it at Safeway see. My Oldest son one day, told me he thought their Mom was telling them fibbs , because they didnt have as many chickens in the pen anymore. Guess you can fool them for a while. Well John as for getting your stocking filled with a cutie keep dreaming, you never know what Santa will bring. Jim, think I agree with Mary, its the smell of all these foods that puts me off. Well Bye for now Marg.


June Report 22 Dec 2004 22:02

Hi Marge, Poor little chicks, going back to the oven. I remember my dad telling me a story from when he was a young boy. It was a Sunday and he was in his Sunday best and he had on his new boots. Some of his mates where larking about coming home from Sunday school and they came by the cut (Remember Marge the one that ran under Rockey Lane) ? Well they pushed him in so you can see he was wet wet. He got home and his mom was out so he put his boots in the oven to dry. He forgot them and next morning his mom found them all curled up toe touching the heel. So he had a right good clout round the ears. All for now Tat Tar June


John Report 22 Dec 2004 23:42

Hiya All, It's That Man Again! To she who is small (but beautifully marked), thanks for the email. Oooooooo YES, I remember my old gran always feeding us with brain and egg sandwiches. I think the brain was boiled, the eggs were boiled hard, then the two were mashed together to make a spread, we used to love it because it not only tasted nice - it eked out the rations. 8-)))} I went to the Nursing Home (where Margaret lived out her last years) party last Friday, and I was particularly taken by how beautiful the ham cobs were. I complimented the chef with the remark that they were definitly not spread with margarine, as no marg' could taste so good! She replied that "some months ago they had started to use only best butter, as it is too late in the old folks lives to worry about Cholesterol" Now that's what I call progress! With forward thinking like that, I wouldn't mind finishing my days there. There was recently a mention on TV about an anti-inflammatory drug that the Americans think might cause heart attacks. The drug by name is "Celebrex" which I have been taking for some years now. I think it's great as I take just one capsule a day, with other drugs like "Ibuprofen or Volterol" I was always having to take "Zantac" to control the heartburn that the other tablet caused :-Oooooooo} Sorry folks for getting serious. Tonight I had home cooked fish and chips (from the freezer) with mooshie paes - it was yummy ;-))))} I keep fancying pickled herrings (for them with money "Roll Mops") I wonder if I could be pregnant????? Margaret, what colour (color) nail varnish did you use, after your pedicure? Tarrarabit - John.


Margaret Report 23 Dec 2004 02:34

Me again, June Thank you for the Lovely e Card, what a lovely verse. I began to think we may be sisters when you started telling the story about your Dad in the cut, it sounded just like one My Dad used to tell us, he was playing with his older brothers by the canal in Nechals area, they pushed him in, they got him home and Mom was out so they dried him and his clothes off, thought their Mom would never know, and threatened dad not to say anything, well of course clothes then needed ironing, not like the wash and wear of today, as soon as his Mom walked in she wanted to know what water he had been in, well of course all the brothers finished up with a clip around the earhole and sent to bed early. Dee great to see you back, we missed you. Now John if I tell you my nails are bright red with silver dots,will your heart beat to fast, well I will tell you truth I had a nice Lilac colour ( I still spell the English way) so settle down . Its 7-30pm so off to watch a little T.V. bye for now Marg.