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My contacts

The My Contacts area will list all the members you have contacted. This will be displayed in chronological order. The names of the members you have contacted and the relative you have contacted them about will be highlighted.

If you've got a long list of names, you can search your contacts. You'll see a 'Filter Results' box on the left hand side of your My Contacts page. You can type in the surname you're interested in and this will then give you a list of all the members who have emailed you about this name. You can either search for a contact or a relative's name.

You can give each contact a star rating of up to 5 stars. You can also add notes against your contacts. This makes is easy to find the most relevant ones.

If you go to the Messages section of the site and click on the My Contacts link you will see a list of the contacts you have made. To remove a contact, tick the box on the left of the contact's name on your list of contacts. You can then click on 'delete ' at the top of the list of contacts' names to remove the contact(s) you have chosen. This will permanently delete the contact. When you delete a contact, all of the messages you've sent to and received from each other will also be deleted.

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