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The Pinny Gang

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~ Lynda ~

~ Lynda ~ Report 3 Jun 2005 22:31

Your alright you are Jewelry, thats how I washes my drawers an all, in the rain. Blimey Glady, that 'ol man of yours is a nasty so and so ain't he, it's caused by all that brown ale 'e drinks ya know, I blame the barmaid, I have seen 'im give 'er one an all, come ta fink of it she's in the puddin club ohhh errr!!!!! Jenny love I can see you are trying girl, we'll 'ave ya talkin proper in no time Now then where is that Charley boy? Mabel x


Annie Report 3 Jun 2005 22:54

I wish I knew where he was, Mabel. He says he's doing an exotic line this evening. 'E went off singing 'Just a Thong at Twilight'. I do worry he over exerts himself. Jewel

ஐ+*¨^¨*+e+*¨^¨*+ஐ Mildred Honkinbottom

ஐ+*¨^¨*+e+*¨^¨*+ஐ Mildred Honkinbottom Report 4 Jun 2005 20:07

Ere gals ! Word 'as it that there are clickys groups somewhere. Well wot wiv me arferitis and dodgy hip, i'm well I demand to join.....well as long as its free....and if there's tea....and cakes..... Mildred x


DorothyG Report 5 Jun 2005 18:25

Hallo Maybell Did ma Jimmy get tae see you last night? He sed he wid, but if he didnae see you, then I don't know where he was, cos he didnae cum hame here until 8 oclock terday. If he wis with you hen, that's awricht, cos I know yer a gid sort - see am getting the hang of yer way of speekin' noo - sorry - now!! I must away to the merket for some maer tatties and then dae ma step when I get hame - looks an awfa mess and a dinna want people thinking I'm a slut.

~ Lynda ~

~ Lynda ~ Report 5 Jun 2005 23:47

Hello me mates, cor blimey I am bloomin tired i am, been owt all afternoon wiv sum nice boys and gals, went fer dinner in a reserant we did, bloomin posh it was, only had a bloomin tableclowth it did, aint seen on of them in years i ain't. Jenny luv, yer chattin is comin on a treat it is, and don't worry abot Jimmy, he is doin o.k those english lessons I am givin 'im are workin!!! Well I 'ave no complaints. Jewel your Charley is a darlin 'e is, 'elpin me wiv all sorts, he is maybe a bit tired when 'e gets in, let 'im ave an hour in the chair, he'll be as good as new then. Sorry to tell ya about yer 'ol man Glady, but you know I don't like to gossip don't cha, but fort you should know, she's a scruffy mare an all ain't she, perhaps thats where yer kids got the nits from eh? Mild luv, bung me down for the clicky club, must be like bingo or summat eh, you know clickety click 66 an all that malarky, If theres free tea and cakes, I'll give it a go, love summit fer nuffink I do. Orf ta bed now, Charley maybe late 'ome tonight Jewel, he's elpin me owt wiv sumfink, thats o.k ain't it luvvie? Mabe

~ Lynda ~

~ Lynda ~ Report 5 Jun 2005 23:54

Jenny dear, can you tell Jimmy not to come over 'ere til later in the morning, I am expecting a visitor in the mornin, ta luv Mabe

ஐ+*¨^¨*+e+*¨^¨*+ஐ Mildred Honkinbottom

ஐ+*¨^¨*+e+*¨^¨*+ஐ Mildred Honkinbottom Report 6 Jun 2005 08:21

Blinky 'ell mabe, That's the third visitor iv'e seen come owt of yer 'ouse this mornin. It's like ruddy Piccalilli Circus it is. Bleedin' wear owt yer carpet if yer not carefull. Still, yer must make a real good cup of tea, 'cos they all 'ad a smile on their mush as they left. Mildred x

Shirley Ann

Shirley Ann Report 6 Jun 2005 08:53

eer Mildred i saw yer old man comin outa ers this mornin,e looked a bit flushed gal.

~ Lynda ~

~ Lynda ~ Report 6 Jun 2005 09:08

Shirl gal, 'ave you seen Mildreds, 'ol man, I 'ave got principle ya know Luv! Mildred that tougue of yers will get you in trouble it will, but get kettle on luv, got summit to tell ya, you know that bloke who is married to 'er who 'angs out the big drawers, well........ Mabe

Shirley Ann

Shirley Ann Report 6 Jun 2005 09:21

Yeah Mabe , i know the one ya mean, spit it out gal,spill the beans and me name is Florrie, Shirl was me old mas name,bless er cotten socks.


DorothyG Report 6 Jun 2005 11:46

Hello Maybell Hev you seen ma Jimmy? He's nae cum hame yet and it's gettin near tae dinner time. I been aw round the pubs - and that Jacko lad - dunno whose man he is - sed he last saw Jimmy goin' into a hoose near you - who wud that be d'ya reckin?

