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Can Genes explain why

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Roger Report 8 Sep 2012 14:06

Well since Genes updated this site and trees, the trees that I am in touch with - people are NOT updating them as often as they were.

And since September 2nd I have had none.

So I think people are not using Genes for they tree anymore as it has gone from a very good site to use to a useless one.

So please please please revert to the old one as your customers have requested.

Because I for one is seriously thinking of not reneewing.


KenSE Report 8 Sep 2012 16:06

Other customers have said they are quite happy with the new tree. If that awful green old tree ever comes back the I shall certainly not renew. I am looking forward to being able to add marriages between cousins and ancestors appearing on my tree more than once.


InspectorGreenPen Report 8 Sep 2012 16:34

Hear, hear, Ken. Life moves on. As you can see I have also been a member on here for 9 or so years now and every time there is an upgrade we get the same old complaints that the old one was better, etc.

What I find amusing is that the version people want to go back to is the very same one that was so hated a year or so ago when they wanted to go back to the one before that and so on and so on.

The only point I would make is that there are sometimes just a few too many bugs in the software when it is rolled out, but then this isn't helped if members fail to keep their PC's operating systems and browsers up to date.


CupCakes Report 9 Sep 2012 08:14

InspectorGreenPen the last part of your message is a bit harsh. To unpdate an operating system is vey expensive. Also many people have no idea how to do it. A browser update may be free but likewise many people don't know how to do it.

Also so many researchers are older and not comfortable with the finer tech stuff to do with PC's
Software programes are supposed to accommodate different versions of operating systems and browsers


+++DetEcTive+++ Report 9 Sep 2012 10:06

Not sure why NanaSue thinks that it is expensive to update an operating system. Most computer are pre-loaded on purchase, with free updates or different versions available (for free) on the internet.

Currently we have loaded on the one being used now
Internet Explorer - not sure which version, OH prefers it
Firefox (free)
Google Chrome. (free)

If an older person is not confident to download or 'accept' updates, if they don't have a younger more au fait with technology relative or friend to advise, then it would be worth paying for a 'health check' from an expert. The computer would probably run a lot faster after that!

Yes, I agree that GR should have taken older versions of the various operating systems into account, but many difficulties seem to be caused by the compatibility problems which can easily overcome.


RolloTheRed Report 9 Sep 2012 11:15

Users usually access web sites using web browsers (*) not operating systems. However IGP is bang on the button about using an up to date web browser.

The web site has no idea what the operating system is nor does it matter. For instance I usually access Gru using Linux rather than Windows, using the Firefox browser. It works fine. I have also had good results with Opera, Chrome, PaleMoon and IE9 IE10.

I have tried out using Gru on a variety of low powered systems eg netbooks, an old Dell P4 with only 1 GB memory etc. using XP SP3, Win7 Home and Linux. I connected with Virgin30 using either wifi or cable. No problems. Gru does not handle low speed connections eg dial-up, GSM very well.

I also tried out IE8 and found that the rendering of the tree was slow and buggy.

Quite apart from issues with Gru the web is moving towards a new platform known as html5 (hyper text markup language 5). HTML5 is a massive improvement on what went before both for users, as it depends far less on all sorts of plugins and and for developers who no longer have to construct a cats cradle of code. HTML is also more secure. Upgrading to a new browser is free and does not need an OS change. For those fond of the IE8 look n feel ( I personally hate it ) it is possible to add a Firefox theme to make it look pretty well the same. If you know somebody with a smattering of CSS know how it is also ez to return Gru to its old colors and even flock wallpaper lol. They have told me NOT to post how to do this.

Conclusion: If you are one of the millions using XP3 carry on - but don't use IE8. It is about as useful as John Cleese's parrot.

Asking Gru to support such a bag of nails (IE7/8) is unreasonable as there are plenty of other options. The likes of BBC TV have infinite resources and can cater for the quirks of IE6/7/8 and other legacy browsers. Smaller sites cannot. Yes, I know that a lof of UKGov and bigbiz STILL use IE6 ... that is something else.

(*) Access to the web is increasingly through "apps" rather than a generic web browser. Ay have an excellent "app" but this trend has been ignored by Gru, in as much as they have no app at this time.

