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Importing Gedcoms

To load your file onto the site, click on the Family Tree button at the top of your homepage, then select Import Gedcom from the drop-down menu. This will take you to the import gedcom page. The site will add and update relations in your tree from information exactly as it is stored in your Gedcom file. If you upload your Gedcom file and the data is not displayed as expected in your tree then normally this is a result of a corrupted Gedcom file. We suggest that you open up the file with your family tree software programme and check the data. Please also make sure that the family tree is correctly exported as a standard Gedcom.

It is not necessary to remove your tree to allow an upload, but you can only upload one Gedcom per registration. If you import a file for one branch of your family and then import a second file, the first one will be automatically deleted and it is not possible to retrieve the data.

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