~♥ Daisy ♥~

~♥ Daisy ♥~ Report 6 Jun 2005 12:45

'ello gels 'ahm back. Wos ma Bert all rite wivart me Mabe? 'ah see you've 'ad a few visitors so 'ah 'ope 'e wos no trubble. Yorkshire wos luvverly. They've got 'ills an evryfink. Real pretty but bleedin cold rarnd the nevver regions! Bin cleanin me silver this mornin - felt a bit like that Bree off them Desprit 'owswives! Elsie

~ Lynda ~

~ Lynda ~ Report 7 Jun 2005 00:10

'ello gals, cor I am tired I am, had loadsa visitors today I have, funny ain't it they are all men!! Sorry abowt yer name Flo, yer look so much like yer muvver Shirl I 'ad a senior moment I did. Jenny yer English is comin on a treat it is, todays lesson is to say 6 times out loud 'ol cor blimey, we'll 'ave yer speakin proper in no tiime we will. Your Jimmy was rownd earlier, 'e was 'elpin me wiv excersising 'e was, good an all 'e is!!!! Daisy girl, you are a good 'un you are always cleaning the silver, shame you've ony got the one spoon, but it's bloomin shiny ! Bert ws fine, you may find 'im a bit tired tho luv, he done a lot of work fer me 'e did, and where the bloomin 'eck is Yorkshire, is that where the puds come from? you ain't turnin all forrin on us Daisy girl are ya? Mabe x x x

~♥ Daisy ♥~

~♥ Daisy ♥~ Report 7 Jun 2005 00:26

aksherly Mabe 'ah fink ah've polished it too much an it's gorn all bendy in the middle. Yorkshire is up norf only they say oop and uvver strange stuff an they're really difficult ter unnerstand. They doan arf know 'ow ter bake tho. I had a Yorkshire Fat Rascal - it wos all 'ot an fruity! Ta everso fer lookin after ma Bert. 'e does like 'is 'ome comforts an yer must've looked after im real good cos e's got a rite silly grin on 'is face! One fing tho. Wot's a fong? Only 'e wants ter know why I haven't got one. Sarnds like some kinda cooking tool ah reckon. 'e says you've got lots so praps yer can tell me where ah get one. Elsie

~ Lynda ~

~ Lynda ~ Report 7 Jun 2005 00:34

A fong, Daisy, is one of them things you don't ask about, best ya don't know, now I ain't being nasty 'ere, cos I ain't like that, just straight talkin, as yer know, but it's wot us skinny gals wear, you larger ladies need yer lucy lastic tilly drop drawers nickers, the ones that cover and 'old it all in, us skinny minnies, wear summit different, won't go into detail as the men maybe lookin in. You stick wiv yer drawers luv and we'll say no more abowt it. glad berts got a smile on 'is gob:) Mabe x x x

~♥ Daisy ♥~

~♥ Daisy ♥~ Report 7 Jun 2005 00:40

Knickers. So 'ow does ma Bert know you've got lots of em? Ah fink ah'm missin sumfink 'ere. Elsie

~ Lynda ~

~ Lynda ~ Report 7 Jun 2005 20:51

Elsie, you'd best not know how yout Bert knows about me drawers, it's very personable me dear. Just you keeep sendin 'im rownd 'ere after 'is dinner, I'll give 'im 'is afters ;) Mabe x x


Annie Report 7 Jun 2005 22:40

This book is confusin' me now. Plates of meat ... equals ... feet Why ain't it Apples and Meat? *Reaches for the gin* They say you shouldn't drink alone. Praps I should go round that nice Mabel's house and see whether she fancies sharing some with me. Pore ole Charley's out researching again, 'e said not to wait up for him. *Sigh* I'll put me best slippers on and trot over to bang on Mabel's door.

~ Lynda ~

~ Lynda ~ Report 8 Jun 2005 00:14

Er Jewel luv, don't you bleedin trot anywhere. those slippers are too nice to go out in they are, I'll pop over your 'ouse in a bit, 'ave a drop a gin wiv ya, I'm just sorting out Charley boy, 'es got a problem, he can't find sumfink and I'm 'elpin 'im out :) Got sun new ryming stuff for ya Learn these and you'll be fine fort the first one would be intersetin to ya :) Canterbury tales = Wales cat & cages = wages Joe Blake = steak Pat & Mick = sick Philharmonic = Gin and Tonic (fort this would be useful) Dickie Dirt = shirt More termorrow gals, and I'd like a sentance wiv at least 2 of these cockney words in please. Mabel x x


DorothyG Report 9 Jun 2005 17:49

Ol cor blimey, Maybell - bin sayin' that fer days noo..... what's it mean hen? Not quite sure when tae use it ya know, is it rude? If that Daisy had goane a wee bit mare tae the North, she may hev got tae Scotland - they're a fine lot there, thass fer sure. Ma Jimmy seems awfa tired these days - hope yer no wearing 'im out, Maybell!! He said yer told 'im, he always hed to take off his whistle and flute - I'm awfa confused, cos I've never heerd 'im play a note in me life!! Still thats awright, as long as ye didnae ask him to take of his Dickie Dirt - then I would be rrreally confused. See, am learning fast with this Cockney speak - p'raps I'll get the hang of it better than Jools.