(**) Rather than forking out for a new computer and Win7 / 8 why not just install a Linux distro (free) which does a lot more for far less ? Ubuntu and Mint are 2 popular distros, Suse gives the user something closer to Windows XP.

(***) If you must

IGP is correct that users cannot expect the same old thing for ever. Back in the 80s a great many people and firms said that they would "never" shift from DOS (dumbos operating system) to Windows (then on 3.x) . Some well known firms eg WordPerfect, Lotus went bust refusing and being too late ... Another brigade said they would never adopt Win95. Another quadzillion, brandishing their rolled up DailyMails vowed "never" to connect to the internet ...

Last but by no means least if yr graphics system is feeble (less than 1280x1024 eg 1024x768) why not fork out for another monitor? It is easy to get a 1280x1024x17in for a tenner on eBay or a super duper widescreen Phillips 20in is now inder £ 100 new. All aged WinXP laptops have a VGA socket which will drive a 2nd screen.


+++DetEcTive+++ Report 9 Sep 2012 11:23

Apologies - Browsers rather than operating systems. :-)

We've always been advised to wait until the 'bugs' have been fixed before trying a new browser release.

If someone is using an archaic operating system, surely it is time to get something more flexible ?


Roger Report 9 Sep 2012 13:18

Well I asked for Genes to reply, I have the most upto date system as it is a new lap top.

So I want the old tree and I don't see why Genes cannot run both - they did before saying well we are dumping the old one.

Do everyone who has replied stell me and other what to do WORK fir Genes.

Yes or No, if no I asked for Genes to answe my question.

And all who want a more user friendlt Tree which the old one was cannot be wrong can we.

I could see everyone whose trees I can see on one page, not like now which I have to put down to 75%, I don't want 75% as I am going blind I want 100%, so come on Genes the new tree and set up is discriminating against the Disabled.


JackBunion Report 9 Sep 2012 13:49

There are masses of people who would like to put their trees on line and discuss their mutual ancestors. Many are discouraged because they are not happy with computers, not sure how they work, or are physically or mentally disabled in some way.

What a business opportunity for someone now Genes appear to gone upwardly mobile with an exciting new layout and wondrous new design. Old people are often very keen on family history, and have more spending power these days. And the old layout would be a good base to start from - but make it nicer and simpler for us.


KenSE Report 9 Sep 2012 13:59

Roger this is the wrong place to ask Genes questions, you need to do that directly via email or Help-Contact Us. They do occasionally read these threads but very intermittently. A direct contact will get you an answer within three days and usually within 24 hours.

The people on the boards do not work for Genes unless there is a yellow star by their name.

The fact that you have a new laptop doesn't necessarily mean it has the latest browser. What browser and version are you using?


Roger Report 9 Sep 2012 14:41

Well reslly it should not matter what Browser version I am using as it worked perfectly well with the old version of Genes, it is them who have messed up big time, not me or my browser.

But since you asked IE / 9.
which you lot say is ok.

I am not going to change to any other just because someone else says this that or other is better.

This is what I like and have had set up for me by an expert for my situation.

As I said I was quite happy with the old set up so please respect my and other wishes that the old version was much better to use.

Also Genes has put this Thread on saying Suggestions and if they don't look at it they are taking as for mugs as well.

They should do as they pearch not do as I say.


+++DetEcTive+++ Report 9 Sep 2012 14:46

To contact GR you need to use one of the following

The feedback button from the tree page - its the square 'speech bubble' icon
The support team from the link in

You'll probably only get a generic reply back unless there is a specific technical problem

GR, although they apparently read the boards frequently, may not spot and answer queries on an individual's thread. If, stressing the if, the old tree were to be reintroduced there would be a general announcement, not an individual reply.

As Ken has pointed out, GR employees have a golden star incorporated within their board name. An example (from the generic 'Genes' ) is here.
Estelle, an employee, is known to post. Her name is followed by the star.

The strength of GR is in its members and the community boards. Many times people such as Pokie Pie, Ken, RollotheRed and Inspectorgreenpen (amongst others) can advise on IT questions without the questioner having to wait for GR to come back with an understandable response several days later....if they ever do.


+++DetEcTive+++ Report 9 Sep 2012 15:08

Without wishing to belittle your disability, have you considered using a Reading Programme rather than relying totally on your eyesight? It may enhance your usage of other internet pages.

Margaretfinch uses one, and seems to get on very well - the only query she has had on the new layout is that she couldn't find where the access to other trees had gone.

You could send her a PM if you thought it worthwhile. She originated this thread.


KenSE Report 9 Sep 2012 15:21

IE9 should be OK. One possible cause of your problem could be that you have Compatibility View ticked.

At the top of the page is an icon like a torn piece of paper. That should be grey for accessing most web sites. If it is blue then click on it and it should turn grey. Then see if that resolves some of your problems.


RolloTheRed Report 9 Sep 2012 17:39

Site traffic statistics (Alexa) do not support the contention that everybody has gone away following the makeover, rather the opposite.

IE9 is just another dogs breakfast but a slightly smaller dog than before ...

try here:

The web works with standards. How did your browser do?

Microsoft have an abysmal history of not working with industry standards.

Right from the get go they decided that folders would separated with the backlash \main\folder1\folder2 rather than forward slash ... etc etc. They screwed up with C, C++, SQL, TCP/IP ... the list is endless. Always trying to "embrace and extend".

When the web appeared they first sulked and then brought out (very) non standard versions which tried to force such delights as DCOM and basic scripting onto an unwilling world. They did though succeed in creating massive security problems which persists to this day.

Now M$ are on the back foot and trying to foist yet more not-really-standard browsers on the world.

If people insist on using Internet Explorer then they really should not complain. Ever. There are much better options which cost nothing. Why the heck should Gru resources be taken up working around the half baked IE (any version) when there are other better options? "I like IE I don't like change" does not really cut it.

In any case regarding Gru such problems should be addressed to Gru Support directly. Is the suggestion "I suggest that GRu should fully support IE ?" Good luck with that then, I think they've done as much as ever will be.

Those who are technically phobic should do themselves a favour and use Apple. If the price seems steep remember it "just works" (mostly). Otherwise there are some good end of line / eBay / Amazon deals.

Microsoft are supposed to offer a browser selection on the home screen for Win7 but from SP1 "forgot". As a result they are facing a multi million dollar fine and possible late release in Europe of Win8. All the same *THINK* why is there a choice of browsers?

jiminy cricket

ps: Gru have a built in spell checker with the editor used by their message boards albeit using US English. Just a thought.


DazedConfused Report 9 Sep 2012 19:50

Have just read through all the threads on here - are you all talking a foreign language :-S

Wish I knew even a quarter of what you all seem to understand

I have no problems with the site - tree on Ancestry (hehe) ;-)


KenSE Report 10 Sep 2012 09:06

Piglets Pal, how do you manage with a tree that doesn't have a green wallpaper background, where you can't put in data and see the tree at the same time, and where you have to click on a tab to see any photos?


JackBunion Report 10 Sep 2012 09:47

Oh, nostalgia for green wallpaper. I hated it, now I miss it terribly.

Decorators are coming next week to paper the living room in - yes, you've guessed it :-D :-D

All welcome to come to my house for a nostalgic evening and a glass of Pis y Deryn (or is it Can y Deryn?)


Roger Report 10 Sep 2012 13:53

Y^es all are complaining about the green wallpaper but Genes could have got rid of it easy and put a white background, but the only thing I am really complaining about is the new tree and the way I can see the list of contacts I have.

I could use the old tree simply and look at other peoples trees the same.

So please stop trying to tell me what to do to see and use the new tree and remember the old set up was not broken, but just needed updating by colour of background etc.

And it was Genes who put this thread on as a suggesting thread so they themselves should look at it with out e-mails telling them what we want.

As they are getting the feed back by this thread.

And reading the suggesting threads people over and above want the old tree back,.

Sorry but this is true.


KenSE Report 10 Sep 2012 14:23

No Roger, it was you who started this thread. The threads genes put on are for suggestions to improve the new look not to revert back to an inadequate tree.